Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Being unemployed (Day 1)

An overwhelming sense of exhilaration.

A surge of energy.

Ah, the beauty of freedom.

It’s as if the light has returned to my dead eyes.

What should I do?

I have time.

And a little bit of money.

After all, I had been taking exclusive requests for five years straight without a break. The fee for such requests was 50% higher than that of regular ones.

But my exclusive requests were the worst. They were classified as E-rank requests, which were already low-paying, and I couldn’t refuse them, so I never got a day off. Maybe “exclusive requests” were my least favorite words.

The real reason I became wealthy was that I didn’t have the time or energy to spend my money. Can I cry now?

I’m enjoying my first day off in a long time.

Or rather, I’ll have a lot of free time from now on.

I can’t stop grinning.

As I take in the refreshing scent of the dewy grass and feel rejuvenated, I catch a whiff of grilled skewers from a food stall.

Driven by an intense hunger, I start looking for the food stall that I can’t see from where I am. As I wander around, I finally find it around the corner.

“I found the food stall! I’ll start by eating meat until my instincts are satisfied. Can I have one skewer, please?”


Sitting on a bench, I sink my teeth into a large, shiny King Orc skewer covered in sauce. When was the last time I had something like this?

Come to think of it, what did I eat yesterday?

I can’t remember.

In other words, I’m happy to realize that I’ve regained enough mental stability to be interested in food.

“Delicious. And heavy. Ugh, it’s too heavy. I don’t think I can eat any more.”

Unfortunately, my body, which had been damaged too much by my previous black-company job, cannot handle the greasiness of the skewer.

Violently, the delicious taste spreads throughout my mouth, but if I don’t go through rehabilitation, my stomach will ache and I’ll have a rejection reaction.

I never thought I’d give up after just one bite.

Playing around with the grilled skewer, I can’t help but laugh at how pathetic I am.

“Do you not want any more?”

I heard a young girl’s voice.

Turning towards the voice, I saw a young girl dressed in clothes that looked like she was from a slum, who looked shyly away. She probably spoke unconsciously while watching.

“I’ll give you some. Take your time eating it because your stomach might get surprised.”

I handed her the half-eaten skewer and she hesitantly accepted it.

“Is it okay? Thank you, big brother.”

“You’re welcome.”

As I was gazed at with a glittering smile of gratitude, I felt embarrassed.

I saw off the happy little girl as she disappeared into the alley and felt warm and fuzzy inside. If I meet her again, I’ll treat her to something nice.

“I feel satisfied with my unemployed life, but I’m not satisfied with just this. I’ll live according to my desires. Maybe I’ll buy something after a long time.”

I don’t want anything, but I feel like spending money uncontrollably.

Looking up at the blue sky, I stretched and stood up, proudly heading towards the shopping street.

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