Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – The Footsteps of Decline (Viscount 9)

The day after Aix decided to return home.

As usual, there were squeals coming from the viscount household.

“Yesman, have you still not found that defective magician?”

“We are searching diligently, my lord.”

Does he see screaming like a baby as part of his duties as the head of the Viscount family, without using his brain and only using reflexes to ask the same question repeatedly?

“Can’t someone else do it besides the defective magician? It may cost a lot of money, but that doesn’t matter, right? What do you think?”

“No, as I have mentioned many times, no one else can do it.”

Normally the butler’s job is to do something about that, but today was different.

Due to being backed into a corner, the viscount’s brain seemed to have activated, and a faint, almost momentary spark of intelligence shone in his dull eyes.

And finally, he realized something very important!

“Yesman. Why is it that only that defective mage can do a job that others cannot? Guild Master said that boy is a defective magician, right?”

“That is correct, but…no one can imitate Aix. Furthermore, there are rumors that he has been recognized as a Great Magician.”

The Viscount’s face began to spin like a roulette, changing expressions from surprise, anger, doubt, and confusion as he strained his voice to speak.

“A G-great Magician??? Even though he’s defective? Hahaha!”

“Yes. It is just a rumor, though.”

The roulette of his expressions stopped at doubt.

“Could it be that he lied about only being able to use basic magic?”

“No, that is true. He can only use basic magic that even children can use. But the duration of its effect is abnormally long and cannot be imitated by anyone.”


Despite being just that one difference…

The viscount turned red with anger and frustration.

What should one think when they have failed?

Self-reflection? Countermeasures? Excuses? Submission? Conformity?

No! That is the mindset of those who are exploited. He, on the other hand, is a noble of the ruling class, albeit a twisted one.

What is important is who to blame. The viscount thought of a flawless scapegoat and his fat trembled with anger.

“The guild master. It is because I believed in the guild master’s words that we are in this situation. That curse, I won’t forgive him! Send him to the mines!”

He raised his swollen fist in anger, but…

The guild master gracefully avoided the viscount’s iron hammer of rage. He sneered at the attack, saying it was invalid. Why?

“It’s already done. He is currently a criminal slave in the mines.”

The viscount gaped in shock at his butler’s words.

After taking a deep breath of fresh air and calming down, he glared towards the mines in frustration.

“Very well. Then, at least extend his sentence by 10 years!”

“As you command.”

In a fit of frustration, he extended the sentence by 10 years!

As if to warn the guilty party, Aix’s specialty was unconsciously activated, dealing additional critical damage to the unlucky one. The poor winner of the day, the guild master, received 10 more years in the mines.

As if foretelling the misfortune waiting for the designated person, in that moment, the guild master’s shoddy pickaxe broke. In the dark tunnel, the surprisingly resilient voice of Guild Master’s prayer echoed with “Aix!!!” (still have that kind of energy left!?

But that’s a story for another time.

“Yesman. So, what should we do? What are you planning to do?”

“Yes. We are currently conducting a thorough search.”

The situation was at a standstill.

The pointless scolding and demands for solutions from the viscount continued, but even a capable Yesman couldn’t do the impossible.

In other words… time was just passing by.

This is what a meeting is like.

The only accomplishment was that the viscount’s vocabulary of insults against the incompetent had increased slightly.

However, at that moment, the wind blew.

The maid chief opened the stagnant room’s door with a gust.

“Butler-sama, there is an emergency.”

“What is it?”

Yesman switched his focus to the unusual atmosphere, but the maid chief appeared to have difficulty speaking upon noticing the viscount’s presence.

“A-ah, it’s something that I can’t let the viscount hear…”

“It’s fine. Please tell me here.”

Normally, he would avoid adding to the trouble for the viscount, but perhaps due to his endless bratty mental draining today, his decision-making skills had become dull, so he let her proceeded to give him important information on the spot.

“What? Don’t blame me later okay… Apparently, the queen of the dwarves from the neighboring country has come on an inspection and is seeking permission to land.”

“What did you say? Normally, she returns directly after the Sheep Town festival. Of all times, why now, when it’s such a hassle?”

Yesman, who already had enough troubles, noticed his mistake and regretfully bit his lips when he saw the viscount clap his hands. He prayed to the heavens to not complicate the problems further.

It’s useless! As he glanced sideways, he saw the jovial face of Viscount Lardrich. Oh yes, that very face again.

“Oh, I have a great idea!” he exclaimed.

The faces of the butler and the head maid sank as they envisioned a bleak future a few seconds ahead.

“Listen up, how about having the Dwarf Queen find that defective mage for us? With the technology of the Dwarves, it should be easy. And we can also get a magic tool to educate him not to rebel in the future.”

The head maid’s condemning and protesting gaze pierced the Yesman. “Didn’t I tell you not to bring this up to the Viscount? It’s like asking for more trouble.”

The pleased face of Viscount Lardrich made things even worse.

And Yesman who furrowed his brow was struck by a revelation and couldn’t help but say, “Yes… with the technology of the dwarves, we may be able to create magic tools like those of Aix’s.”

The maid chief understood his muttering, but the viscount missed it. “As expected, my butler.”

“Hm? Did you say something, Yesman?”

Yesman exchanged glances with the maid chief, as a secret plan to overcome the current predicament unexpectedly came to him and his voice trembled.

“No, my lord. That is a truly admirable idea. To that end, we must first entertain the queen.”

“Well then? I leave it to you, Yesman.”

Yesman laughed. The man who had found new hope gave instructions to the maid chief: “We’ve found hope. We can do it. Let’s go all out.”

“Yes, sir. The Eternal Ice has melted, and the grade has dropped considerably, but we’ll entertain her to the best of our abilities. I’ll send you the landing permit now.”

A slow, gigantic airship descended into the courtyard. Yesman, who was looking up at the sky, lost sight of the sun’s rays, and unconsciously let out an exclamation as the ship’s size gradually became apparent.

“It’s huge. Is this the dwarves’ technology? With this, Aix’s replacement is possible,” he said.

As it neared the ground, a downburst blew, and the butler squinted his eyes at the rising sand and dust. In the midst of that serious mood, the viscount’s voice rang out.

“Yesmaaan! There’s sand in my eyes! We’re under attack! Protect me!”

“My lord! Are you alright?” He hurriedly rushed to take care of the viscount, when a rumbling sound of landing swallowed them up.

From here on out, they’re in for a reception that would determine the survival of the Viscount’s family (or rather, the preservation of his position) began. They had to satisfy the Dwarf Queen.

The ramp was lowered from the airship, and stylish, tanned females who appeared to be crew members came down one after the other to provide security.

From behind them, a girl-like queen appeared, and next to her was a boy.

“Huh??” Yesman rubbed his eyes. He felt like he’d seen this boy somewhere before.

He searched for the answer, but his appearance was beyond his expectations, and his voice trembled as he exclaimed, “Wha-!? Aix, what’s he doing there??”

“What are you saying? Oh, I see, I see! He has finally realized his mistake and come back to me. You’re such a pain to deal with,” the viscount said with a carefree laugh.

Meanwhile, the Yesman, whose plan had gone awry, was overcome with a vague sense of unease.

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