Chapter 74 – Su Shi smells good, if you don’t believe me you can smell it yourself!

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“Become one of us?”

Sikong Lanyue was confused, “What does that mean?”

Zhan Qingchen analyzed solemnly, “Su Shi is kind-hearted and extremely talented. Isn’t it a pity that such a person would become a demon?”

“If Master accepts him as a disciple he will naturally have Righteous identity, isn’t that equivalent to weakening the power of the Demonic path without bloodshed?”

Zhan Qingchen played out her subterfuge.

If Su Shi could join Tianji Pavilion, then the two of them would be able to meet every day.

Without the gap between the Righteous path and the Demonic path, it was possible for them to be together.

The more Zhan Qingchen thought about it, the happier she became, and almost burst out laughing.

“You think Yun Qiluo is stupid? There’s no way she’d let go of a Holy-grade perfect genius that easily.”


Sikong Lanyue said unhappily, “How could I possibly take a man as a disciple? How could I get along with something dirty like that?”

Zhan Qingchen said disapprovingly, “Su Shi is not dirty, he is fragrant!”


Sikong Lanyue frowned, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Zhan Qingchen lowered her head and murmured in a low voice, “He is very fragrant. If you don’t believe me, Master can smell it yourself.”

Su Shi’s body had a special fragrance.

It made people blush and heart palpitate when conversing with him, and made people feel at ease when he was silent.

Master doesn’t understand it at all!

Sikong Lanyue said indifferently, “You’ll be secluded for a month, get lost!”


Zhan Qingchen descended the stairs with a bitter face.

Looking at her back, Sikong Lanyue snorted coldly.

“This rebel is really getting more and more insolent, how dare she suggest me to smell a man?”

“No need to find out, it definitely stinks!”

“But her suggestion to bring Su Shi over to our side…”

Sikong Lanyue pondered slightly.

This was not entirely unfeasible.

There was a tacit agreement between the Righteous path and the Demonic path that they could not deliberately kill the main heir, otherwise it would be seen as a signal to declare war.

But if Su Shi was brought to the Righteous path and his life was not in danger, I believe Yun Qiluo would have nowhere to vent her anger.

“Bringing the demon star to the righteous path is a good idea.”

“But how can I take a man as my disciple?”

“But other Righteous Sects might not even be worthy of Su Shi….”

The clouds swirled for a while.


Fengsha City, the commander’s residence.

Inside the room.

Su Shi sat cross-legged.

He thought the Demon Empress would return after walking around the city, but he didn’t expect the other party to say that her body was too tired and she would stay here for the night.

He naturally didn’t dare to slack off and had Bai Qing clean the guest room for her.

“I feel that Demon Empress is becoming more and more strange.”

Su Shi squeezed his chin and thought silently.

When she was with him, she was sometimes embarrassed and sometimes angry, as if she was a girl in love.

But when at the foot of Tianqu Mountain, that powerful aura told the truth. This proved that she was still the Netherworld Demon Empress that made the world afraid.

“There’s no way the Demon Empress likes me, right?”

A bold thought appeared in Su Shi’s head. But then shook his head vigorously.

Don’t be ridiculous, the Demon Empress is in love?

I’m afraid no one in this world would dare to have such an idea!

But after all, the Demon Empress was indeed very kind to him.

When the Four Saints were secretly sent away, Yun Qiluo didn’t hesitate to personally protect her.

This touched Su Shi’s heart.

“I killed the Son of Destiny, Ye Xiao, and increased the prosperity of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect. This should be enough in return.”

This time, on the way to obtaining the ancient emperor’s inheritance, the harvest could be said to be bountiful.

Star power, Blue Sky Heavenly Flame, realm enhancement, True Dragon Qi Perceiving Technique….

In addition, he also gained a large number of plot points.

Open the system panel.

[Host: Son of Destiny Killer – Su Shi]
[Status: Full of Qi and Blood, Refreshed]
[Talent: Holy-grade perfect]
[Cultivation Base: Realm of Golden Elixir (Late Stage)]
[Cultivation Method: The Breathing Technique of Netherworld (Great Success), Netherworld Divine Cultivation (Small Success)]
[Plot Points: 341]

341 plot points.

That was a huge amount of money!

Su Shi took a slightly short breath.

Although it was not enough to buy the best cultivation method, yet he himself already had one!

From his storage ring, he took out a worn out ancient book.

[Are you going to learn the technique of The Great Harmony of the Nine Revolution Elements of Heaven and Earth?]


Su shi did not hesitate.

Just to learn it, he had to consume 300 plot points, this cultivation technique must be extremely powerful

Plot points were deducted.

The ancient book rose into the air, the pages turning automatically, and the ancient seal script seemed to fly towards Su shi as if it had a spirit.

Like a tattoo, it was engraved on his body.


Divine light appeared between the spiritual platforms!

It was as if the universe had been born, the first ray of light in heaven and earth!

The glorious divine light shone brightly, and there seemed to be the sound of the Great Dao in his ears, and countless information rushed into his sea of consciousness.

The first ray of light of heaven and earth.

This technique has nine revolutions.

It is to plant true seeds within oneself, use heaven and earth as a furnace, use oneself to melt the pills, and ultimately see the infinite realm of creation!

At the highest level of cultivation, you will be able to see the creation of the world, and experience all the changes of Yin and Yang!

The true body is seen through the void.

Yin and Yang are reversed, and the true form is revealed!

Su Shi’s eyes were tightly closed as his body floated into the air, and the divine flames from the blue sky billowed out automatically, as if forging him like a pill refining!

His clothes instantly turned to ashes, and the ancient seal on his body shone brightly!

The first revolution of elemental mixing:

Vajra was refined by fire, and fire produced its true form!

In the guest room next door.

Yun Qiluo was lying on the bed, holding a bronze mirror in her hand, carefully admiring the heart-shaped pendant on her collarbone.

Occasionally, she even showed a silly smile.

“Su Shi has good eyes, this suits me perfectly.”

It wasn’t even a holy treasure, but now she was deeply addicted to this ordinary spiritual item.

The texture of the jade was gently stroked, and Yun Qiluo’s cheeks flushed slightly.

Although she has a high and powerful position, she has never received a gift before, let alone from Su Shi.

When she thought that he still thought of her even though he was in his way to get the inheritance of the ancient emperor, her heart was like a honey pot.

Then her nose wrinkled slightly:

“But there must be something fishy between him and that Chen Qingluan!”

“Shenxiu once said that Su Shi took Chen Qingluan away, could it be that something happened between the two ?”

Yun Qiluo’s eyes flashed with cold light.

“Should I kill her?”

“Chen Wangchuan’s strength is not too bad, but he definitely can’t stop me.”

She cupped her shiny chin and began to think about it seriously.

In the end, she shook her head.

“It’s just that, if Su Shi finds out, he will definitely be angry with me.”

“This person is very careful.”

At this moment, she felt a movement coming from the next door, Yun Qiluo’s heart jumped slightly.

“There’s no way for that maid to warm up the bed again, right?”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t sit still.

She got up and walked out of the room.

She gets to the next door and carefully pushes it open.

The sight in front of him made his cheeks flush!

“Why isn’t this person wearing any clothes?”

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