Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Breaking the Void, Witnessing the Invincible God!

Due to their shared aspirations, these Masters often exchanged ideas, sparred with each other, learned from one another, collectively elevating the national arts to its pinnacle.

After thorough research, they classified the national arts into several levels:

1. **Clear Force Realm:** Strengthens the entire body, especially the power of tendons and bones, allowing all forces to concentrate. A punch can create a sonic boom, displaying astonishing power.

2. **Hidden Force Realm:** Starts training the skin and fur, adjusts the spinal bones, strengthens the internal organs, and firmly controls all the body’s forces without any leakage. When tendons and bones resonate like the roar of tigers and leopards, it indicates mastery of Hidden Force.

3. **Transformative Force Realm:** Advances the strength further; hidden force pervades the entire body. No feather can be added, no insect can land. Mastery involves controlling every organ, regulating blood and Qi, strengthening bone marrow, maintaining peak condition.

This realm is achievable by the majority of contemporary Masters, enabling them to defeat dozens of opponents effortlessly.

However, facing firearms with their mortal bodies, they still struggled.

Continuing their research, they propelled the national arts to a new level.

4. **Golden Force Realm:** Sitting with a focus on the golden core, condensing the essence, energy, and spirit into one point, then explosively releasing it. The smaller the force is condensed, the stronger the explosion when released. Upon reaching this realm, one can control all blood and Qi with their thoughts, breaking the limits of human strength, unleashing strength exceeding thousands of kilograms in every movement.

Unsatisfied, the Masters delved deeper into their studies.

They developed the next level – **Gang Force.**

This is the pinnacle of force concentration, capable of tearing through the air, transforming into Gang Qi, killing from a distance, displaying unprecedented strength.

Continuing their exploration, they reached the next level – **Breaking the Void, Witnessing the Invincible God.**

Upon entering this realm, a person can perfectly control their body. Mastery extends to every organ, every tissue, and even every cell, achieving a level of control akin to fingertips. The body becomes indestructible, like witnessing a divine being!

This realm is terrifying, and in their era, only one or two individuals could reach it.

At this stage, they found themselves unable to progress further. The human body had been developed to its limit, akin to divine beings walking on Earth, invincible even against enemy firepower!

Just at this moment, Lin Beifan woke up from his dream, incredibly delighted.

“I knew it would work!”

Initially, he aimed to efficiently utilize the resources at his disposal but found himself overwhelmed with countless ideas.

Realizing he couldn’t do it alone, he decided to rely on the collective wisdom of the masses.

So, in his dream, he created an environment without extraordinary powers. Setting the backdrop in the Republic of China, he immersed those patriotic martial arts masters in a challenging era of turmoil and devastation.

Driven by the desire to restore the nation, they naturally used their skills to strengthen the country and its people.

Now, the results were surprisingly good!

“Clear Force is equivalent to strengthening tendons and bones in the Body Forging Realm!”

“Hidden Force is akin to refining organs and fortifying viscera in the Body Forging Realm!”

“Transformative Force is similar to Blood Transmutation in the Body Forging Realm!”

“All are about the development and strengthening of the body!”

“In the dream world without extraordinary powers, those masters conducted a more profound and detailed study of the body. This led to Elixir Force, Gang Force, and finally, Breaking the Void and Witnessing the Invincible God realms!”

“They developed the body to its limits!”

“No, beyond limits!”

“And all of this… benefits me!”

“If I cultivate to the ultimate realm of the national arts, even without extraordinary powers, I can still contend with the extraordinary!”

Thinking this, Lin Beifan laughed until he could barely open his eyes.

After the laughter, Lin Beifan adjusted his body according to the dream’s cultivation method.

As he was already at the Blood Transmutation Realm, he directly started practicing the Transformative Force.

It took about a week for Golden Force to manifest!

Another week, and Gang Force was achieved!

As long as it didn’t involve his weak foundation, his cultivation speed was always fast.

Finally, he spent another week and reached the formidable realm of Breaking the Void and Witnessing the Invincible God.

Though lacking extraordinary powers, he was on par with them!

In addition, the combination of his body and mental strength developed a unique ability – the Way of Sincerity, allowing him to foresee events!

He could sense impending crises, avoid them in advance, preventing harm!

In other words, his sixth sense was exceptionally strong!

Just at that moment, Lin Beifan’s powerful breakthrough caught the attention of Bai Yiyi, who was practicing in the neighboring room.

She opened her eyes, joyfully exclaiming, “Brother has broken through the extraordinary so quickly?”

Swiftly rushing out of her room, she headed towards the adjacent one.

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