Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – The footsteps of decline (Viscount 7)

Amin cautiously followed my guidance as we entered the fake castle. She looked around nervously and was a little cute.

“Welcome to our castle.”

“It’s deserted inside!”

I shrugged.

“Well, as you can see, there’s no use for it.”

“What are you talking about? We can use it for anything. For example, we can perform here for tomorrow’s event.”

“You’re free to use it, but even though it’s so spacious, aren’t there only three spectators?”

I asked skeptically, and she chuckled.

“That’s just being extravagant!”


It was really a queen-like idea.

Next, I led them to the ghost house. Amine-sama and the crews followed me nervously. I opened the door and escorted them inside.

“Please enter, everyone. The rooms are still vacant, so if you like, Amine-sama and the crew can stay the night.”

“You did this in just one day?! And it’s so bright and warm on the floor.” (Amine)

“We appreciate your offer. … It’s true Amine-sama! It exceeds our knowledge of magical tools.” (Crew)

When the crew who came in with us saw the perpetual light and radiant floor heating, their eyes glittered, and they became restless.

“Please, crews, feel free to relax and enjoy.”

“Thank you!”

With my permission, the crew dashed towards the magical tools, and Amin-sama sighed.

“I’m sorry about that. Their dwarf blood is excited, too.”

“No, it’s okay.”

As I replied warmly, cheers erupted from the next room.


Huh? I rushed to the direction of the voice, but I couldn’t find anything abnormal that could have caused such excitement. Amine-sama spoke up.

“What’s going on?”

“Look at the queen. There’s no magic stone anywhere! It’s amazing.”

Oh. In the direction pointed, there’s just a regular water bottle.

It’s embarrassing to be praised so much for just being a beginner’s magic water ball that even a child can use.

“What?! Don’t be ridiculous. Let me check. Hmm… I really can’t find it anywhere!”

Creating an awkward atmosphere.

Embarrassed by the overreaction similar to that of a coachman’s.


“What’s wrong, partner?”

“I forgot about the coachman. I told him I’d be back at noon, but I didn’t contact him and just came back.”

It’s already night.

And he came back without contacting him.

“Well, that was unexpected. Let’s contact the Queen’s subordinate and inform him.”

“That’s a good idea.”

Without even catching their breath, a high-pitched voice from another room rang out.

“This is amazing!”

The direction of that voice is towards the ice room? Or maybe the bathroom? It’s definitely part of the imitate of magical device series.

For some reason, Crazy Bear shrugged his shoulders and made a pose of exasperation with both hands while standing on Luca’s shoulder, who was boasting about it.

“Partner, it seems like tonight will be a lively night.”

“Yeah… you’re right.”

A lively night would likely be something meant for the royal aristocrats.


In a large room far away, the polished floor sparkled with countless stars.

If you looked up at the ceiling searching for the source of the sparkling light like the stars of the night sky, far overhead, the chandelier’s luminous stones were burning.

In such a glamorous night gathering, a pig was wandering around. The pig’s name was Lord Lardrich!

“Lord Lardrich! When will we receive the promised magical tools?”

“J-just wait a little longer, please.”

The disappointment was visible in the eyes of the high-ranking noble.

“I asked about the scheduled delivery date.”

“I-I’m doing my best, but the schedule is still uncertain.”

The conversation ended, and the high-ranking noble let out a sigh.

“Ugh, enough already. Our relationship is over. It’s too late to receive a cooling stick now that it’s getting cold. I have to face my daughter who was looking forward to matching with the princess. I have no face left to do so.”


Observing this, the young ladies whispered among themselves.

“Hey, hey. Did you hear? The Lardrich House’s hired magical artisan has escaped, and the lights in their house have finally gone out.”

“Oh my! That’s scary…”

Lord Lardrich, who had promised to transfer magical tools here and there, had been avoided because he broke the promise.

“You traitorous, defective magician!”

The lord mumbled, taking out his frustration on Aix.

Despite being such a foolish lord, he perked up when he heard his name being mentioned by the young ladies.

“Hmm? Did I hear my name just now?”

He laughed, extending his nose and listening closely to the conversation of the young ladies.

“That’s right. Did you know that when we say Lord Lardrich, we mean the Little Girl Honey Trap incident?”

“What’s that? It sounds scary, and that orc (Lardich) is scary too!”

The young nobleman, who carelessly overheard some derogatory remarks, became consumed with shame and disappeared through a back door in the middle of the party. He fled in a carriage through the chilly night air.

“We’re going home, Yesman. Hurry up and prepare the carriage,” he said.

“I have it under control, My Lord,” replied the Yesman.

The nobleman remained silent inside the carriage, but upon arriving back at his estate, his anger exploded and he took it out on the Yesman.

“Yesman! How is it that you still haven’t found a competent mage to fix our magical tools? Thanks to you, I was completely humiliated at the party tonight!” he raged.

“It’s absolutely lamentable. Both Lyog and Isel are having a hard time locating them, so their whereabouts are still unknown,” replied the Yesman.

The mansion that was once filled with Aix’s warmth was gradually trampled underfoot.

“Ugh! We were supposed to present it at the party tonight, but those incompetent fools couldn’t even manage it. Just what the hell are they doing?!” he yelled.

“I’ll make sure to check, My Lord,” replied the Yes-man.

The nobleman’s shaking hand caused his saber to rattle noisily in the sheath.

“Do you understand? If we don’t have that defective mage make us some magical tools, we could even lose our home. I can’t seem to come up with a good idea. It’s so frustrating!” he growled.

“Young Master, please keep your composure. I’ll call a doctor!” the Yesman exclaimed.

Yesman panicked and rushed to care for the nobleman, who had become so agitated that he clutched his chest and crouched down. He then rang for emergency medical assistance.

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