Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 – Brown Loli Amine 3

80% of my thoughts were occupied by the slime pillow. I can’t seem to stop thinking about it.

I had made a promise to my hollow, but because of that I recalled that I had hidden my slime pillow under the bed.

Cold sweat trickled down my back. How many days had passed since then? What if Nitra and Lai found it? I didn’t want to be looked at coldly. Please let it not be found.

There was no time. I ran into Luca’s room without knocking, shouting her name.


I froze at the unexpected sight.

And Crazy Bear looked at me silently, as if he wanted me to help him.

“Can you please forgive him now?”

“Well, if you say so.”

“Thanks for the save, partner.”

Crazy Bear felt relieved when he responded by bending his ear. Crazy Bear owes me one.

Wait, did I forget something important?

“Aix, what’s wrong?”

Luca’s confused voice brought me back to reality.

“Oh! Right. I plan to leave tomorrow, Luca.”

“Huh? Okay.”

Without even asking why, Luca nodded her head. I was taken aback.

“But let’s come back again next year for the festival, okay?”

“Yeah!” Luca smiled brightly, making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I needed to talk to the dangerous Loli Queen before leaving. Surely, she was joking about starting a war, wasn’t she?

When I returned to Amine’s room, she and her followers were staring at me with expectant eyes. Oh no.

“Aix-sensei, have you made up your mind about defecting?” (Crew 1)

“Aix-kun, nee-san will show you around the town. It’s like a date.” (Crew 2)

“Hey now, no cutting in line!” (Amine)

“I’m sorry. I will lower my voice.” (Crew)

“Well…we’ve decided to leave tomorrow.” (Aix)

As I shook my head, everyone in the room looked surprised.

“According to that scum over there, you won’t be treated well if you go back, so why don’t you defect to our country instead?” (Amine)

“It’s not ‘scum’, it’s Uracal. I won’t say anything bad, but think it over. If there’s anything you need in that city, I’ll get it for you, whether it’s goods or people.” (Uracal)

Amine tried to appease me, while the criminal tried to stop me with a scary look.

It’s not a bad proposition, but my hollow is saying ‘no’. And don’t let anyone touch the slime pillow under my bed.

“No, I’ll still go back.” (Aix)

I’m sorry, I can’t really tell you the reason. You went through all that trouble for me, but I can’t say it.

“Sigh! At this rate, Luca-sensei’s secret invitation plan will fail…. and what about this comfortable mansion?” (Amine)

“Dammit, it’s not good if you leave. We’ll end up with a double contract with Isel. Please, reconsider.” (Uracal)

“Boss, pull yourself together.” (Ren)

Oh, it seems I misunderstood. It looks like both of them have ulterior motives, so I’m actually relieved.

Amine is trembling, and the rat-faced man is swaying with a pale face, being supported by his subordinates.

“I’ll dispose of the Ghost House. Also, the double contract has nothing to do with me, so please don’t ask me.”

“What!? This super relic… That’s too wasteful.”

“Please, Aix. Please, Aix-sensei.”

Aminw-sama trembled, and the rat-faced man looked like he didn’t believe it with a powerless face. I sympathize a little, but I decided to prioritize myself.

“Um… If you want, I’ll give you the Ghost House. However, it will be gone after a month. Also, I won’t be able to help you even if you ask me to.”

Amine and her subordinate cheered, while the rat-man stayed silent with a face like he was about to die. Sorry about that. l

“We did it! Well then, at least we should pay the rent.”

Amine seemed flustered and dropped her bag of gold coins, scattering them everywhere.

One of the coins rolled towards me, and I thought, Could this be an unexpected windfall? Maybe I can just take it?

“Alright, I have received my payment,” I said with a smirk, happy with just one coin.

Oh no… I got scolded. I guess we really did charge too much. Amin’s voice grew quieter.

“Aix-sensei, I am not a cheap woman!”

Huh? Amine pressed something against me and my face was bathed in golden light.

“Huh? This much?”

“Hehe, I am the Dwarf Queen Amine. Do not underestimate me.”

The heavy weight turned out to be 10 gold coins.

What is this? Is it okay?

It seems like the inn’s prices might start to bubble.

“Amine, thank you.”

“…You’re creepy,” she replied.

Wow, I’ve never had this much money before. Even if I share it with Luca, we would still get five coins each!

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