Chapter 77

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Chapter 277: Don’t come over.

Tang Haiyi saw Su Hao charging with a long knife, sneering.

Controlling the swift-winged dragon under him to quickly retreat, simultaneously, nine flying summoning beasts flapped their wings, rushing towards the lone child.

Tang Haiyi chuckled, “Bai Jingzhong, despite your talent, you’re still too young. In summoner battles, self-preservation always comes first. When does a summoner charge into battle? It’s akin to suicide. Pay the price for your youthful ignorance!”

He extended ten fingers, each corresponding to a different summoning beast, assisting in multi-threaded control.

Close! Tang Haiyi beckoned with his index finger, and an acidic-winged dragon rushed forward, spewing ‘flame acid’ towards Su Hao.

“Puff!” A large amount of slime-like liquid showered down on Su Hao.

‘Meteor’! A red-feathered fire phoenix spat out sparks from the side, igniting the acid.

“Pong!” All the acid instantly ignited into a blue-green firework explosion, expanding and enveloping Su Hao.

Tang Haiyi proudly laughed; this was his skilled combination of summoning beasts’ aerial skills.

“It’s not over yet!” Seizing the moment when Su Hao’s vision was obstructed, Tang Haiyi hooked his thumb, and a rear iron-feathered crow darted forward, spreading its black feathers, wings flapping.

“Puff puff puff! Whoosh whoosh whoosh!” Numerous iron feathers shot forward like a torrential downpour, piercing the flame cluster, covering every corner of the sky.

This was his trump card, the iron-feathered crow’s poisonous feather arrows. If even one hit, the body would quickly become paralyzed, losing the ability to move.

With such a dense attack, Bai Jingzhong would be caught off guard, unable to evade!

Victory is assured! Tang Haiyi exhaled, and the blazing fireball suddenly surged. A spiral airflow erupted from within the flame, creating a huge passage, blowing the poisoned feather arrows back into the air, scattering them.

Tang Haiyi’s pupils contracted, his smile froze: “What is that?”

Before he could react, a black-and-white figure shot out from the flame passage—Su Hao with a raised knife.

Though Tang Haiyi was stunned, he instinctively controlled another summoning beast to intercept Su Hao, sharp claws aiming for his head.

However, with a flash of the knife, feathers scattered everywhere. The intercepting summoning beast had already been severed into two, falling powerless to the ground.

Su Hao’s speed remained unabated, bypassing the dead summoning beasts, heading straight for Tang Haiyi.

Tang Haiyi’s eyes bulged; although the distance was still considerable, he confirmed that Su Hao had just swung his knife, causing his summoning beast to be severed into two.

“What is this?” Tang Haiyi forced composure, commanding his summoning beasts to attack.

The leading summoning beast couldn’t turn in time, but there were three reserve summoning beasts behind. He immediately controlled them to adjust their direction, simultaneously attacking Su Hao with various skills, “Your knife is sharp, but you only have one. I have three summoning beasts attacking simultaneously. Let’s see how you handle it!”

However, something unbelievable happened. The small-sized boy casually slashed his long knife three times. The blade gleamed in the sunlight.

Then, all three of Tang Haiyi’s summoning beasts were dismembered, blood splattering and falling to the ground.

A thought immediately flashed in Tang Haiyi’s mind: “Run!”

Without thinking, he immediately steered his swift-winged dragon beneath him to turn and fly away. This dragon was the fastest among all his flying summoning beasts, and he was confident he could escape Su Hao’s pursuit.

After a few seconds of frantic flying, he couldn’t resist looking back. To his horror, he exclaimed, “How can the speed be so fast?!”

Tang Haiyi deeply understood the importance of speed, a crucial skill for chasing or escaping. His swift-winged dragon, among S-rank summoning beasts, was already the fastest in terms of flight speed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used it as his mount.

However, how could he have expected that there was a summoning beast with a flight speed even faster than his swift-winged dragon?

But the title of “Sky King” was just a joke, right?

Su Hao, riding the “Sky King” red-cheeked messenger bird, quickly approached. When he came within five meters, Tang Haiyi could clearly see him trembling, tears, snot, and saliva gushing out simultaneously. In a desperate and trembling voice, he pleaded, “Bai Jingzhong, spare my life. I concede! I have money, I’ll give you anything you want!”

At the same time, he manipulated the swift-winged dragon to perform various flips, attempting to shake off Su Hao’s pursuit.

Su Hao’s expression remained unchanged. He adjusted the position of his long knife, and the “Sky King” messenger bird stayed closely behind the swift-winged dragon.

Tang Haiyi shouted, “Don’t come over!”


The long knife flashed, and Tang Haiyi’s fierce head and the dragon’s elongated head soared into the air simultaneously, blood raining down.

Su Hao turned around, flying towards the remaining berserk summoning beasts.


One by one, all were chopped into two pieces.

Glancing down, Su Hao slowly sheathed his long knife and flew towards the city.

Next, there was another top-four summoner that Su Hao needed to deal with.

This place stood alone in the outskirts, the villa already blown to pieces by Su Hao at the first opportunity. No need to worry about surveillance records. Simultaneously, in Su Hao’s radar perception, there were no other people around.

This one-sided slaughter needn’t concern anyone else; the only person aware, Tang Haiyi, was already dead beyond death.

On the other side, the organized flying squad ready to snipe Su Hao still hadn’t received any attack orders, left standing there dumbly.

“Captain, why haven’t we received any orders for so long?”

The captain, a middle-aged man with a stubble, frowned as he looked at his communication device with no feedback. “I don’t know. Perhaps something delayed it!”

One team member said, “I heard a faint explosion from the north outskirts just now. Could it be related?”

Someone else was more concerned about another matter, “Could he be having second thoughts? Can we still get paid?”

After arriving near the city villa area where Han Renjie was located, Su Hao descended, found a deserted place, and summoned his remaining nine summoning beasts. He transformed into the Steel Armor King, disappearing underground.

Using artillery here was obviously not suitable, so Su Hao decided to change his approach.

His strategy was simple: dispatch summoning beasts to attack randomly, openly telling everyone that Su Hao had arrived.

There were two purposes:

One was to use the summoning beasts to attract attention, facilitating his quiet infiltration into the rear, kill the person, and then leave.

The other was to serve as a threat to others, letting everyone know that he had the ability to kill the protected target among numerous summoning beasts and security teams.

This made them all hesitate; before acting against Su Hao, they would first consider whether it was worth it.

Although this might bring about more intense attacks, Su Hao wasn’t afraid of death.

Su Hao’s ten summoning beasts were quickly discovered by people. Alarms sounded, and chaos ensued.

While Su Hao controlled the summoning beasts to attack randomly, he stealthily moved under Han Renjie.

‘Transformation Steel’ began to spread, silently drawing runes beneath Han Renjie’s feet.

‘Level 2 – Lightning’!

A lightning bolt materialized out of thin air, fiercely striking the bewildered Han Renjie. He seemed on the verge of losing consciousness, falling straight to the ground.

However, the expected thud didn’t sound. Han Renjie’s body, like sinking into water, unexpectedly descended underground, disappearing. The heavily fortified room returned to its original state.

At this moment, a servant hastily ran in from outside, “Young Master, Bai Jingzhong unexpectedly attacked. He’s right outside…”

He looked around in confusion, “Young Master! Young Master?”

Then he muttered, “Where’s the Young Master? When did he go out? Is he playing hide-and-seek with me?”

(End of this chapter)

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