Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – Zombies in Defeat (4)

The next pursuer sent to Aix on a hide-and-seek mission was someone he had a strong connection with.

Do you remember? Who were the people who underestimated Aix but benefited from him the most?

The answer is Zombies.

Currently, Batts and Elfman from the Zombies, who lost Aix’s favor, were rotting in a bar.

“Ah! It’s so irritating. They left us after one mistake! Don’t you think they’re all heartless? Elfman.”

“That’s right, Batts. Even the receptionist won’t give us the time of day.”

“Oh, maybe it’s because I broke a perfume bottle when I was running away.”

“I said I’d give it to her next month, but this is why old hag are no good. Grumble, grumble…”

Isel, the forest guard, was attracted to these down-and-out men’s negative aura.

“What’s wrong? You guys don’t seem lively.”

“Well, well, isn’t it Isel from the forest guard? What’s up?”

“Why is hero Isel here with us?”

Isel smiled slyly.

“Everyone makes mistakes. What’s important is that you don’t fail my request.”

“Are you saying you have a job for us?”

“We’re grateful.”

Batts and Elfman’s faces brighten up.

“I see you have the motivation. Bring Aix to me. Can you do it?”

To Isel’s unexpected request, Batts was overjoyed that his luck had came back.

“Hahaha! That defective mage! We can handle him easily. He owes us a favor, so he’ll listen to everything we say.”

“Verily, verily! He owes us for not giving us a beginner’s magic buff!”

Isel, perhaps senile or just too trusting, relies on these two unreliable people. Zombies unexpectedly join in on Aix’s game of tag!

“Hmph. You’re dependable.”

“Isel-san, leave it to us. We’ll surprise you soon.”

“That weak must suffer!”

In just a few hours, things will turn out to be truly surprising. Even Isel couldn’t have predicted it.

The two of them headed to Aix Ex Inn triumphantly. Lai-nee, who appeared before them, responded with a displeased look to their excitement.

“Who are you? Where’s Aix?”

“Maid-chan, you’re cute.”

“I’m a maid. If you mean the Goshujin-sama, he’ll be back in three days.”

Batts became irritated.

“Why are we not lucky? That defective jerk is having a good time! He must have done something dirty to afford hiring a maid.”

“Aix is your master? I won’t let that defective mage lay a hand on a young girl. You’re being deceived.”

Lai-nee, angered by the insult towards her beloved Prince Aix, lashed out at them.

“No! Goshujin-sama is amazing!!! My prince Aix is way more amazing than you all.” Lai-nee snorted with satisfaction.

However, it was like adding fuel to the fire. The miscalculation was that they had no common sense. The naïve girl didn’t know that there were people in the world worse than stray dogs.

The sparks of the enraged garbage man’s jealousy flew towards the girl. Batts twisted his face, showing his terrifying true self.

“Oh? That annoying kid. I know, let’s abduct her. I’ll make her regret angering an adult.”

“No… I object to killing the maid.”


Lai-nee’s face turned pale at the ominous conversation. Only when Nitra was out playing.

“The murderous dwarf is no longer here, so relax. Little missy, we won’t kill you, but we’ll make you regret it later.”

“P-Please stop!”

As Lai-nee was held down by Batts in fear, Elfman reached out his hand.

“If that’s the case, I’m happy to oblige. Drain Touch!”


As Elfman drooled and his face twisted with pleasure, Lai-nee’s body went limp as her mana was drained from her.

“Hn-hn-hn! This is the vigour of a young girl. Maid-chan, I’ll make sure to educate you properly later.”

“Please… let me go!”

Lai-nee could do nothing but despair as she was carried away by Batts, her voice hoarse.

“Help me, Nitra… Prince Aix…”

She reached out with her thin hand, but couldn’t grasp anything.

“Let’s go, Elfman.”

“Hn-hn-hn. Batts, I’ll take care of the education.”

The one who saved Lai-nee from the villains was….

“What? Why the army is here?”

“You’re the zombies Batts and Elfman. We’ll arrest you for sexual assault, kidnapping minor, and abduction!”

The military officers had been waiting for Aix to return, taking turns with his colleagues listening at the wall in the adjacent room for twenty-four hours.

“T-this is just a misunderstanding. We saw this girl collapsing in the room and were going to take her to the hospital. Right, Elfman?”

“T-That’s right. What a waste.”

“Silence. I heard everything next door. Bind them solemnly.”

The two continued to argue their way out in an unsightly manner.

“That’s not true. I didn’t do anything.”

“That’s right. Do you have any proof?”

One of the military commander’s subordinates pointed his finger at the Zombies and gave them the middel finger.

He was not very good at communication but yes, people could change.

That’s right.

The colleagues around him nodded in agreement.

“You’re disgusting. You want proof? Listen closely! We won’t miss a single sound of this young girl’s pee!”

The faces of his colleagues contorted in pain.

“What???! You—”

“How about that? I said it, Vice-Captain!”

Batts was horrified by the sight, and Elfman was grinding his teeth enviously. The Vice-Captain clutched his stomach in pain.



Friendly fire towards the Vice-Captain.

But there was someone who suffered more damage than that.

It was Lai-nee.

She was still being carried by Batts and reacted, but her strength was drained and she couldn’t move.

Lai-nee was lamenting.

(Help me, Nitra… my Prince)

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