Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Passerby

Su Hao returned to the Chasan Outpost once again.

This time, his return marked his farewell to his father, Wu Yuntian.

He didn’t know how long this journey would take, what would happen, or if he would ever have a chance to meet again.

Wu Yuntian seemed to sense Su Hao’s slightly subdued emotions and remained silent.

Father and son sat quietly in the courtyard, each lost in their thoughts, though in reality, neither of them was thinking about anything.

To Su Hao, Wu Yuntian was undoubtedly a qualified father, but he felt he wasn’t a qualified son.

Wu Yuntian had successfully advanced to Master. In Su Hao’s perception, Wu Yuntian’s blood intensity surpassed that of all the Master he had encountered. The reason was that Wu Yuntian had imprinted the array he had given Su Hao, adjusting it to nearly perfect compatibility with eight nodes. In addition, he had a preliminary grasp of blood Qi enhancement waves, allowing him to convert blood Qi in large quantities.

Su Hao knew that he had truly simplified the beast pattern.

He had used the “Copy Writing” rune to duplicate two books, “The Warrior’s Path” and “Complete Rune Explanation.” He handed them to Wu Yuntian and said, “Father, these two books are the results of my research over the years. You can take a look. If you find them useful, read them to enhance your strength. If you find them useless, just bury them.”

Wu Yuntian took the books, briefly flipped through them, and became increasingly shocked. Finally, he closed the books with a trembling hand, noticing the signature on the back of the books – “Passerby.”

Wu Yuntian suddenly seemed to understand something and fell silent.

After a long while, Wu Yuntian, with a slightly hoarse voice, said, “Xiangwu, do what you want to do.”

Su Hao nodded.

Wu Yuntian continued, “I will keep these two books. If there’s a chance in the future, I’ll become a teacher.”

Su Hao understood what Wu Yuntian meant.

If he failed, then Wu Yuntian would find a place to silently pass on these two books.

With his luggage on his back, Su Hao silently left the Chasan Outpost and turned to look at the place where he had grown up.

He took a deep breath, took a step forward, and soon disappeared into the woods.

When he arrived at an uninhabited place, he lowered his specially made face mask. From now on, he wouldn’t show his face in public. His name would be Passerby.

Such a handsome face would no longer be known to anyone. What a pity!

Su Hao had been waiting for this day for far too long. He urgently needed to vent the anger in his heart.

He didn’t know how many worlds he had waited through, how many cycles, how many deaths, and how much malice had filled his heart, gradually twisting his soul.

As his power continued to grow, his heart had begun to waver.

After experiencing many worlds and countless fears, his heart trembled. He knew he was just a mortal, not divine.

When a mortal faced fear and wanted to avoid breakdown and madness, they needed a complete release.

Otherwise, his increasingly chaotic heart wouldn’t allow him to continue peacefully researching in the wilderness.

So, he wanted to do as he pleased, for himself, for the human race, and for this world, to unleash his emotions without restraint.

Either transform into a demon king, using endless slaughter to release his emotions;

Or fully implement his immature will, change this world of despair for ordinary people, and alter this world where humans were mercilessly hunted by beasts.

Even if humans died due to internal conflicts, it was better than being devoured by wild, mindless beasts.

His idea was simple: let the majority of humans possess great power, then work together to eliminate all the beasts. Afterward, they could focus on internal affairs, how they fought and competed wouldn’t matter.

After all, it was an internal matter for the human race.

Most importantly, he didn’t know if he could grow up successfully in this world.

Based on his past experiences, he had a premonition that perhaps his time was running out. He might suddenly die at any moment, and the runes and warrior’s blood he had painstakingly researched had not yet been passed on.

Even in death, he wanted to choose his own way to go, rather than dying in some inexplicable manner.

A month later, in a small town called Guyang, a prosperous location, a weapons shop opened quietly.

The shop was spacious, and the owner was generous. Inside, there were only long knives and armor, but this weapons shop was different from others. The knives and armor were casually piled together, like two garbage heaps!

Who sold things like this? Even garbage wasn’t sold like this.

Many people considered themselves knowledgeable but had never seen a business like this. They boldly predicted that it would go out of business within two months.

Moreover, many who had seen the owner said that the owner, who looked short and had himself wrapped tightly, only revealing a pair of eyes, must be ugly.

This weapons shop was opened by Su Hao. He used money and force to open a suitable shop and exchanged a large amount of gold coin using beast patterns. Then, he converted all the gold coin into long knives and armor.

He also developed a rune specifically for engraving on long knives and armor. It took nearly three days, working day and night, to finish all the long knives and armor.

Each long knife was engraved with two runes, “Hard” and “Penetration,” while each set of armor was engraved with two runes, “Hard” and “Barrier.”

He started with low-end products, and once they spread, he would make high-end ones.

On the first day of the shop’s opening, an elite warrior with a shaved head, accompanied by two companions, walked into Su Hao’s weapons shop with a puzzled look and pointed at the casually stacked long knives, asking, “Boss, are you selling knives?”

Su Hao, clad in shiny armor with a short and long knife at his waist, clearly not an ordinary person, had a helmet with sharp edges, and his face was completely hidden behind a face mask, revealing only two god-like eyes.

Su Hao engraved a “Cooling” rune into his armor, allowing a constant flow of cool air for ultimate comfort.

In addition to that, there were runes like “Hard,” “Deflection,” “Barrier,” “Bright,” “Oscillation,” “Light Absorption,” and “Color Change” on his armor. Each boot had three runes for explosive power. His entire suit of armor was considered top-notch in the world.

His long knife had four runes engraved on it, as adding more would destabilize the structure. These runes were “Hard,” “Sharp,” “Penetration,” and “Rotation.”

The short knife had “Hard,” “Sharp,” “Penetration,” and “Erosion” runes engraved. Both knives were among the world’s best, legendary in quality.

Su Hao welcomed his customers with enthusiasm, saying, “That’s right, on the first day of our store’s opening, all weapons and armor are 20% off, until they’re sold out. Each person is limited to purchasing one.”

Pointing at the casually stacked long knives, he continued, “What you see here are extremely rare long knives in the world, possessing the properties of hardness and penetration. They can easily pierce through the tough scales of savage beasts. The power is beyond imagination. Come, take a look at these treasures. It’s first-come, first-served. Buy them, buy them!”

The bald warrior and his companions exchanged glances, both seeing the word “scammer” in each other’s eyes.

The bald warrior was already thinking of leaving, casually asking, “How much for one of these long knives?”

“Only twenty silver coins! After the 20% discount, it’s only sixteen silver coins!” Su Hao quoted generously.

Ordinary long knives, even of decent quality, cost around eight silver coins. Su Hao’s knives, at twenty silver coins, were considered expensive. However, Su Hao believed that his pricing wasn’t high, considering the quality and the addition of the rune engravings.

“So expensive!” The bald warrior immediately protested and started to leave with his companions.

Su Hao moved quickly, suddenly blocking their way and shouted, “Hold on! Did I say you could leave?”

“A Master!” The bald warrior and his two companions were shocked.

Internally, they were lamenting, “It’s over, we’ve encountered a Master who uses strong-arm tactics. If only we hadn’t entered. It’s all because of that damn curiosity!”

Su Hao pointed at the pile of long knives that looked like junk and said menacingly, “Try them for me!”

The three men, feeling threatened by Su Hao, complied in silence. Facing an unreasonable Master, it was best to obey and avoid trouble.

After distributing one long knife to each of them, Su Hao personally taught them how to use it. “Do you see the small groove at the handle? Inject your blood Qi into it slowly. Maintain the rhythm!”

“Try it again!”

Soon, the bald warrior successfully activated the rune effects on his long knife. The blade dimmed as if losing its luster, which was the “Hard” effect. Then, the blade began to emit a faint gray light, indicating the activation of the “Penetration” effect.

Su Hao pointed at a thick metal plate nearby and said, “Come, try stabbing it.”

The bald warrior, who was no longer anxious due to Su Hao’s coercion, was now filled with curiosity, an experience he had never encountered before. He followed Su Hao’s instructions and stabbed the steel plate.


The long knife easily pierced through the thick metal plate.

The bald warrior gasped, looking at the long knife in his hand in disbelief, as if he had just seen a rare beauty.

His companions didn’t believe it, and one of them touched the bald one and whispered, “Old man, could it be that there’s something wrong with this plate?”

Su Hao, not saying much, directly took the short knife from the bald warrior and handed it to him, gesturing to try it with his own knife.

The bald warrior took his own knife, then stabbed the steel plate forcefully.


There was a crisp sound, leaving only a deep mark on the steel plate without piercing it.


The three men gasped in shock and exchanged glances, all seeing disbelief in each other’s eyes.

Seeing this, the bald warrior’s two companions took their own knives and tried them on the steel plate. After a short while, they all activated the runes on the knives and pierced the steel plate easily.

They couldn’t help but believe it.

The bald warrior activated the runes once more and stabbed the plate again.

It still easily pierced through.

The bald warrior immediately reached for his coin pouch and said, “Boss, I’ll take this knife!”

“I want one too!” His two companions quickly reached for their coin pouches.

The bald warrior added, “I want to buy five more!”

Su Hao said, “Each person is limited to one.”

The bald warrior was in a dilemma and asked, “Is that a rule?”

Su Hao replied, “Hmm?”

“Okay, fine!” The bald warrior reluctantly agreed.

Su Hao took the money and handed the knife to the bald warrior, also giving them a manual, “This is the maintenance guide for the long knife. Make sure to read it carefully. If you damage it, there will be no refunds.”

At that moment, the onlookers outside couldn’t contain themselves any longer. They rushed into the shop, saying, “Boss, I want one too! But I want to try it myself. If it’s really that good, I’ll pay.”

“I want one too!”

“How much for the armor? How much does it cost?”

“Old man, do you have enough money? Buy a set of armor!”

“I don’t have enough!”

“Then hurry back and get the money. I’m afraid it’ll be sold out if you’re late!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Go back quickly and tell the captain and the others to come and buy!”

Su Hao’s weapon shop was getting lively.

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