Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Silver Armor Rune Master

In just one day, Su Hao had already sold half of his two piles of “junk,” recovering his costs. Surprisingly, some people tried to sneak in to buy for a second time, but Su Hao’s radar didn’t miss anything. He marked a big cross on the avatar of everyone who had made a purchase.

Any troublemakers had their arms discounted by Su Hao, thrown out of the store. He also established rules outside the store – anyone who violated them would have their arms broken.

After a night of brewing, various exploration teams and trade associations received the news.

The next day, there was a crowd gathered at his store entrance. When Su Hao opened the door, they waved their money pouches in excitement.

“I’m offering thirty silver coins, sell it to me first!”

“Get lost! I was here first, I’ll offer fifty silver coins, sell it to me.”

“I offer one gold coin!”

“Damn, I offer one gold coin and one silver coin!”

Unexpectedly, a bidding war quickly erupted.

Su Hao glanced at the crowd and instantly estimated the number of people. He then compared it to the remaining quantity of long knives he had in stock. It seemed like there were enough to meet the demand.

So, business resumed as usual.

Soon, long knives and armor were snatched up by the newcomers. Anyone trying to pull a fast one was exposed by Su Hao, had their arms broken, and was tossed out of the store without exception.

After all the long knives and armor had been sold out, many people remained outside the store, watching Su Hao eagerly.

Su Hao shouted, “Tomorrow, a new batch of goods will arrive, and anyone can purchase them, even those who already bought long knives and armor. It’s first-come, first-served until they’re sold out!”

Everyone was instantly excited.

The next day, before dawn, Su Hao’s store entrance was already packed with people, resembling a queue for injections.

The transactions were fast-paced.

When the sun had fully risen, Su Hao opened the door to welcome customers.

“Today’s items are only one silver coin each! Only one silver coin for everything!”

The crowd erupted in excitement. This was an incredibly profitable deal!

“But today’s items are a bit special. However, they are worth every bit of it. When you buy them, you’ll have the methods to create special long knives and armor. It’s simple to learn, and you can get started quickly! As long as you get your hands on it, you’ll have countless powerful armor and weapons.”

“Are you curious about what this is?” Su Hao asked, and everyone stared at him with eager eyes.

Su Hao exclaimed, “That’s right! What’s being sold today are the methods for making special long knives and armor. They are easy to learn and quick to master! Once you buy it, you’ll have access to numerous powerful armor and weapons.”

“Come on! Let’s buy it! Buy it! Buy it!”

Su Hao opened the door, removed the inner curtain, revealing neatly arranged booklets.

What followed was an explosive scene beyond imagination.

Even though there was a rule of one booklet per person, some left empty-handed, much to their dismay.

On this day, those who seized the opportunity would soar to new heights, while those who missed it would pay a heavy price, a loss they couldn’t recover from.

That’s how life goes – opportunities often pass by in the blink of an eye. Yet, these fleeting opportunities would directly impact one’s life, and not just for one’s generation but possibly for a hundred years, two hundred years, or even a thousand years.

On the third day, while everyone waited for Su Hao to open his store, he had already carried a significant amount of wealth and swiftly headed to other towns.

Six days later, in the most prosperous area of a small town called Zhujiu Town, Su Hao opened a special weapon shop.

The same routine.

Su Hao ignited a frenzy of book purchases in this town. Even though not everyone could read, they bought it anyway because everyone else was doing it, and it only cost one silver coin.

Then came Shuangshi Town, Baisha Town, Dalin Town…

In just two short months, Su Hao had spread a large number of books across more than twenty human towns.

At the beginning, he had to use some tricks, but later, as soon as he opened his store, a large crowd would wait at the door to make purchases.

As it turned out, when Su Hao arrived at the third town, news about the “Silver Armor Rune Master” had spread to the surrounding human towns. Many people knew about a powerful armor specialist who specialized in selling books detailing the methods of crafting runic weapons and knowledge of martial advancement, more detailed and comprehensive than any books available on the market.

In the end, Su Hao didn’t even need to promote his weapons and armor; he simply sold books. He loaded the prepared books onto a cart, demonstrated the special effects of his two knives and armor on the street, and then began selling them.

In less than a day, Su Hao sold out, took the money, and disappeared from the city.

No one knew where this elusive person came from, where he was going, or even his name; they all called him the “Silver Armor Rune Master.”

While Su Hao was actively selling books, the town mayor of one town, Meng Donghua, obtained the complete versions of “The Warrior’s Path” and “Rune Encyclopedia.” After carefully reading them, he was amazed.

The books completely dissected the path of a warrior’s advancement. Even as a Grandmaster-level martial artist, he could gain a wealth of new knowledge and insights from the books.

What was blood qi reinforcement waves? It could accelerate the accumulation of blood qi. What was the Centrifugal Method? It could expedite the conversion of blood qi! These viewpoints were unheard of, yet they were well-founded, not just random claims.

What shocked him the most was the simplification of beast patterns. They had been transformed from complex patterns into circular arrays, each small section meticulously analyzed, explaining why they had an effect and detailing the specific functions of each rune.

Could you freely combine the effects based on these principles?

This was sheer genius, an extraordinary talent!

Meng Donghua had encountered many beast patterns before, but he had never thought they could be analyzed in such a manner.

He decided to try it for himself. It worked!

Every rune described in the “Rune Encyclopedia” was feasible.

He attempted to inscribe these runes onto a piece of armor, using the golden threadworm described in the book as the pattern. The armor smoothly activated, confirming the feasibility.

After learning that these two books had widely spread, he immediately realized that a significant event was unfolding.

Meng Donghua carefully wrapped the two books, put on his armor, and rushed to the main city.

Three days later, he arrived at the royal palace of the main city, seeking an audience with the king, commonly referred to as the King of Human.

A Master-level guard at the gate respectfully said, “Mayor Meng, the King of Human is in a meeting with the Eight Elders. Please return.”

The King of Human was the lord of the main city and An City, in charge of fifty-two towns surrounding the main city, including Lingyun Town.

The human race had nine major main cities, with An City being one of them. The eight Elders were the leaders of the eight major main cities, with the one from the city where the king resided holding the title of the Great Elder.

Meng Donghua urgently said, “I have something very important to report, which concerns the development and foundation of the human race.”

The guard smiled and said, “About ‘The Warrior’s Path’ and ‘Rune Encyclopedia,’ right?”

Meng Donghua was taken aback, surprised, and asked, “You know about it?”

The guard explained, “We received news about these two books a month ago.”

Meng Donghua sighed, “I see.”

The guard continued, “These two books are of great importance. The King of Human dispatched the fastest messenger, personally inviting the Eight Elders to come to An City for a meeting. They have just arrived last night. So, you don’t need to worry about this matter.”

Meng Donghua bid farewell with a cupped hand salute.

As he left, he unexpectedly encountered many colleagues in the street, all discussing these two books. Some were amazed, some were frightened, some were uneasy, some were worried, some were excited, some were thrilled… There was a wide range of reactions.

Overall, some were concerned about their status being undermined, some worried about the potential chaos in the human race due to the spread of rune knowledge, some were excited that the human race had gained this powerful weapon, and some were awed by the genius-level knowledge they had acquired. Of course, there were also those who had been influenced by Su Hao’s inspirational words.

These two books had set the entire human race into motion.

Meng Donghua muttered to himself, “I was actually the last one to know?”

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