Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Ban Them and Never Employ Them!

Next, the black-clothed individuals once again brought the traitors forward. Wu Ge, hiding in the shadows, captured images of the traitors conversing with the black-clothed figures.

In less than two days, he had collected all the evidence of the traitors’ betrayal and handed it over to Lin Beifan.

“Boss Lin, this is the evidence I’ve collected from monitoring them for the past two days! Look, these people met and talked with the black-clothed figures at different times and locations. This is quite strange! I suspect they were bought off by these black-clothed individuals. As for the identity of these black-clothed figures, I have no information. Boss Lin, I wonder if this evidence is sufficient?”

“Sufficient, more than enough! I’m not sending them to prison, just finding a proper reason to dismiss them. These photos should clearly explain the issue!” Lin Beifan raised his head with surprise, “Wu, my friend, you’re really capable! In just two days, you’ve gathered so much evidence. I knew you’re a reliable person!”

“Boss Lin overpraises me! It’s all thanks to your wise leadership. I didn’t do much,” Wu Ge modestly replied.

“Haha, don’t flatter me! I hardly did anything. It’s all thanks to your effort!” Lin Beifan laughed heartily, “But keep this humble attitude, it will serve you well. The path ahead will only get broader!”

“Thank you for your guidance, Boss Lin!” Wu Ge was humble once again, though he was actually quite elated.

This time, he should gain Lin Beifan’s trust and be recognized for his abilities, right?

Lin Beifan’s next words confirmed his assumption, “Once I get rid of these traitors, I’ll reward you generously! Now, come with me. We’re heading to a meeting to deal with these traitors together. Let them know the consequences of betraying me!”

Wu Ge became even more delighted.

Usually, he wouldn’t be qualified to attend such meetings, being just a janitor.

However, now he was invited by Lin Beifan!

Lin Beifan gave the order for an emergency meeting. In less than 10 minutes, unless they were away on business, everyone had gathered in the meeting room.

In the meeting room, Lin Beifan took his seat at the head of the table.

He pulled Wu Ge over to sit beside him, giving him a highly respected position.

Everyone was surprised; why was Wu Ge here? Wasn’t he supposed to be with Mrs. Liu?

But seeing Lin Beifan’s somber expression, they all kept quiet.

With everyone present, Lin Beifan began his address, “I’ve noticed that some people are insatiable and would swallow an elephant if they could! I provided them with the highest industry salaries, the most generous bonuses, and a comprehensive salary and leave system. Yet, they’re still unsatisfied! For a little bit of personal gain, they’ve sold our trade and investment information, seriously harming our company’s interests!”

“Liufen, Huangzhong, Zhoushan…” Lin Beifan named them one by one, his voice raised, “You, who receive the highest salaries in our company, are betraying us, selling our interests. Does your conscience not ache?”

Those named were taken aback.

“Boss Lin, I didn’t do it!”
“I am loyal to the company!”
“I definitely did not betray!”

Lin Beifan directly threw the photos out. “No betrayal? Then what’s this? Take a look at these photos I had someone take. You’ve all met with this person at different times! Are you going to tell me you’re friends with him? Since you’re friends, why not go together openly? Instead, you’re sneaking around. Can you explain that to me?”

The crowd was at a loss for words.

“You won’t confess?” Lin Beifan chuckled coldly, “To use a harsh phrase, even if you feed a dog, it wags its tail in response. But in the end, it’s still a dog! Now, pack up your things and leave. I don’t want to see you again!”

“Boss Lin, please, we were wrong!”
“But we didn’t mean to!”

“They bit me in return! I’ve never seen such unscrupulous and heartless people!”

“Give me one more chance!”

They panicked once again, pleading desperately.

“I gave you a chance, but who’s giving me a chance?” Lin Beifan said angrily, “Get out of here immediately! Also, Miss Liu, on behalf of the Lin Group, inform all major companies in Mo Hai City: tell them that this group of people betrayed the company and has been fired. Call on everyone to never hire them! Anyone who hires them will be going against the Lin Group!”

“Yes, Boss Lin!” Liu Rumei nodded, taking notes.

They became even more frantic, pleading to be spared.

However, Lin Beifan sent them away: “Now, please leave. We don’t welcome traitors!”

After this group of people left, the meeting room was noticeably emptier.

Nobody dared to breathe loudly, and the atmosphere was extremely quiet and solemn.

This was the first time they had seen Lin Beifan lose his temper. His tolerance was only until a certain point, and beyond that, he would act ruthlessly.

By firing them all and calling on everyone not to employ them, he practically eliminated their chances of working in Mo Hai City. No company would hire them, as nobody liked traitors. Moreover, the Lin Group was a top-tier enterprise in Mo Hai City. Which company CEO would want to offend them for a few ordinary individuals?

Unless they could stand on their own, they could only leave their hometown. It wasn’t a good outcome, in any case.

It could be said that Lin Beifan’s move was a warning to others and had greatly intimidated everyone present.

In their hearts, they secretly warned themselves not to do anything wrong and especially not to betray.

“All right, the annoying bunch is gone. Let’s talk about something else!” Lin Beifan smiled, “Today, the reason I was able to uncover these traitors is largely thanks to one person. This person is sitting beside me, Wu Ge, my friend!”

Everyone present was surprised.

“Xiao Wu!” Lin Beifan said.

Amid the surprised gazes of the crowd, Wu Ge raised his head and stood proudly.

Lin Beifan patted his shoulder, saying, “Don’t be fooled by his young age and limited education. He’s the one who discovered the faint signs of betrayal among this group and then followed the trail to uncover evidence of their treachery. He prevented losses for our company. I’m someone who clearly distinguishes between gratitude and grudges. Those who betray me will know the consequences of betrayal. But those who are loyal to me, those who work for me, will be generously rewarded.”

“Therefore, I’ve decided!” Lin Beifan said loudly, “I’ll give a reward of 1 million yuan.”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise, their voices filled with envy and jealousy.

“A 1 million yuan reward, Boss Lin is truly generous!”

“As a reward, it goes to Wu Ge! Additionally, let’s raise Wu Ge’s salary a bit more, bringing it to the level of our regular employees!”

“It seems like Boss Lin has taken an interest in Wu Ge, he’s going to rise up!”


“Let’s give a round of applause for Wu Ge!” Lin Beifan shouted once again.

“Clap, clap, clap, clap…”

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