Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: My Wish: Lower My Body Temperature by Three Degrees

“Xiao Wu, what are you doing?”

“Aunt Liu, I think this cabinet takes up too much space here, so I want to move it to another spot! Aunt Liu, please take a look, isn’t it smoother and more spacious here, and easier to walk around?”

“Indeed, you’re right, Xiao Wu, you’re so thoughtful!”

“Xiao Wu, what are these potted plants? I don’t remember our company having these!”

“Aunt Liu, I brought these myself! I felt that the place looked too empty, so I placed some potted plants here. Look how lush and green they are, it creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, right?” ”

You’re right, they look exquisite!”

“Xiao Wu, what’s hanging on the wall? It looks like a copper coin!”

“Aunt Liu, these are copper coins that I got from the temple. They have been blessed by the master. I heard that hanging these coins on the wall can attract wealth and good fortune, and our business will thrive! As the company improves, our income will also increase!”

“You’re right, Xiao Wu. Let’s hang more of them then!”

In this way, Wu Ge secretly changed the Feng Shui layout of the company.

Feng Shui, in fact, is not as mysterious as it’s rumored. In simple terms, it’s about changing the environment around us to alter the surrounding energy fields and influence people.

If one is in a good Feng Shui environment, their mood will be pleasant, their health better, and their efficiency in work higher, making success more achievable.

But if one is in a bad Feng Shui environment, they will be prone to anger and frustration, their health may weaken, and they may attract misfortune and illness, resulting in a series of setbacks.

And what he arranged for Lin Beifan was, of course, a bad Feng Shui layout, named the “Five Elements Fire Separation Formation!”

“This is a fire separation formation created using the power of the five elements, causing the Yin and Yang energy in the body to surge, and hot air to rise!”

“Being in this formation for a long time will cause the body to be hot and dry, and the hot air will attack the heart, leading to insomnia, bleeding, and damage to the internal organs. Ultimately, it will cause physical weakness!”

“And the Five Elements Fire Separation Formation I set up is even more terrifying!”

Wu Ge was smug: “Because I adjusted the formation’s energy field to Lin Beifan’s office, which amplifies the power of the formation several times! Moreover, Lin Beifan’s office has air conditioning, so the temperature is several degrees lower than outside. As long as he feels cold, the effects will be multiplied! Being in such an environment, in less than an hour, his Yin and Yang balance will be disrupted, hot air will surge, and even nosebleeds will be considered mild!”

As he spoke, Wu Ge held a small and exquisite golden toad in his hand. “Now, as long as I place this golden toad down, the formation will be complete!”

This is the eye of the formation. When its mouth faces a certain direction, it will attract all the bad energy in that direction, leading to negative effects.

Wu Ge inserted the golden toad into the potted plant and pointed its mouth towards Lin Beifan’s office. As he placed it down, he could already sense the change in the energy field.

“Lin Beifan, let’s see if you can survive this!” Wu Ge’s eyes were full of hatred. “I’m telling you, this is just the beginning! I will slowly torment you, making you lose everything bit by bit! You will end up bankrupt and penniless!”

Afterward, Wu Ge pretended to be sweeping and left as if nothing happened.

But at that moment, the door to Lin Beifan’s office opened. Lin Beifan beckoned, “Xiao Wu, come over here!”

Wu Ge walked over with a broom, looking confused, “Boss Lin, what do you need?”

Lin Beifan smiled, “Here’s the thing. I just noticed that my office desk and cabinet are a bit dirty, which makes me uncomfortable. Could you clean them up for me?”

This was his job, so Wu Ge nodded, “Sure, no problem!”

“The door is unlocked, you can go in yourself. I’ll take a stroll outside!” After saying that, Lin Beifan folded his hands and strolled away like an experienced elder.

Then, Wu Ge filled a bucket with water, took a clean cloth, and entered Lin Beifan’s office.

Feeling the change in the surrounding energy field, he took a deep breath, “This is the smell! The conflicting hot air from the formation and the cold air from the air conditioning will disrupt the body’s Qi and blood, leading to bleeding and depletion!”

“I already feel a bit uncomfortable after an hour. If I stay here for 40 more minutes, my body will definitely have problems! Hehe, let me lower the air conditioning temperature by two degrees and see if you can survive or not?”

Saying that, he immediately lowered the temperature by two degrees. Then, he started working.

He needed to seize the time because the power of this formation was quite strong. He had to finish the task within half an hour and leave the room; otherwise, his body would experience problems. At this moment, Lin Beifan wandered to Liu Rumei’s office.

“Boss Lin, why did you come?” Liu Rumei asked while organizing documents, not even moving her butt.

Lin Beifan didn’t mind and found a nearby seat, “I came to see you, to see if you’re busy.”

“Don’t worry, with you as the heartless boss, us workers can’t slack off!” Liu Rumei glanced at him. “You’re the one who’s relaxed, leaving all the work to me, your secretary has no time to spare.”

“I can’t worry about others; that’s why I have to vent my frustrations on you!” Lin Beifan chuckled. “It’s for your beauty.”

Liu Rumei grumbled in dissatisfaction, but her heart was secretly delighted, and she worked even more diligently.

“Don’t you use air conditioning here?” Lin Beifan asked.

He felt that it was a few degrees warmer inside. Liu Rumei cast another sleepy glance, “You playboy, don’t you know women have weaker constitutions? Can’t stand the cold?”

“In that case, I can rest assured!” Lin Beifan nodded.

“Hmm? Rest assured about what?”


Lin Beifan rested his chin on his hands, admiring Liu Rumei’s serious work, while silently making a wish.

“I wish: Within the next hour, let my body temperature decrease by 3 degrees, and I can’t leave the room!”

*Ding! The wish is fulfilled!*

Lin Beifan suddenly felt a bit cold. Humans are warm-blooded animals, and the normal body temperature usually ranges from 36 to 37 degrees Celsius. Lower or higher than this range would be considered abnormal. Below 35 degrees, it’s known as hypothermia.

At 32 degrees or below, it’s a more severe condition of hypothermia. He now made a wish to decrease his temperature by 3 degrees, bringing his body temperature to around 33-34 degrees, which he could barely bear. He wondered how the other person would handle this condition, especially while being trapped in such a dangerous formation for an hour…

Lin Beifan suddenly felt a bit excited.

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