Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – Tent Life 5

Lyog, who had put the criminal into a cold prison cell, recalled his casual conversation with the maid girl as he ran.

“Miss, when will Aix be back?”

“Goshujin-sama will be back in three days. Um, thank you for your hard work today.”

“It’s my job, don’t worry about it. I hope Aix comes back soon.”


It wasn’t love, just a feeling of watching over her like a father. Those sweet days were stolen by zombies and pee-man.

Overcome with anger, Lyog didn’t realize he had entered Sheep Town and the festive mood around him irritated him.

Where was Aix?

Lyog’s despairing face suddenly changed as he found something, a menacing smile on his face.

Approaching the target disguised as a civilian, he quickly subdued him. The dust rose as the target glared and resisted, but it was too late. He wasn’t getting away now.

“I found you. Give up.”

He’s not very smart, but he’s still a gatekeeper, so he can at least remember the sketches of people to watch out for.

“Who the hell are you!?”

“I’m Lyog from Forest End. I think you’re… Eee, Exceln?”

Lyog twisted his neck. It seems that he didn’t remember the name. Although he’s not really Exceln, he’s definitely someone on the watchlist who can’t pass through the gate, but who is he?

The face of the criminal who finally grasped the situation turned from being aggressive to being twisted with humiliation and despair.

“You’re totally wrong, you fool! Hey, you’re the head of the army, why are you out of town??”

“I came to catch Aix. You’re just a bonus, a wanted criminal.”

Tying up the wanted criminal with a rope, and it’s another professional habit to maintain public order by coming all the way to another town.

“Huh? Aix? Who the hell is that? It hurts! I understand, so don’t tighten it too much.”

The man carrying sadness captures the criminals who came to the festival one after another, and engraves Aix’s name in people’s hearts.

…It’s completely taking it out on someone else.

“Again. This one’s not it either. Where the hell is Aix?”


As for the Aix.

I closed my eyes, sandwiched between two sweet-smelling boards, listening to the sounds of the vertical flute.


My mind was empty.

(I am empty. Empty. Empty…)

The soft and pleasant smell was all around.

Luca was on my left, and Amine-sama was on my right.

This is impossible!

I tried to escape from Luca, who was slowly leaning towards me, but in doing so, I pushed Amin-sama off the sofa, which seemed to make her angry, causing her to push back aggressively.

In other words, I was stuck in the middle of the sofa, sandwiched between two girl.

The musician playing the vertical flute seemed to be fed up with the situation and ended the music with a flat, deflated sound.

“Luca, back off. So does Amine-sama.” (Aix)

“…” (Luca)

“Mu-fun. Don’t be shy, it’s all right, you know.” (Amine)

“Don’t be shy, it’s all right, you know.”

Amine-sama, who had a flat chest, tried to sound sexy, but it just sounded weird to me.

Maybe my attitude displeased them both, as the pressure from the two of them increased and they started shoving each other with their shoulders.

Unable to bear it, I stood up and left.


What nice shoulders.

“Aix is the worst!” (Luca)

“Right! You’re being disrespectful to my ample breasts.” (Amine)

“It’s not that, both of my shoulders hurt!” (Aix)

“I-I’m sorry.”

“It wouldn’t do for me not to make your heart flutter.”


“See, even the performer is having trouble.” (Aix)

“…” (Luca)

“Thanks to your hardwork. You can step down now.” (Amine)

Luca was flustered, and Amine-sama couldn’t bear the embarrassment and brought the performer down. I wonder if that’s really appropriate as a human being.

Luca beckoned me and whispered in my ear.

“Aix, say to them I’m sorry.”

“I know. I’ll tell the performer. And what about Amine-sama?”

Or should I call her Tyrant Amine?

“It’s because you ran away from me and Luca-sensei in the first place, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s because the sofa is big so we should maintain social distance like before.”

While arguing with the sternly staring Amine-sama, I was suddenly tapped on the shoulder by fluffiness. “What’s up, Crazy Bear?”

“Hmph. Partner, what are you doing? You should decide these things with a cool head and by majority vote.”

“Okay, let’s do that. I won’t run away,” I said, unsure if I can trust Crazy Bear.

“Those who agree with my opinion, raise your hand!” (Amine)

Luca raised her hand, giving two votes.

Now it’s my turn. “Those who agree with my opinion! … C-Crazy Bear?”

Crazy Bear crossed his arms and didn’t move. What’s going on? Is he demanding a bribe or something? I try to read the color of his button eyes. What do you want? Tell me.

“Hey there, partner. I’m the witness here, got it? It’s prohibited to lay hands on me. And with that, let the match begin!!”


As I tried to pull Crazy Bear, he quickly ran away and went under Luca’s protection.

Luca happily patted the seat next to her and said, “Come on, sit down quickly.”

I was dragged again to the center of the sofa by Amine-sama and…


(I am empty. Empty. Empty…)

The two of them leaned their bodies against me.

Their bodies were softer than mine. They were warmer and their sweet scent melted my brain.

My desire to protect them filled my heart, and I felt a sense of omnipotence rising from within me, as if the world had validated me.

Amine-sama grinned while Luca turned bright red.

Damn it. My heart is racing.

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