Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: I Don’t Discriminate Against Your Love Views, but Your Love Is Too Unrestrained!

This time, he changed to a new formation again.

“The Seven-Star Blaze Fusion Formation!”

Wu Ge smirked, “As long as you’re in the Seven-Star Blaze Fusion Formation, you’ll feel a burning sensation inside your body, your whole body will be uncomfortably hot, painfully unbearable, and it might even cause blisters and eczema! In serious cases, the skin might even become ulcerated!”

He was somewhat jealous of this Lin Beifan’s appearance.

So, he devised this formation to make the other person’s skin ulcerate and disfigure.

“Alright, let’s see if you live or die this time!” He clapped his hands, satisfied as he gazed at his handiwork.

Just then, he remembered the two unbearable memories from before.

“Wait, I need to adjust it again!” He spent a little more time.

“Like this, there’s no problem!”

“After the power of all the formations has been concentrated, it no longer covers the entire office but is directly aimed at the CEO position that Lin Beifan occupies! This way, the power becomes stronger, and the effect might occur in less than 15 minutes!”

“Moreover, when I’m inside, I won’t be trapped by it anymore!”

“At least there’s a space to evade!”

This time, he was truly satisfied. He wouldn’t be tying himself up again.

At that moment, Lin Beifan walked into the office, waving to him, “Xiao Wu, both you and Aunt Liu come to my office, I have something important to discuss with you!”

In a moment, Aunt Liu also arrived.

Wu Ge felt a bit awkward; this was the first time he’d seen Aunt Liu since that day.

Because after that day, the two had been avoiding each other. Especially Wu Ge, whenever he thought of that day’s events, he couldn’t face anyone.

Lin Beifan took a sip of tea, “Alright, hesitate no more, please take a seat!”

Both nodded.

Lin Beifan then pointed to two seats, “Xiao Wu, you sit here, Aunt Liu, sit over there!”

Wu Ge glanced at his seat, feeling confused. Because this seat was right at the entrance of the negative energy field of the formation. This meant that once he sat down, he would block disasters for Lin Beifan, and all the negative energy field of the formation would affect him.

So he hesitated, “This…”

Lin Beifan looked at him blankly, “Why haven’t you sat down yet?”

“I don’t really like sitting here…”

“How about you switch seats with Aunt Liu?”

Wu Ge felt guilty towards Aunt Liu; if she were to endure all of this, he would feel extremely ashamed. So he quickly sat down, “I’ll sit here!”

“That’s right!” Lin Beifan smiled faintly and silently made a wish.

“I wish: In the next 30 minutes, all the negative effects my body experiences will be multiplied by 10!”

“Ding! Wish granted!”

Lin Beifan’s expression remained unchanged, no noticeable change.

However, Wu Ge felt pain; he was fidgeting and uncomfortable.

Inwardly bitter, really?

The effects of this formation are too intense, it’s working so fast?

I just sat down!

“Xiao Wu, stop fidgeting, sit properly for me!” Lin Beifan scolded sternly.

“Yes, Boss Lin!” Wu Ge obediently sat still.

He thought to himself, endure a little, endure a little and it will pass! Lin Beifan took another sip of tea, then put the cup aside, crossed his hands and interlocked his fingers, saying, “I called you in because of what happened that day!”

Both of them looked visibly uncomfortable.

“Xiao Wu, it’s not that I want to criticize you!” Lin Beifan knocked on the table, earnestly saying, “Although I don’t discriminate against your view on love, and I don’t oppose office romances, but you’re loving too wildly, too unrestrained, and it’s getting a bit nauseating! During work hours, openly pursuing Aunt Liu and even calling her ‘baby’ intimately, it’s too much.”

Lin Beifan shook his head, spraying, “Honestly, even a normal person can’t stand it, it’s hard to swallow!”

Wu Ge felt ashamed, his head drooping; I also can’t swallow it.

“These intimate terms you’re using, you can use them in private! Your love life, discuss it privately! In short, don’t bring it into the company!”

“Because what you’re doing will disrupt the company’s atmosphere. I could punish you, but everyone has the freedom to love! But if I don’t punish you, and everyone starts imitating you, what will happen? How will that be proper?”

Lin Beifan said with seriousness and concern. Wu Ge looked up, “Boss Lin, if you want to punish someone, punish me. It’s all my fault for touching the wrong thing. It’s my fault alone, and it has nothing to do with Aunt Liu!”

“At least you still have some responsibility as a man!” Lin Beifan nodded slightly, “But I still need to criticize you severely! Because you’re young, easily influenced, and prone to taking wrong paths! Now, I’m going to start the criticism. Sit properly and don’t fidget!”

“Yes, Boss Lin!”

Next, Lin Beifan began to criticize. He spoke for 10 minutes straight, not repeating a single sentence.

But Wu Ge was in a miserable state.

Under the influence of the formation, his whole body was burning, in pain that was hard to endure. It felt like sitting on pins and needles, like ants crawling on his back, like a lump in his throat…

Rolling up his sleeve to look, he found several blisters had formed. And his back, facing the formation directly, absorbed the most negative energy, causing even more unbearable itching and pain.

He felt full of anger, “Damn it! Why am I the one enduring all of this again?”

“Stop fidgeting, sit still and listen carefully! I’m criticizing you now. You should listen attentively, reflect on your mistakes!” Lin Beifan said sternly. Even Aunt Liu couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Wu, sit properly and listen seriously. Mr. Lin is doing this for your own good!”

“But Boss Lin, I have something urgent to attend to, I need to go out…”

“Don’t give me excuses! Regardless of whether you’re willing to listen or not, endure for another 20 minutes! If you can’t endure for even 20 minutes, then you don’t need to stay here!”

Determined to seek revenge, Wu Ge decided to endure it. So, Lin Beifan continued his criticism for another 10 minutes.

Every second of this was torture for Wu Ge, comparable to being slowly tortured.

Have you heard of tickle torture? It’s when you scratch someone to the point of making them unable to stop, an extremely cruel form of punishment, and that’s exactly what was happening now!

And the effect was amplified by 10 times! Seeing Wu Ge’s agonizing appearance brought great pleasure to Lin Beifan.

At that moment, Lin Beifan’s phone rang.

Lin Beifan stood up, “I need to take a call, be good and wait for me here! If I come back and can’t find you, the consequences will be severe, got it?”

“Got it, Boss Lin!”

Once Lin Beifan left, Wu Ge immediately jumped from his seat, scratching himself vigorously all over, like a monkey. Aunt Liu looked puzzled, “Xiao Wu, what are you doing?”

Wu Ge’s eyes lit up, “Aunt Liu, can you do me a favor?”

Aunt Liu asked, “What favor?”

“I have an itch on my back, could you scratch it for me?”

“Sure, where do you want me to scratch?”



“Aunt Liu, a little more force!”

“My strength is already at its maximum, my fingers are bleeding, I can’t do more!”

“Wait a moment!” Wu Ge quickly took off his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body, “Aunt Liu, please continue!”

Aunt Liu exclaimed, “Pervert!” and then covered her face and hurriedly left.

Wu Ge: “… Huh.”

Coincidentally, Lin Beifan walked in with a few colleagues, and they all looked baffled at the scene before them, “What’s going on?”

Wu Ge half-naked… his back scratched until it bled…

Aunt Liu fleeing in embarrassment…

And the scream that just happened…

All of this formed a complete picture in everyone’s minds.

Wu Ge: “Fck!”

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