Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Repay? I’m here for revenge!

On the second day, the protagonist, Wu Ge, couldn’t wait to start working at the company.

“Xiao Wu, although our company may not be large, with less than a hundred employees, it is actually a subsidiary of the Lin Group, mainly responsible for investments!”

“A month ago, our company’s investment scale was only around 100 million. But since Mr. Lin came, our company has been changing every day and has now expanded to a scale of billions!”

“Because of the increased workload and busyness, we are conducting recruitments!”

As Liu Ma led Wu Ge to familiarize himself with the company environment, she introduced the basic situation of the company.

Wu Ge listened attentively and couldn’t help nodding.

Although he had a grudge with Lin Beifan, he couldn’t help but admire Lin Beifan’s astonishing talent in investments.

In just a few years, he rapidly expanded funds from several millions to hundreds of billions, creating a super business empire spanning various industries and this country!

Now, it had just started, and its fangs were already showing.

Seeing Wu Ge’s serious expression, Liu Ma opened up more about the company.

“Our company not only expanded in scale but also increased everyone’s benefits! Even I, as the janitor, had my salary doubled! With additional bonuses, my monthly income has already surpassed ten thousand! Who would have thought that I, a janitor, could earn over ten thousand a month? Haha!” Liu Ma laughed heartily.

“And, our Boss Lin particularly cares for his subordinates and treats everyone very well! If you have any problems at home and need to take leave, he approves it! If someone in your family gets sick and needs hospitalization, he can arrange the best hospital and doctors for them!”

“Even I, an old woman, was no exception. He saw that I was getting old and tired from work, so he suggested hiring another janitor to help! That’s how you were recruited!”

Wu Ge nodded again.

Although he disliked Lin Beifan, he had to admit that Lin Beifan treated his subordinates and friends very well, showing great loyalty and kindness.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have so many women wholeheartedly devoted to him, nor so many loyal subordinates.

However, becoming his enemy would be very miserable.

Because he treated his enemies ruthlessly, leaving no room for mercy!

Anyone targeted by him ended up in a miserable state.

For example, himself. He accidentally offended Lin Beifan, who sent him to prison and confiscated all his wealth.

After getting out, he was sent to prison again and again by Lin Beifan, leaving him with no chance to turn things around.

He vividly remembered that in his previous life, several other similarly outstanding people offended Lin Beifan and were also targeted by him. Their women left them, their friends abandoned them, and their careers were ruined.

One tragedy after another!

“All of this was brought by Boss Lin, so we are all very grateful to him! Now the only thing we can do is to do our jobs well and let Boss Lin worry less! So, Xiao Wu, work hard to repay Boss Lin’s favor, do you understand?” Liu Ma said sincerely.

Wu Ge nodded obediently, but in his heart, he sneered.


I’m here for revenge!

“Also, Xiao Wu, don’t think that being a janitor means you have no future! Our Boss Lin values young talent and talent is rewarded! As long as you have the ability, he will promote you! There was a young man who made a big leap forward. He went from an ordinary bodyguard to a manager in one step, earning a six-figure annual salary! He also received bonuses in millions! Envious, right?”

Wu Ge casually asked, “Who is it?”

“Ye Xingchen, Mr. Ye!”

Wu Ge was stunned, “Liu Ma, who are you talking about? His name is Ye Xingchen?”

Liu Ma nodded, “Yes!”

“What does he look like?”

“Oh… I can’t describe exactly how he looks, but he appears quite robust and handsome! Look, his picture is right there!” Liu Ma pointed in a direction, and Wu Ge saw a large photo hanging on the wall.

The photo depicted two people, one of them was Lin Beifan. He was wearing a gorgeous suit and polished leather shoes, standing tall with a warm and bright smile on his face, looking like a successful person.

The other person was dressed in a plain security guard uniform, with a tacky big red flower pinned to his chest. He was holding a huge medal that read “1 million” and smiling like a fool.

Wu Ge’s heart trembled, “It’s really him! Ye Xingchen, the God of War!”

In his previous life, this person was Lin Beifan’s mortal enemy.

Lin Beifan took away the women, captured his mercenary brothers, and defeated him, forcing him to leave the Yan Kingdom in embarrassment…

How did he end up here now?

And even become one of Lin Beifan’s trusted subordinates?

Could it be the butterfly effect brought about by my rebirth?

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