Chapter 72

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===072 We Need You===

This figure, wrapped in heavy armor, only revealed a pair of icy eyes.

The momentum was impressive.

It flashed between the crowd and the Bearded Beast.


The unbreakable tentacles of the Bearded Beast shattered one after another, falling to the ground.

“Beep -”

The Bearded Beast suddenly received such a heavy blow, and its mouthparts emitted a sharp scream.

Old Liu’s pierced tentacles broke, and he fell forward.

A tall figure caught Old Liu and a fragrance filled the air.

It was Feng Man’er!

Feng Man’er supported Old Liu and immediately left the battlefield.

For a master, this kind of penetrating damage, as long as it doesn’t hit a vital spot, is only a serious injury, not fatal.

If he can gain Feng Man’er’s affection in exchange for such a serious injury, Old Liu wouldn’t lose out this time!

Everyone was stunned looking at the suddenly appearing figure in full silver armor.

This figure, only 1.7 meters tall when wearing armor, where did he come from? How come they didn’t know that there was such a person in Lingyun Town?

Captain Hua Hong wouldn’t miss the opportunity of the Bearded Beast being damaged. Immediately, he smashed a big ice hammer onto the Bearded Beast’s head.

The Bearded Beast took a step back. At this time, its head was covered in thick frost, with a chilling aura.

After saving Old Liu in a critical moment, Su Hao immediately turned back and charged directly towards the Bearded Beast.


With a step forward and a loud explosion, Su Hao shot towards the Bearded Beast like a bullet.

“The Bearded Beast’s rune ability is ‘Sturdy,’ covering its whole body. In addition to its thick scales, a normal attack can’t break through this defense. So, I’ll use ‘Penetration,’ ‘Sharpness,’ ‘Numbness,’ and ‘Erosion’ to stack on top of each other, first breaking through a gap!”

Su Hao’s mind was working rapidly, and he formulated the attack plan in an instant.

Su Hao’s speed was too fast. The tentacles shot out by the Bearded Beast failed to intercept him, leaving it to watch helplessly as Su Hao raised a shining long knife and brutally slashed its head.


The ‘Penetration’ effect brought out by Su Hao’s vigorous blood energy offset the ‘Sturdy’ of the Bearded Beast, and then ‘Sharpness’ and ‘Erosion,’ along with Su Hao’s own immense blood energy, easily opened up a long wound on the Bearded Beast’s body, like a red-hot iron cutting through plastic.

“Beep -”

The howls of the Bearded Beast grew louder. This time, it was truly injured, and a large number of tentacles surged out from underneath it, estimated to be two to three hundred, shooting out in all directions.

“Retreat”! “Captain Hua Hong immediately shouted out, taking the lead in retreating, while the other grandmasters were still far away, they also prepared and jumped away.

However, most of the tentacles were actually aimed at Su Hao, blocking every space around him.

“Barrier!” “Deflect!” “Hard!” “Vibration!”

Su Hao immediately activated the runes that he had prepared long ago, facing the overwhelming tentacles, he chose to move forward instead of retreating.

The long blade in his hand gleamed, still carrying its sharpness and corrosive effects.

“Spiral Cross Slash!”

Su Hao leaped up, rotating his dual-bladed hands vigorously, creating a flash of white arc light.


“Squish, squish, squish…”

Suddenly, a large number of tentacles were cut off by a single strike, falling to the ground with smooth incisions and corroding sounds.

The tentacles that narrowly avoided Su Hao’s attack fiercely pierced him, only to be blocked by a faint red barrier; most of them lost their accuracy and slid to the side.

Su Hao stepped on the slippery tentacle, using the force to leap out of the attack range, reaching above the Bearded Tentacle Beast.

At this moment, the tentacles of the beast were stretched out, but they had not yet retracted, leaving it defenseless.

Gripping the long blade in a reverse grip, the tip of the blade pointed downwards.

“Thrust!” The blade ruthlessly stabbed into that long wound, directly reaching the hilt, then it fiercely slid down along the wound.


This time, the wound was deep enough, and blue blood rushed out like a high-pressure water gun, splashing onto Su Hao’s armor.

Su Hao didn’t blink an eye, immediately pulled back the blade, moving away from the Bearded Beast.

At the same time, he started replenishing the runes, in the order of “burst”, “barrier”, “deflect”, “hard”, “sharp”, “penetrate”, “corrode”.

Sure enough, as soon as Su Hao left, the Bearded Beast went mad..

A piercing scream came from the mouth organ under its body, and its tentacles outside danced wildly around its body.

The Bearded Beast turned its body around, and its two sharp horns were aimed at Su Hao.

Hua Hong immediately shouted at Su Hao, “Brother, be careful of its horns!”


The Bearded Beast exploded underneath, and its enormous body rushed towards Su Hao like a cannonball.

What does it feel like to have a ferocious beast over twenty meters tall smashing towards oneself?


Like the moon falling down.

Su Hao squinted his eyes. Through the previous attack, he found that although he could break the defense, the Bearded Beast’s size was too big. The knife in his hand was like a toothpick, even if it opened unmatched power, the damage to the Bearded Beast was limited.

Since this ferocious beast jumped up proactively, exposing its vulnerable spot, don’t blame him for not being honorable.

Su Hao’s body crouched slightly, pouncing towards the Bearded Beast, lifting his left hand, aiming at its two green eyes.

“Bright light!”

A strong beam of light shot out from Su Hao’s hand, immediately blinding the Bearded Beast’s vision.

This sudden outbreak made it lose its target. Although its other senses could still perceive Su Hao’s position, it still had a moment of daze.

In that moment, Su Hao slid under it narrowly and then jumped up.

The mouth organ underneath the Bearded Beast was immediately exposed in front of Su Hao.

The circular organ resembled a chrysanthemum, with layers of sharp teeth distributed on top, very terrifying.

Around the organ are densely packed holes, which can shoot out lethal tentacles at any time. At this moment, most of the holes have already shot out the tentacles, providing the Bearded Beast with the power to eject and collide. Only a small part remains pitch black, ready to launch an attack at any time.

But these tentacles no longer posed a threat to Su Hao.

The “Explosion” rune has been replenished.

“Explosion!” Su Hao shot up, before the Bearded Beast’s mouth organ closed, going past the most dangerous teeth and entering its mouth.


The entire body armor began to vibrate at a high frequency, shaking away any approaching tongues and mucus.



With the two attack effects, Su Hao continuously stabbed inside. Goal: advance ten meters, reaching the center of the Bearded Beast.


Any flesh that stood in the way was ripped open by the long knife in Su Hao’s hand. Combined with the high-frequency vibrations on the armor, the flesh couldn’t get anywhere close. Su Hao advanced without hesitation.

Two meters, three meters… five meters!

Su Hao suddenly felt light all over as he entered the Bearded Beast’s abdominal cavity. Various complex organs were moving rhythmically, as large as a small two-story building..

He smirked at the corner of his mouth.

Su Hao placed his hand on the organs, and a massive surge of blood qi began to flow out of his body, forming a huge rune formation around the organs.

In just ten seconds, the large formation was completed.


The runes activated.

A large number of organs in the abdominal cavity collapsed and compressed towards the center, forming a meatball the size of a water tank as if attracted by a strong gravity.

The Bearded beast was injured and rolled violently, causing Su Hao, who was inside the Bearded beast, to lose his balance.

“Rotate!” “Penetrate!”

Su Hao activated two runes, superimposed on the long knife, and plunged into the abdomen wall of the ferocious beast.


A muffled sound, flesh and blood splattered.

A circular hole suddenly appeared on the abdominal wall.

Su Hao exerted force under his feet and plunged into the hole he had just dug.

Su Hao felt a slight dizziness, knowing that he was starting to lack oxygen.

“I must leave here as soon as possible!”

Taking advantage of the rotating and penetrating effects of the long knife that had not yet dissipated, he quickly dug one hole after another. At the same time, he replenished the runes of “rotation” and “penetration”.

Soon, Su Hao dug to the edge and encountered a thick scale armor.

The activated “rotation” and “penetration” forcefully stabbed forward.


The air rushed into the abdomen of the ferocious beast through the hole.

Su Hao shot out and took big breaths of fresh air.

Standing firmly on the ground, he quickly ran forward, away from the Bearded beast, before turning around to look.

Captain Hua Hong was leading the remaining masters in a frantic attack against the Bearded beast, taking advantage of its weakness to kill it!

When Captain Hua Hong saw Su Hao covered in blue slime, he was overjoyed. “Big brother, you’re not dead?!!”

Su Hao nodded and looked at the ferocious beast rolling and howling violently, gasping heavily.

This ferocious beast was doomed! It was only struggling in its last moments, no longer posing a threat.

He was tempted to study the body of this ferocious beast, but the internal organs had all collapsed into a small mass, greatly reducing its research value except for the rune tumor that he didn’t know the use of.And, now is the time to leave.

He didn’t want to have any contact with Captain Hua Hong and the others. Moreover, Old Liu was also there, what if he got recognized?

He didn’t really care about himself, but if he wasn’t careful, it would involve his father, Wu Yuntian, and Chashan Shao.

This might be the only place he had concerns about.

Su Hao swung his long knife, flinging off the blue viscous fluid from the blade.

He ran directly into the group of buildings and disappeared amidst everyone’s confusion.

“???” A big question mark appeared on Captain Hua Hong’s forehead.

Everyone had a bewildered look on their faces.

Hey! The Bearded Beast hasn’t died yet. Boss, come back quickly, we need you!

However, Su Hao couldn’t hear the thoughts of the crowd anymore. Even if he could, it wouldn’t matter. The Bearded Beast’s body was already limp, its tentacles powerless. It would die in just a moment.

He quickly returned to the weapon shop, changed back into his clean armor, picked up a piece of cloth, wiped his sword, and put it into its sheath.

He picked up his own package.

And left!

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