Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – The Footsteps of Decline (Viscount 8)

The pet dog had escaped. It was the Viscount’s genuine feelings, and his intense anger was directed towards his butler.

“Yesman!! Why can’t you find that defective mage yet? What is the hero Isel doing at this critical time? Guuh uuuh!!.”

His anger seemed to have turned againts himself, as he clutched his chest in pain.

“Viscount, please calm yourself as it may harm your health.”

Following the advice, the Viscount began to shift the blame.

“Yesman, do you understand? We cannot delay the promise with the princess any longer.”

Yesman repeated the words for the umpteenth time with a solemn expression.

“Yes. I will search for Aix with all my power.”

And so, three days had passed.

Surprisingly, Aix had still not been found.

Everyone had thought that he would be found immediately, but what happened? No one could find Aix, and there was no trace of him at all.

Did he realize he was being chased?

“Aix, where are you?”

Yesman closed his eyes quietly and asked himself. He twitched his eyelids and seemed to have found a solution.

“That’s it!… If I use World Search.”

And he headed towards the Magician’s Hermitage

“Yesman-sama, what brings you here today?”

“Please arrange a meeting with a mage who can use World Search.”

“Alright, I will connect the channel, please wait here.”

After being led to a room and waiting for a while, a crystal in the center of the room lit up, and an image of an elderly man in the capital, looking calm, appeared in the crystal.

“My specialization is searching. I’ll find the answer to anything, so leave it to me. You don’t have to worry.”

“That’s reassuring. Then please tell me where this person is in Forest End.”

When he showed Aix’s employment contract, the confident magician was somehow shaken and fell on his butt.

“Oh, Aix-sama?”

“Oh? Do you know each other? By the way, why are you using honorific?”

In response to Yesman’s question, the old man got up unsteadily and shook his head weakly.

“We only know about him unilaterally. World Search.”

“Aix’s current location is Sheep Town, and he’s traveling with a Doll Maker named Luca,” said World Search.

Yesman’s ears twitched, and he rejected the unexpected answer. This was because there had never been a case where the security tool Search Eye, which was vital for the security of the town, was broken in the past.

“This is impossible! Are you saying that Aix was able to escape the strict security of Forest End? Was the maid left in the room a decoy?”

“Please calm down. There’s no doubt that he’s in Sheep Town. I’ll give you one piece of information for free since it seems like the customer doesn’t know—Aix the Great Magician can certainly do it.”

“Great Magician??? “The butler couldn’t hide his shock at the overblown title.

“Aix is a great magician!? No no, Aix I’m looking for is the one who was turned away from the Magician’s Hermitage. Not Aeix in the newspaper.”

“Tsk tsk tsk. It’s a mistake. They wrote it wrong.”

The truth is revealed. The Hero Newspaper was fake news.

“Wh-what?…Are you serious?”

“Hmm, it’s like looking at myself a little while ago. That’s a high level of camouflage. We should admit that we’ve been played with by Aix, the cunning wizard’s personal information manipulation.’

Yesman wo came out of the Magician’s Hermitage turned pale and staggered like a sleepwalker.

I don’t understand. When did Aix become a great magician? I went to the magician’s hermitage to reduce my worries, but ended up adding more. Let’s look for him first and then think.

Next, he went to see Lyog, the commander.

“Lyog, please give me a progress report.”

“Aix will be back in three days. Just wait for three more days.”

The butler held back his tears.

Yesman helld back his tears.

“Do you remember saying the same thing yesterday and the day before?”

“Well, yes. But this morning I heard it directly from a maid in Aix’s room. So, there’s no mistake.”

Yesman couldn’t help but sigh. The army valued combat too much, which was why the strongest person was the leader. However, it’s troublesome because they may be physically strong but mentally weak.

“I found out that Aix is in Sheep Town. Send out pursuers.”

“I can’t do that. Security is a priority. Plus, if we wait for three more days, we can catch him when he comes back. Don’t worry and wait calmly.”

…I heard that three days ago too. Yesman not only felt relieved but also dizzy.

Realizing that there was no point in saying anything to Lyog anymore, Yesman went to see Isel from the forest security team that they didn’t want to rely on.

“Isel, I found out that Aix is in Sheep Town. Please send out pursuers immediately.”

But the response he received was unexpected.

“Hmph. I’m already investigating that area. I’ve grasped that he was with Doll Princess, but their trail has disappeared from there,” said the speaker.

While the speaker was not trustworthy, he seemed to be skilled. It was aggravating that he was keeping information hidden. “You old raccoon,” said Yesman with sharp words.

“So, how do you plan to proceed?” asked Yesman.

“I will make a third move.”

The secretive and arrogant Isel caused the Yesman’s temple to twitch. “By the way, I haven’t heard any details about the first or second move,” they said.

“It’s proprietary information. However, I’ll tell you a little bit. I used Uracal from the Slum Empire.”

Upon hearing that name, Yesman grimaced with disgust, but Isel grinned with the misconception that he had shown off his connection. “That Uracal!?”

“Indeed, that’s my network.”

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