Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Tent Life 4

Meanwhile, the person being talked about, Uracal and the others were, for some reason, surrounded by an audience in Sheep Town.

Pushing their way through the crowd, a curious child pulling their parent’s hand joined in.

“Wow, Mommy! The bunny is sewing something!”

“Oh really? It’s a stuffed animal, but that’s amazing.”

It had come to this because, while waiting for Aix in front of the Commercial Guild, the bunny henchman had started sewing as usual without permission.

Now there are even regulars.

“What kind of trick is this? I can’t see the thread. I’ll expose it today for sure.”

The rabbit sighed and Uracal grinned.

“I wonder how this happened.”

“Hahaha, it’s great.”

A child who overheard their conversation shone with excitement and pointed their finger.

“Hey, hey, Mom. That rabbit just talked.”

“Wow, that’s really amazing.”

“I want the rabbit. Buy it, buy it!”

Just by chatting, the rabbit was treated as a street performer and his ears drooped.

In contrast, Uracal smiled.


“Boss, I got so much money!” Ren happily shows the hat filled with coins he collected from customers. His arms are shaking.

“Well done, Ren.”


Money is delightful.

Uracal grins, but Rabbit taps her ear with a “pehpeh”.

“Never mind that, find Aix quickly. Otherwise, I’ll tie up your son.”

Threatened, Uracal’s men shrank and whimpered. They didn’t find it cute. That would be hell.

“Hey, stop it. Ren, I count on you.”

“Understood, Boss.”

Ren swings his arm and speaks with a strong voice.

“Everyone, we’re looking for a boy named Aix and a gothic lolita girl with a teddy bear. Whoever brings them to us will receive this exclusive teddy bear as a gift. We’re waiting for you.”

Holding a poorly made teddy bear with no soul, some people seem to join the search party for Aix.

“…But we still can’t find them. Where could they be?”

At that time, Aix and the others were living in seclusion in a perfect location, completely unaware that they could be found.

In addition, there was a thorough security system in place, with armed crew members warning anyone who approached the suspicious castle.

To put it in perspective, it was like playing a cruel prank of hiding and seeking in the park, but while the person is counting, the others go to a friend’s house to play board games. Well, maybe it’s a bit different.

Aix was simply unaware that they were “playing hide and seek.”

“Hahaha, this castle is great.”

“Thanks Amine-sama.”

The three of them sat comfortably on a sofa, which was moved from the airship, enjoying the performer’s singing voice inside the castle.

Even Luca seemed to be in a good mood.

Although Luca sat on the edge, she felt that her distance from Aix was getting closer day by day.

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