Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: This Refreshing Feeling is Unimaginable!

At this moment, a sudden gust of wind blew, and the door to Lin Beifan’s office slammed shut.

Wu Ge, who was working inside, didn’t pay much attention to it.

The door closed, so what? It would just be opened later. Could it really lock him inside? Currently, his gaze kept shifting to the nearby air conditioner, and he was thinking, “Why not… I’ll lower the temperature by two degrees to increase the chilliness here! This way, the effect of the formation should be more obvious!”

Deciding quickly, he immediately adjusted the air conditioner temperature down by two degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. The air conditioner released a strong blast of cold air, making him shiver all over.

But he happily shouted, his whole body trembling with excitement, “Refreshing! This is the feeling! Lin Beifan, let’s see how you’ll survive!”

At this moment, the cold air from the air conditioner blew on him again, causing him to shudder, with goosebumps appearing all over his body. At the same time, he felt a surge of hot energy churning inside him. This indicated that the formation had started to take effect and was acting on his body.

He laughed happily, “The effect is indeed evident! This refreshing feeling is so satisfying, it’s beyond imagination! Let’s hurry up, finish the work, and leave immediately; we must not linger!”

With that, he worked diligently.

In less than five minutes, he had cleaned Lin Beifan’s desk and cabinet spotlessly. However, he himself was freezing, feeling a bit dizzy and lightheaded.

Yet, he laughed even more cheerfully, with his spirits high and his eyes shining brightly. “Haha! Lin Beifan, I can’t even last five minutes here, let alone you? Come on, I can’t wait to see your pathetic appearance!”

Humming a light and joyful tune, he reached for the doorknob, giving it a gentle twist.

The sound of the door locking clicked, but the door didn’t open. He didn’t mind, tried turning in a different direction. Again, the sound of the door locking echoed, but the door remained closed.

Still not concerned, he said, “Could it be locked?”

He continued to fiddle with the door lock, thinking there was no problem, and then turned the doorknob again.

Click, click. The door lock sounded, but the door still wouldn’t open. Changing the direction, he twisted again, but the door lock didn’t budge.

Wu Ge started to panic, “What’s going on? Why can’t I open it? Could it be that the door lock is broken?”

He tried twisting forcefully a few more times, finally confirming that the door lock was indeed broken.

He hurriedly knocked on the door, loudly calling out, “Is anyone there? The door lock is broken. Can someone open it from the outside?”

Hearing the commotion, his colleagues gathered around.

“What happened, Xiao Wu?”

“What’s wrong, Xiao Wu?”

Wu Ge anxiously explained, “I was cleaning here just now, but when I tried to open the door to leave, it wouldn’t budge! I suspect the door lock is broken. Can you guys help me?”

“It might not be that the door lock is broken; it could be that the door was locked from the inside!” a seasoned office clerk said, “Our door locks are quite secure. If someone locks the door from inside with a key, it can only be opened from the outside. Maybe Boss Lin locked it while leaving just now!”

Wu Ge anxiously said, “Then quickly go and ask Boss Lin to come and open the door!”

One person whispered, “Go find Boss Lin? I just noticed that Boss Lin seemed to have gone to Mr. Liu’s office!”

Everyone knew that Boss Lin and Mrs. Liu were quite close, with a somewhat ambiguous relationship. Since they were currently together in a room, it might not be the right time to disturb them…

Everyone was savvy and chose not to bring this up.

“Go find the office; the office has all the keys to the doors!” someone suggested.

Wu Ge happily exclaimed, “Right! Quickly go find the office!”

After saying that, he sneezed.

Not long after, the office director arrived with the keys.

With anticipation, Wu Ge waited while the office director inserted the key into the keyhole and turned it a couple of times, but the door still wouldn’t open. The office director spread his hands, saying, “Now it’s confirmed; the door lock is indeed broken!”

Wu Ge was dumbfounded, asking, “What should we do?”

The office director replied, “We can only ask the locksmith for help!”

Wu Ge asked with a hint of hope, “Will it be quick?”

The office director shrugged, “I don’t know! It depends on whether the locksmith is nearby and busy or not. If they’re close and not busy, they might come quickly. So, I can’t say for sure, but I estimate it will take at least an hour.”

“An hour!!!” Wu Ge’s face turned green.

“Xiao Wu, it’s just an hour, it will pass quickly! There must be a reason for everything, and everyone understands you!” others tried to comfort him.

“Just consider it a break, take it easy, and the time will pass quickly!”

Everyone offered consolation.

But Wu Ge was in a hurry. How could he not be anxious? He had set up a very dangerous Five Elements Fire Formation here, and he had even increased the intensity of the Five Elements Fire Formation. It wouldn’t take an hour; just half an hour would harm his body!

However, he couldn’t say this situation out loud. So he looked for an excuse.

“But, I need to use the restroom!”

“Boss Lin’s office has a restroom. If you’re in a hurry, you can use it, and then clean up afterward!”

This excuse didn’t work, so he found another one.

“I’m feeling hungry and want something to eat!”

“Here’s a chocolate bar; I’ll pass it to you through the gap in the door!”

The third excuse.

Two minutes later, he looked at the pile of things beside him, and his face turned dark.

Colleagues were too enthusiastic, enthusiastic to the point of costing him his life! Finally, gritting his teeth, he said, “Alright, I’m not in a hurry!”

“That’s the way to go, why rush?” the office director joked. “Xiao Wu, luckily it was you who ran into this situation! If Boss Lin was locked in there, the consequences would be unimaginable! You’ve done us a great service!”

“Yes, luckily it was you!”

“While Boss Lin is easygoing, Mrs. Liu is not someone to mess with. When she gets angry, it’s life or death!”

“You’ve done us a great service; we’ll treat you to a meal later!”

“Just one hour, it will pass quickly, stay put!”

Everyone laughed happily.

Wu Ge was trembling with anger!

The grand formation he carefully arranged didn’t trap his enemy; instead, it trapped himself! Each word of comfort was like a soft knife stabbing his chest.

Cutting words!

And yet, he still had to smile and welcome them!

Damn it!

What kind of world is this?

At this moment, he really wanted to roar at the heavens, “Where is justice?”

“No, it’s too cold; I should turn off the air conditioning! Otherwise, in a few minutes, there will be real problems with my body!” He nervously grabbed the air conditioning remote and turned it off. He also opened the windows, letting the cold air inside the room rush out quickly.

But in the end, he realized—

“Fck! Why is it still so cold?”

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