Chapter 8: Stealing My Woman and My Sword Manual?

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Yang Huan proposed the idea of studying the Bi Xie Sword Manual, but Ning Zhongzhi refused bluntly. Her reaction was so intense that Yang Huan suspected there was something fishy going on.

Yang Huan was well aware of the hidden agenda behind Ning Zhongzhi’s strong reaction.

Smiling at Ning Zhongzhi, Yang Huan asked, “Why such a big reaction, Madam?”

“Did I have a big reaction?” Ning Zhongzhi immediately denied, but her tone betrayed her nervousness.

“You know very well whether you had a big reaction or not.”

“Madam, the Bi Xie Sword Manual… could it be that Master has it?”

Ning Zhongzhi only realized her mistake after Yang Huan asked that question, for she had never revealed to Yang Huan that the sword manual was in the hands of Yue Buqun.

Was Yang Huan deceiving her?

“Master, there’s no point in hiding it. I know everything,” Yang Huan said.

“The Bi Xie sword manual is in Master’s possession, and Master has already started practicing it.”

“The prerequisite for practicing the technique is to perform castration, so Master has already castrated himself, hasn’t he?”

Still smiling, Yang Huan looked at Ning Zhongzhi, and his smile made her uneasy.

Ning Zhongzhi was shocked that her young apprentice knew so much. How did he find out?

“I’m sure you’re wondering how I found out, Madam,” Yang Huan said. “I can only tell you that it’s just a guess. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.”


How terrifying!

Ning Zhongzhi couldn’t help but feel frightened by her young disciple, for he was too good at hiding his true nature.

Among the disciples of Mount Hua, Yang Huan had never stood out. His martial arts aptitude was average, and he only reached the third level when he was sixteen years old.

But what no one had realized was that he had been hiding his true abilities all along.

Without anyone noticing, he had already reached the stage of Houtian Realm!

At sixteen years old, to have reached the early stage of Houtian Realm was not the mark of an average person. He was clearly a martial arts prodigy!

Not only that, he looked harmless and innocent, like a cute and quiet pretty boy.

Now, it was clear that he was not as innocent as he appeared. He was a cunning and devious boy!

What was most frightening was that he had an extraordinary ability to see through people’s thoughts. In front of him, she felt like she was transparent.

“If you already know everything, why do you still want the Bi Xie sword manual?” Ning Zhongzhi asked Yang Huan, trying to calm herself down.

“Master, don’t worry. I won’t practice the Bi Xie sword technique. I’m not as heartless as my Master.”

“But this Bi Xie Sword Manual is indeed useful, and I have to trouble Madam.” Yang Huan gave Ning Zhongzhi a calming pill, but he did not explain the specific reason.

Ning Zhongzhi thought for a while and pondered for a long time before saying, “Okay, since you say so, I’ll trust you this once.”

“Thank you, Madam,” Yang Huan said gratefully.

“Just verbal thanks?” Ning Zhongzhi raised an eyebrow and teased Yang Huan with her delicate fingers.

“Thank you very much!” Yang Huan immediately turned over and pressed down on her…

IIt was night, during the “hour of the ox.”

After Yue Buqun finished practicing, he returned to his room and went to bed immediately.

After a moment, Ning Zhongzhi opened her eyes.

“Husband… Husband…” She cautiously shook Yue Buqun, but he did not respond.

Ning Zhongzhi was relieved and quietly got out of bed, walking over to the clothes rack.

She rummaged through Yue Buqun’s clothes and found the robe with the Bi Xie Sword Manual.

Ning Zhongzhi picked up the robe and quickly left the room.

In no time, she arrived at Yang Huan’s room.

Yang Huan was not sleeping and had been waiting all along.

When he heard a sound outside the door, he immediately lit a candle.

Ning Zhongzhi did not knock on the door but pushed it open and walked in.

Seeing Yang Huan, she handed him the robe and said, “This is the Bi Xie Sword Manual. Copy it down.”

Yang Huan nodded and picked up a pen and paper to begin copying.

However, his handwriting was not good as he had never learned calligraphy.

He had to ask Madam for help.

“Stop it, aaah~” Ning Zhongzhi focused on copying the Bi Xie Sword Manual, but Yang Huan could not sit still.

He leaned forward and reached out his hand.

This scene would left the people outside dumbfounded.

Yue Buqun squatted by the window, his fists clenched.

His eyes were filled with rage, and he wanted to rush in and kill this pair of adulterers.

Their intimate actions suggested that this was not their first time.

They must have hooked up a long time ago!

“If I act recklessly, that woman’s martial arts are not beneath mine. And since my Bi Xie Sword Manual has not been perfected, it would be risky to make a move…”

Yue Buqun clearly had concerns. He had a deep mind, and his martial arts had progressed beyond Ning Zhongzhi’s.

But it was impossible to kill Ning Zhongzhi instantly. If the commotion attracted other disciples, it would be troublesome.

It didn’t matter if his cuckoldry was exposed. He could blame it all on Ning Zhongzhi.

But he was afraid that if he and Ning Zhongzhi fell out, she would reveal his secrets.

If the secret of his self-castration was exposed, he would be ruined!

After much deliberation, Yue Buqun decided to hold back…

1. Hour of the ox is around 1 a.m to 3 a.m.

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