Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – Tent Life 7

Rabbit-chan took Crazy Bear and Luca with her to another room.

Aix accompanied them to plead for Luca’s sentence to be reduced.

Amine was left alone in the mosquito net, wondering if they were having internal conflicts.

Uracal watched Amine with a troubled expression before finally making a decision and signaling to his subordinates.

The members of the Slum Empire, a criminal organization, were a little nervous, but no one noticed.

Uracal approached Amine with a smile and asked, “Excuse me. Can we start the show?”

“Wha-what? Sure.”

At Amine’s hesitant nod to Uracal’s awkward smile, Uracal pulled out a knife he had concealed on his body and pressed it against Amin’s slender neck!

As Amine and the crew members hesitated whether this was part of the performance or a serious crime, Uracal loudly declared that it was serious.

“Heh heh, what a weak security. It’s showtime!”

“What do you want?!”

“You insolent fools! Release the queen!”

To outsmart the unpredictable Rabbit-chan, Uracal took a gamble and launched his attack.

“Shut up! Everyone stay still. I don’t have a hobby of killing children.”

The tension in the air was palpable.

Then, in the serene silence that followed, Uracal looked satisfied and announced his crime in a theatrical voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, from the Slum Empire, we present you the ‘Aix Kidnapping Show’. It’s very dangerous, so please stay quiet.”

Amine, the hostage, talked to Uracal in order to create an opportunity for escape.

“Where did you get the knife?”

But Uracal ignored her.

Uracal aware of his own weakness, so he concealed a knife in his body and gave no room for retaliation.

“Shut up. I don’t want to kill you, you know that. Ren, go and bring only Aix without letting anyone else know. Baldy, stay here and look after the carriage.”

“”Yes, boss.””

As his subordinates walked away, Uracal kept his eyes on the crew, threatening them to stay put, waiting for Aix to arrive.

He was jittery.

If I mess up, I might die. Ren, hurry up and bring him here.

After a moment, the boy without a sense of crisis fell for Ren’s trick and showed his face.

Uracal smiled, “Well done!”

“Um, what can I do for you, Amine-sama?”

Amine spoke slowly to the startled Aix.

“Stay still, Aix boy.”

Gradually, Aix’s face changed. From nervousness and doubt to anger, and then finally fear. Ren had put a knife to his neck.

Just as negotiations were about to begin, Amine’s nose started itching. Oblivious to the situation, she sneezed.


Aix’s expression changes. He seems to have been angered by the hostage’s movement and tries to run away reflexively!

This is bad. Is he willing to die or something?

“Release Amine-sama!”

“Don’t move!”

Ren desperately managed to restrain Aix.


The knife only grazed his neck and blood trickled out. Aix stopped moving under Ren’s embrace.

What kind of resolve is that?

What a close call. Thanks to Aix being weaker than Ren, he avoided getting his throat cut by the knife. Both the boy and my plan were saved.

Huff, that Aix guy is quite something, isn’t he? How can I negotiate with such a rabid dog?

“Be cool, kid. My demand is to get you to meet someone. That’s all. If you obediently come with me, no one will be unhappy.”

So what do you think? Please, I’m begging you. Listen to my demand.

“I understand. I will meet that person, so please release Amine-sama.”


I couldn’t help but smile. I was worried about what would happen, but it seems that the obedience is surprisingly good.

It’s cool to make a quick decision without even knowing where to go!

I wanted to show my composure, but I was a little too excited with my response due to my happiness.

“Ah! I promise. As soon as they confirm your safety, I’ll release you.”

The plan was going smoothly, to the point of being anticlimactic.

But you know, something usually happens at times like these.

The one who spoke up was the young girl hostage.

“Wait, what’s your reason for taking Aix-sensei?”

Huh? At a time like this?

For a moment, I thought about silencing her, but she has the right to know.

Besides, it might be better to reveal the situation to gain sympathy and avoid strange resistance.

“For money. If we bring him back in good condition, we’ll get a gold coin. We’ll be able to survive the winter without any of our comrades dying with just that.”

As soon as the young girl hostage gave me a look of disgust, she threw something.

“Then I shall hire you.”


The golden light sparkling and shining falls to the ground and rolls. Could it be gold coins? My heart is fluttering.

“Confirm it, Ren.”

What is it?

I watch Ren closely.

He happily answers with a refreshing smile.

“Boss, these are real gold coins! And there are two of them.”

Ha ha, incredible.

Aix is the God of Luck.

It’s completely different from the unfortunate Isel.

We’ve been defeated.

Uracal puts away his knife and kneels before Amin.

“I apologize for earlier. Your Majesty, from now on, you are our Master.”

The Slum Empire’s plan to kidnap Aix has ended in an unexpected way.

“Hmm, I like well-behaved people.”

The young girl smiles.

The tension breaks, and the crew members start moving again, melting away the frozen time of fear.

“Aix-kun, are you okay?” (Crew)

“Yes, I’m fine.”

However, it seems that the dwarf women are more concerned about Aix than the Queen.

“Are you really okay? Big sister’s worried about you, you know? Go away, pain! Heal!” (Crew)

“Aix, you were so cool. Will you save me too?” (Crew)

“Please don’t do anything reckless, Aix-sensei.” (Crew)

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

Amin’s mouth twists. “I’m the queen, yet you guys…’.”

Uracal seems to be about to say something, but he closes his mouth. Silence is golden.

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