Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: I Want to Go Further, I Want to Be His Right-hand Man!

Continuing, this meeting turned into an award ceremony.

Lin Beifan held a bright red ribbon in his hand and came to Wu Ge’s front. He said seriously, “Brother Wu, please lower your head a bit. I’m here to award you.”

“Hey, alright!” Wu Ge lowered his head, and Lin Beifan smoothly hung the ribbon around his neck.

Wu Ge looked down at the ribbon hanging on his chest, adorned with shining large characters: Outstanding Advanced Worker! There was also a big red flower on his shoulder, looking very bright and eye-catching.

“This big red flower looks a bit familiar…

“Of course it’s familiar because it used to be worn by Brother Ye!”

Wu Ge: “…”

Then, Lin Beifan took a huge medal and said, “Brother Wu, catch!”

Wu Ge looked at the golden medal in his hand, with “1 million yuan” written in the center.

“This medal also looks a bit familiar…

“Of course it’s familiar because Brother Ye also received it!” Wu Ge looked at the big red flower on his chest and the huge medal in his hand.

Wu Ge: “…”

For some reason, he had an ominous feeling in his heart.

Then, it was time for taking commemorative photos.

With the sound of the camera, moments were captured.

Lin Beifan stood on the left, wearing a branded suit, shining leather shoes, standing very upright, with a warm and radiant smile. He exuded a strong leadership aura.

And our protagonist, Wu Ge, stood on the right, wearing a plain janitor uniform, with an even plainer big red flower on his shoulder, holding a huge medal in his hand, smiling like a fool.

“This photo turned out well. Let’s hang it next to Brother Ye’s award photo,” Lin Beifan was very satisfied.

“Don’t, it’s kind of embarrassing!” Wu Ge felt a bit ashamed.

“Don’t refuse, this is what you deserve! Only by hanging it on the wall can it motivate everyone at all times. Hard work will be rewarded!” Lin Beifan said with a beaming smile.

Next, the meeting dispersed.

After returning, Wu Ge was almost jumping with excitement! After working so hard and enduring so many hardships, he had finally advanced further from Lin Beifan.

This meant that his chance for revenge had increased even more. “Lin Beifan, you probably can’t imagine, the people you value, the ones you’re close to, will be your greatest enemies! I’m not in a hurry to seek revenge now. I plan to slowly torture you bit by bit, leaving you with no way out, no place to hide!” Wu Ge thought with resentment.

At this moment, he received a text message from the person in black.

Black Cloaked Person: How’s the situation?

Wu Ge: I’ve exposed them, and they’ve been fired. Thanks to my significant contribution, Lin Beifan values me a lot. He calls me “Brother Wu” and rewards me with 1 million soft sister coins. He even elevated my position to that of a formal employee!

Black Cloaked Person: Lin Beifan’s really valuing you! The last person to receive such treatment was Ye Xingchen! He has become Lin Beifan’s right-hand man and is highly esteemed! We hope you can achieve a similar level of importance!

Wu Ge: Of course, I already have a plan.

Black Cloaked Person: Do you need our help?

Wu Ge: No need for now, I have my own plans. You guys wait for my signal.

Black Cloaked Person: Looking forward to it!

Good news!

After the conversation, Wu Ge immediately deleted all the text messages to avoid leaving evidence.

Then, he pondered on how he could advance further and truly become Lin Beifan’s confidant.

Just having loyalty wasn’t enough. People who are both loyal and capable are the ones who will be trusted by the other party. Just like the War God Ye Xingchen.

After helping Lin Beifan amass billions of funds, Ye Xingchen became his right-hand man.

So, Wu Ge had to show his value and abilities. His abilities were limited to a few things: tomb raiding, Feng Shui, and artifact appraisal.

Tomb raiding abilities couldn’t be revealed, and neither could his Feng Shui abilities; if they were discovered by the other party, it would be illegal and he would have to proceed discreetly.

Otherwise, things would become dire.

So, only artifact appraisal is left.

“In my past life, Lin Beifan was interested in antique collections because he had too much money.”

“Now thinking about it, that’s not bad. I can use this to my advantage and help him appraise artifacts. It would be best to pick out some highly valuable antique treasures. He will surely look at me with new eyes!”

Wu Ge chuckled, his mind already scheming. On this day, while cleaning Lin Beifan’s office, he took the opportunity to say, “Boss Lin, there are many empty spaces here, it doesn’t look very nice. Do you want to add something?”

Lin Beifan looked up, “Brother Wu, what do you think should be added?”

“I think your room’s decoration has a slight traditional style, so it’s best to add some antique vases or old items. It will give a cultured feel! Plus, antiques have both collection value and appreciation value. Buying them won’t be a loss.”

“Sounds reasonable… What do you suggest putting here?”

“I think…” Wu Ge began his performance, talking fluently and very professionally. Lin Beifan was surprised, “Brother Wu, you seem to know a lot about this field!”

“I can only say I have some knowledge!” Wu Ge modestly replied, “When I was young, I didn’t do well in school, so I spent my time studying these old objects. Over time, I became familiar with them. But my parents didn’t let me play with these, saying it was a waste of time.”

“That’s just prejudice! Anything taken to the highest level is impressive! Seeing how familiar you are with these things, that’s great. Tomorrow’s the weekend, I plan to go to the old street and see if I can find anything good. How about you come with me?”

Wu Ge happily responded, “Boss Lin, I have time, I’ll accompany you!”

Lin Beifan was pleased, “Great! If you find anything good for me, I’ll definitely reward you generously.”

With this good news, Wu Ge returned home. He shared his living space with his best friend, Wang Pangzi.

The two not only grew up together but also went tomb raiding together, going through thick and thin, forming an unbreakable bond.

As soon as he entered the house, he heard Wang Pangzi’s shout, “Hey, you’re finally back! I’m starving, did you bring any food?”

“Can’t you order takeout when you’re hungry?” Wu Ge replied irritably.

“Takeout can’t compare to the delicacies you bring! Did you bring what I love?”

“Of course, it’s all your favorites!”

A chubby figure rushed out from the house and grabbed what Wu Ge was holding. He looked inside the bag and couldn’t stop salivating, “Dongpo pork, sour plum roasted duck, sautéed pig intestines… all my favorites! Good brother, I love you!”

“Stop saying disgusting things and eat quickly!”

“Alright, hehe!”

Wu Ge watched his lifelong best friend indulge in the food, feeling warm inside.

He silently vowed, “Pangzi, I won’t let you suffer any longer in this lifetime! I’ll also defeat our common enemy, making him lose everything! Inch by inch.”

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