Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: He is not only a massive corrupt official but also a traitor to the country!

“Yes, he is really corrupt. I have never seen anyone so insatiable in my life!” The shopkeeper sighed.

Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai looked at each other, and Guo Shaoshuai asked, “How did he become so corrupt?”

“I’ll tell you!” The shopkeeper sat down, carefully looked around, and then lowered his head to whisper, “Do you know that he started to be corrupt the day he became the top scholar?”

“On that day, the Empress ordered him to seize the assets of the Former the Ministry of Households. He went to raid the property and took the opportunity to box up all the gold, silver, jewelry, and other valuables in the victim’s house and had his servant carry them home! At the time, people on several streets saw it, and it was said that there were nearly 2 million inside the boxes!”

“2 million!” Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai gasped.

“He became corrupt with 2 million as soon as he became the top scholar. Don’t you think he’s corrupt?” The two didn’t hesitate to nod their heads, “Yes, he’s corrupt!”

“Later, he was ordered to seize the homes of various imperial censors and got hundreds of thousands out of them!” Guo Shaoshuai was shocked, “He dared to be so bold as to take money from imperial censors. Is he too audacious?”

“Isn’t he?” The shopkeeper nodded in agreement, “However, you thought he stopped there? Let me tell you, his greediness is beyond your imagination!”

Guo Shaoshuai asked, “How did he become even more corrupt later?”

“Afterward, he received the favor of the empress and became the director of the Imperial Academy. This guy became even more corrupt and took money from students! It was said that he has been corrupt with nearly 3 million in just one month!”

“3 million!” Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai gasped again.

Guo Shaoshuai couldn’t help but slam the table in anger and said, “He is too corrupt! He even takes money from students. Is he still human?”

“Shh…be quiet and don’t let the top scholar’s people hear you!” The shopkeeper was panicked and quickly pulled Guo Shao Shuai down.

After looking around again and seeing no one, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He smiled bitterly and said, “Please don’t be impulsive, you two. If someone like Lin Beifan hears about this, we will be in trouble!”

“What are you afraid of? What can he do to me?” Guo Shaoshuai sneered.

“I am afraid! I and my family are all here, and we can’t leave!” The shopkeeper’s face was as bitter as a gourd, “You are a hero and can leave if you anger him. But I and my family cannot leave!”

“Junior brother, don’t be impulsive!” Mo Rushuang advised, and smiled at the shopkeeper. “Little brother, my junior brother is young and inexperienced. He embarrassed you. Please continue.”

The shopkeeper was mesmerized by Mo Rushuang’s smile and dumbly nodded, “Alright!”

“Later, he sold the country for money and betrayed our Great Wu!”

The two were shocked again, “What? He sold the country?”

“This is the situation! Before, our Great Wu had fought a battle with the country of Darro, who had come to negotiate a truce and discuss the issue of tribute! Lin Bei Fan was ordered to receive them!”

“During the reception, the other party openly accepted the bribe from the envoy of Darro! Whatever he wanted, the envoy would buy it for him. At the time, people on the street saw it!”

“Afterward, Lin Beifan, who had received the benefits, spoke for Darro in the court. Later, the tribute between the two countries was announced. Can you guess what happened?”

Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai simultaneously asked, “What happened?”

“As a defeated country, Darro didn’t have to pay a penny!”

“Not only did they not have to pay money, they also opened the ports and allowed businessmen from both countries to trade! Moreover, the court would also send scholars to their country to establish a school, teach and educate the people…”

“However you look at it, it’s better for the country of Darro, and there’s no benefit for our Great Wu!”

“Poor my young Wu soldiers. They died young on the front lines, but they got this disappointing result!”

The shopkeeper gritted his teeth and said, “Of you’re telling me this isn’t selling out our country. What is it then?” ”

“This is selling out our country!” Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai are devastated and closed their eyes.

The veins on their faces bulged as they clenched their fists on the table.

“This traitor! It’s infuriating that he would sell out Great Wu’s interests for a bit of money! This kind of person is not worth sparing even if he was killed 100 times!”

Guo Shaoshuai was both happy and angry. He was angry because he really hated corrupt officials, especially traitors. He was happy because he had shattered the other person’s perfect image in his heart.

Even if you are better looking than me and more talented, so what? Even if you enjoy all the riches and glory, so what? You are a corrupt official! A shameless person who is greedy and a traitor. This is a stain that will forever cling to you! Such a person is like a cockroach in a sewer. They do not deserve my envy or jealousy!

“I never thought he was this kind of person…” Mo Rushuang’s eyes were complex.

Remembering the first time they met, the other party’s gentle and eloquent demeanor had left a deep impression on her.

She had even intended to introduce him to the prince to help end this chaotic era. She never expected him to be a super corrupt official! Not only was he corrupt, but he was also a traitor!

Mo Rushuang let out a deep sigh, feeling both heartache and regret.

“He is a traitor, blatantly selling out the country’s interests. You have all noticed this, why hasn’t the court noticed?”

“How can they notice?” The shopkeeper scoffed, disappointed.

“All the civil and military officials in the court are corrupt, and even the empress is a foolish ruler! Even if they noticed, it’s just officials protecting officials, and the empress giving shelter. What can be done?”

“I’m telling you, just yesterday…” The shopkeeper said softly.

“When all the officials of the court and the empress inspected the Imperial Academy, they recommended Lin Beifan for a promotion! He’s only been at the Imperial Academy for less than a month, and he hasn’t accomplished anything, but they still gave him a promotion! If there isn’t any vested interest involved, I wouldn’t believe it with even my dog’s life!”

“This is officials protecting officials. The court is even more sinister than we thought!” The shopkeeper sighed.

“Anyway, I’ve completely given up on the court! We should just live our own lives!” After speaking, the shopkeeper left. Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai remained where they were, their hearts unable to settle down for a long time.

“Senior Sister, should we still go find him?”

Mo Rushuang shook her head and sighed, “Our paths are different, it’s impossible for us to work together! What’s the point of going to see him? It will just add trouble; we might as well not see him! Let’s continue searching for the Night Hero. He is the one who shares the same path as us!”

“Senior Sister, speaking of finding the Night Hero, I suddenly have a good idea!”

“What good idea?” Mo Rushuang turned to ask.

Guo Shaoshuai grinned, “We can pretend to be the Night Hero, rob and give away money at night, and create a reputation for ourselves! Once he hears about it, he will definitely come out! Then, I can have a good talk with him!”

Mo Rushuang nodded and smiled, “That’s a good idea! But where will we get the money? We don’t have much money on us!”

“Of course, we’ll take it from Lin Beifan’s corrupt official’s house! He has embezzled so much money, and people are outraged. We can take some of it, it’s considered robbing the rich to help the poor! Besides, I can take the opportunity to give him a good stab, it’s also for the sake of the people!”

A hint of killing intent appeared in Guo Shaoshuai’s eyes.

Suddenly, a pure and innocent face appeared in Mo Rushuang’s mind. She couldn’t bear to say, “‘Let’s find someone else. He has shown us the way and shared a drink with us. Although he deserves to die a thousand deaths, we must uphold the moral principles of the martial arts world. If he offends us again, it’s not too late to take action!”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you!” Guo Shaoshuai reluctantly nod.

That night, they snuck into a corrupt official’s house and found some silver.

Then they dressed up as the Night Hero and went out to spread wealth in the middle of the night. The next morning, the legend of the Night Hero was everywhere, and it was talked about everywhere.

Li Shi Shi was puzzled and asked softly, “Husband, what did you do last night…”

“Absolutely nothing!” Lin Beifan said seriously, “As you know, I held you in my arms all night and didn’t want to leave the bed!”

“Oh, right!” Li Shi Shi blushed. “But this Night Hero…”

Lin Beifan shook his head. “I don’t know, I’m also surprised! Maybe someone admires the Night Hero and is doing the same thing! After all, the power of idols is great!”

“What you said makes sense!” Li Shi Shi nodded.

“Actually, it’s better this way!” Lin Beifan laughed, “If someone does good deeds, then I, the real Night Hero, can retire! After all, it’s getting cold lately and it’s not safe to go out at night. It’s better to stay warm in bed!”

“One Night Hero lies down, a thousand Night Heroes stand up!”

Li Shi Shi nodded repeatedly, “What my husband said is right! It’s too dangerous to go out at night to spread wealth, it’s easy to expose our identity and be chased by the authorities! From now on, let’s just give the money directly to Lady Bai Qingxuan. She will take care of it properly!”

Lin Beifan agreed with her very much. So he completely ignored the matter. At night, he would sleep with Li Shi Shi every time.

Meanwhile, Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai continued to pretend to be Night Heroes and distribute wealth for three consecutive days. They scattered over two hundred thousand taels of silver, but they couldn’t find the person they were looking for, and they were very frustrated.

“Senior Sister, do you think the Night Hero has already left? Otherwise, why hasn’t he appeared even after we made such a big commotion?” Guo Shaoshuai couldn’t help asking.

“Maybe,” Mo Rushuang sighed, “Let’s do it for another two days. If we still don’t get anything, we can think of other ways!”

“Yeah, that’s all we can do!” Guo Shaoshuai nodded in exhaustion. So they continued to pretend to be Night Heroes for another night.

However, on this night, Bai Qingxuan suddenly appeared in front of Lin Beifan and asked, “Are you out distributing wealth again?”

Lin Beifan shook his head, “No, I haven’t been a Night Hero for many longs!”

Bai Qingxuan asked again, “Is the Night Hero that has suddenly appeared at night recently related to you?”

Lin Beifan shook his head again, “Absolutely not!”

Bai Qingxuan nodded and said, “Okay, I understand. I won’t involved you in this matter!”

Lin Beifan asked, “What’s going on?”

“They have committed a crime!”

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