Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Tianmen Mountain

Xu Yuan felt pretty stupid, really.

He actually hoped that an idiot capable of freezing hostages to death could navigate directions in the wilderness.

After two seconds of silence, Xu Yuan raised his hand and gently patted Ran Qingmo’s shoulder to comfort her. He put away the map, stood up, and whispered, “First, take me to the highest point nearby. Maybe I can figure out our location.”

Ran Qingmo’s eyes flickered with doubt.

Xu Yuan knew what the other person was suspecting and said softly, “Over the years, I’ve been idle, but I still learned a few things.”


Xu Yuan walked to the cave entrance and looked at the misty rainforest scenery outside. He glanced back at the black-clad woman who was packing her bag and whispered, “It’s still raining outside.”

Ran Qingmo glanced at him and then looked at the water pouch hanging from his waist.

Xu Yuan sighed slightly and looked at her drenched black clothes, saying, “I know we have the Flame Spirit Liquid, so we don’t need to worry about diseases like cold for now. But don’t you find it uncomfortable to wear wet clothes?”

Ran Qingmo blinked her eyes, carefully sensing it, and nodded in agreement.

Xu Yuan pondered for a moment, glanced sideways at the ice cone still piercing through the Flame Spirit Python’s corpse in the rain curtain.

One minute later,

A man and a woman stood in mid-air tens of meters above the ground.

The man wore a luxurious brocade robe and held a scroll made of sheepskin in his hand. The woman had a veil covering her face, with an exquisite figure, and held an umbrella made of ice crystals beside the man.

The rain was slowing down, but the wind continued to blow. The pouring rain in the mountains turned into a gentle drizzle.

Standing on the transparent platform condensed by Ran Qingmo using “qi,” beneath their feet was a vast forest formed by towering trees, extending as far as the eye could see without an end in sight.

The Deep Mountain Range stretched across the southwestern border of the Great Yan Empire, spanning tens of thousands of miles.

The dense white mist greatly affected Xu Yuan’s visibility, but after reaching this high ground, he realized that he didn’t need to determine the direction at all.

Looking into the distance, at the end of the forest, a massive mountain peak cast a shadow, blocking out the sky.

Even though the distance was unknown, amidst the misty rain curtain, the sheer size of the mountain could still be vaguely seen. It resembled a colossal beast spanning between heaven and earth, making the world’s rooftop in the previous life seem like that of an infant in front of it.

When the game’s map became a reality, the shock before their eyes was indescribable.

Xu Yuan squinted his eyes and stared at the colossal shadow, asking, “Is that Tianmen Mountain?”

Ran Qingmo held the umbrella, and her robe sleeves fluttered gently in the wind as she replied, “Yes.”

“Can we climb up there?”

“Is the cave you mentioned located there?”


That cave on Tianmen Mountain was a hidden map in the “Blue Spring” Wangdao Hot-blooded World Line.

The trigger condition was also quite cliché.

Being pursued and escaping into the Deep Mountain Range, climbing Tianmen Mountain, and being forced to jump off a cliff, with a luck score exceeding 80, one can enter the hidden cave.

Luck score less than 80? Then prepare for free fall.

With a fleeting thought, Xu Yuan shook his head lightly.

According to the game formula book, he remembered that the original owner of his body, the Third Young Master, had a luck score of only 3. It would be impossible for him to enter the suspended cliff even after jumping a hundred times. It seemed like he had exhausted all his luck in this lifetime.

However, now that Xu Yuan had Ran Qingmo, a great expert, by his side, they could simply fly down together and slowly search for it when they reached the suspended cliff.

Ran Qingmo stared at the imposing Tianmen Mountain in silence for two seconds and said, “Okay.”

As soon as she spoke, she directly removed the platform beneath their feet, which was condensed by “qi.”

“Ah!” Xu Yuan exclaimed.

The feeling of free fall was not pleasant, but fortunately, Ran Qingmo, this foolish woman, knew that if they fell from such a height, he, an ordinary person, would become a pancake.

Right before landing, a subtle force quietly enveloped Xu Yuan’s body, and the two of them successfully landed in the forest in a princess carry position.

They exchanged a glance.

Ran Qingmo held the umbrella with one hand and gently placed Xu Yuan on the ground from her embrace, calmly saying, “Let’s go.”

Xu Yuan stood firmly on his feet, patted his robe to hide his embarrassment, but frowned upon hearing her words, “Go?”

“Yes,” nodded Ran Qingmo.

Xu Yuan roughly estimated the distance between Tianmen Mountain and their current location in his mind and repeated, puzzled:

“Are you suggesting that we walk there?” Xu Yuan asked.

Ran Qingmo tilted her head slightly and replied, “Well, what else?”

“Aren’t you able to fly?” Xu Yuan looked puzzled. “If we walk, it will take us at least ten days.”

Ran Qingmo fell silent for two seconds, staring at Xu Yuan intently, and said very seriously, “I can’t fly.”

“But just now…” Xu Yuan pointed to the sky.

Ran Qingmo followed his finger and looked at the sky, explaining, “That was my technique called ‘Ice Cloud Steps’.”

“Ice Cloud Steps?” Xu Yuan had no knowledge of the techniques in this world, so he asked instinctively.

Ran Qingmo didn’t answer his question at all, just continued to look at him.

Xu Yuan realized that this question about techniques should be considered private, so he changed the topic and asked, “Can you fly using a sword?”

Ran Qingmo pondered for a moment and whispered, “In my techniques, there is no flying with a sword. Only ‘Ice Cloud Steps’ exists. Flying with a sword is part of the Suspended Heaven Sword Art.”

Upon hearing the name Suspended Heaven Sword Art, Xu Yuan quickly recalled the description of this technique from the game formula book.

However, he couldn’t remember any mention of flying with a sword, indicating that the world automatically filled in the missing information regarding this matter.

But after Ran Qingmo’s explanation, Xu Yuan understood her intention.

In this world, there were means of traversing through the air, but different techniques led to different methods of flying.

After a pause, Xu Yuan asked, “Then why not directly use your Ice Cloud Steps to take me there?”

Ran Qingmo didn’t answer immediately. She looked Xu Yuan up and down, then shook her head and said, “Your body is too weak, you would die.”

“But I was fine just now, wasn’t I?” Xu Yuan frowned. When Ran Qingmo carried him in mid-air to determine their direction, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

“The speed just now was very slow.”

Xu Yuan fell silent.

He realized that he had been presumptuous and overlooked a very important issue.

Ran Qingmo didn’t possess the biological stance of a superhuman from his past movies, and the human body has its limits when it comes to enduring acceleration.

Ran Qingmo’s method of traversing through the air clearly involved using condensed platforms of “qì” to step on and continuously jump in mid-air.

For Xu Yuan, the playboy whose body had been depleted by indulgence in alcohol and women, even a unprotected acceleration of 4-5G could send him straight to the afterlife.

Considering the previously invisible speed displayed by Ran Qingmo, it was likely a starting acceleration of at least 30G.

With these thoughts in mind, Xu Yuan took a deep look at the veiled woman in front of him.

Although she occasionally appeared a bit absent-minded, she was reliable in certain aspects.

If she hadn’t thought of this issue, he might have died instantly upon acceleration.

In a moment, Xu Yuan also thought about asking Ran Qingmo to control the speed.

However, he quickly dismissed the idea.

While Ran Qingmo could control the speed, it would prolong their time in mid-air.

The Deep Mountains were infested with demonic beasts, and even the Fire Spirit Python she casually caught earlier turned out to be under the control of that mysterious force. A longer time in mid-air would inevitably increase the chances of being discovered by hidden beasts.

Moreover, these creatures were not limited to the ground alone.

Some airborne avian demonic beasts had much better vision than humans.

By walking on foot, with the cover of vegetation and Ran Qingmo’s perception of their surroundings as a skilled practitioner, they couldn’t guarantee being completely undetected, but at least they could ensure no survivors were left behind.

With these thoughts in mind, Xu Yuan let out a gentle sigh and surveyed the endless expanse of the bewildering forest.

If they had to walk, then so be it. He would consider it as his first journey into a different realm.

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