Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 – Tent Life 6

It’s hard to tell an demi-human’s age, so Amine, who looks like a little girl, has moist skin and is probably older than me.

“Aix-sensei, would you come to my country?”

“What kind of place is it?”

The lolibaba looked up at me and grinned.

“Unlimited alcohol every day. The Mithril mine is just a five minute walk away. You can mine as much as you want and live a carefree cave life, constantly entering the best forge. How about it?”

“I’ll pass, thank you.”

It was a passionate presentation, but it didn’t resonate with me at all. It felt like I was a mining slave, and I could feel the barrier of race. Amine, who was slouching, muttered disappointedly.

“If you came, maybe Luca-sensei would come too.”

“That was close. I almost fell for it. Is it really okay for you to just play around like this?”

Amin smirked.

“What are you talking about? This is my job.”

“What…did you say?”

My heart thumped loudly.

Did I unknowingly doing a job again? When I worried about that, I was looked at with eyes of disbelief.

“My job is none other than the Dwarf Queen itself. This is also part of our publicity campaign. It aims to increase the overall value of future works by Dwarf craftsmen.”

“Good. I feel relieved now that I realize I was mistaken. I mean, I didn’t know there were jobs like this in the world.” (Aix)

“Wait, aren’t you in an uncomfortable position to listen like that?” (Amine)

“Yes, Your Majesty. You might be taking it too far.” (Crew)

Indeed, even the crew seemed to think so and approached, expressing her discontent. She was a tall, well-built, tanned woman with glasses shining.

“Hahaha. I take both work and play seriously.” (Amine)

“Ano…” (Aix)

“However, it is troubling for someone like the queen to do something like a hostess club. That is our job, so please let us take over.” (Crew)

Hostess Club.

I seem to have heard that a reincarnated individual made an adult bar or something.

“Foolishness. I won’t give up this seat.” (Amine)

“How stingy. If you want, Aix-san you can come to my room later.” (Crew)

“What the hell are you doing?”

Amine threw Crazy Bear and repelled the sexy nee-san. What’s going on?

“You’re completely on guard. Come on, mister, let me make you my captive. I’ll make you a special mixed drink.” (Amine)

She put ice in a glass and poured in alcohol and water, mixing it with a stirrer, making a crispy sound.

While watching that sight, Luca shoved chocolate into my mouth. It’s sweet!

Chew, chew.

So this is a hostess club.

I have become an adult.

Of course, I even drink the drink that was served. It’s because I’m an adult.


“Ano, I’ve had enough of this. Can you please take it down?’

When I said it with a determined expression, I was greeted with exasperation.

“We will continue like this! Next performer—-”

As I fiddled with my watered-down drink, waiting for the next performer, to someone unfamiliar, I might appear like a king.

Into this chaotic room, a beautiful woman and two tough-looking bodyguards entered.

Upon seeing me, the woman became excited and joyfully jumped up and down.

“Um, am I mistaken for someone else?”

I’m just a regular person who happened to get caught up in this, not a king.

“Boss! I found him!”

“This guy is Aix? To think he was hiding in a place like this. Hahaha, well done!”

Huh? An unexpected response.

I don’t recognize them, but they seem to know me and have been looking for me.

Crazy Bear, who had been thrown, got up and waved his hands to show that he was still here.

“You guys never learn, do you? Trying to honey trap him is pointless. Certainly. I told you to come back later, but I didn’t expect you guys to actually have the guts.”

The woman trembled in fear.

Honey trap? Ah, that’s the person from before.

The man with a sharp gaze spoke.

“What the hell. You’re a lot more foul-mouthed than I thought you’d be. Are you not afraid of dying, barking like a dog with your tail between your legs, chirping into the ear of Slum Empire’s Uracal?”

“I ain’t afraid of the likes of you.”

I felt warm watching the stuffed bear and the serious-looking adult argue with each other.

“If you want to apologize, now is the time. Remember your sins.”

“That’s not it. I swear to God I haven’t done anything.”

The mouse-like man’s eyes shone darkly as he gestured with his finger like a conductor, and the big man nodded and held up the mysterious box.

Since it was being inspected, it shouldn’t contain anything dangerous, but the box seemed to emit a dangerous aura and Crazy Bear stepped back.

“Hehehe, this is the finale. I’m counting on you, Rabbit-sama.”

The box opened with a snap, and Rabbit-chan appeared, with her hands clasped in a fierce pose. Luca trembled with fear.

“Leaving us behind and going to play? That takes some guts, doesn’t it?”

Oh… she’s awakened.

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