Chapter 71

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===071 Silver Light===

As a member of the human race, benefiting from the entire group, there are some responsibilities that cannot be avoided.

If he can provide any help, Su Hao will not hesitate.

Although the Bearded Beast in front of him is powerful, Su Hao is confident that he can protect himself.

However, he feels embarrassed to shout out the command to obey. He can’t bring himself to say it.

After thinking for a moment, he shouts out loudly, “I’m Wu Xiangwu and I can provide assistance.”

Immediately, everyone’s gaze lands on Su Hao.

Captain Hua Hong turns his head and glances at him. Seeing that it’s a young boy, his delicate makeup distorts instantly. His bloodshot eyes stare fiercely at Su Hao as he shouts, “Where did this brat come from? Don’t cause trouble, get lost.”

Su Hao still wants to speak, but Captain Hua Hong immediately roars, “Get lost!”

Su Hao is speechless and can only take a symbolic step back to show his position, then he retreats further away.

In a cooperative battle, if a person doesn’t have the trust of their companions or the commander, not only will they not be able to help, but they will also become a burden to the team. ‘Cause trouble’ means causing unnecessary problems.

Since he can’t gain the trust of others and joining the battle rashly will only bring more problems, Su Hao can only observe for now.

Su Hao knows that this delicate-looking person, who appears fierce, is actually protecting him, protecting the young human boy.

At this moment, the Bearded Beast retracts its five tentacles one by one and sends the five people into its mouth. The tentacles underneath the beast quickly squirm, completely ignoring the surrounding guards, and slides quickly towards the crowd of people.

In its view, the little bit of flesh around it is not enough to fill its teeth, while not far away, there are plenty of fresh food.

“Tremor Hammer!”

Captain Hua Hong leaps up, appearing in front of the Bearded Beast, and raises the heavy nail hammer in his hand, fiercely smashing down towards the beast’s eyes.

As the hammer falls quickly, it rapidly covers itself with a thick layer of ice, turning the originally brain-sized nail hammer into a gigantic object the size of a truck in an instant.


The huge nail hammer mercilessly smashes onto the closed eyelid of the Bearded Beast. Ice debris scatters, and the nail hammer in Captain Hua Hong’s hand immediately returns to its original state.

However, the Bearded Beast, hit by this strike, only stops its movement temporarily, seemingly not sustaining too much damage. Only the spot where it was hit is engulfed in cold air, quickly forming a layer of frost.

But this level of frost is almost useless against its thick scales.

Suddenly, several tentacles, as thick as bowls, shoot out from underneath the Bearded Beast, their tips gleaming with a sharp light, and they attack Captain Hua Hong..

Captain Hua Hong shouted “cut” and immediately withdrew the hammer, dodging, and then swung the hammer to knock away an unprepared tentacle.

Even though he was a Grandmaster-level warrior, he wouldn’t easily withstand the tentacle attacks of the Bearded Beast. Once pierced, regardless of his level, it would be a certain death.

As a Grandmaster-level warrior, the human race was at a natural disadvantage compared to the huge size of the ferocious beasts, relying only on the weapons in their hands and the armor on their bodies to narrow the gap.

Captain Hua Hong’s goal was to stop the Bearded Beast from continuing to destroy the town. With the hammer blow, he had essentially achieved his goal.

Quickly distancing himself from the Bearded Beast, he commanded loudly, “The overall objective is to attack from three sides and leave one side empty, driving it out of Lingyun Town along its original path.”

“First squadron, responsible for the left side, task: drive it away; Second squadron, responsible for the right side, task: drive it away; Third squadron and the rest of the Grandmasters, follow me for a frontal attack.”

“First squadron received!”

“Second squadron received!”

After arranging the combat objectives, under Captain Hua Hong’s orders, aside from the two squadrons on the flanks responsible for driving away, everyone else attacked fiercely from the front.

The Bearded Beast was suddenly subjected to various attacks, and the pain coming from all over its body caused it to take a few steps back involuntarily.

Then, anger surged within it, as its small green eyes scanned the surrounding warriors.



Suddenly, a large number of tentacles shot out from under the Bearded Beast, attacking the surrounding warriors.

“Retreat!” Captain Hua Hong shouted out explosively, standing at the forefront to attract attention, swinging his long-handled nail hammer so densely that it blocked all the tentacles piercing towards him.

Then, he drew a long knife from his lower back.

“Swish swish!”

Amidst the flickering of the knife light, two tentacles were severed and fell to the ground.

However, not everyone had his strength. Over a dozen elite-level warriors, unable to react in time, were impaled along with their armor and dragged under the Bearded Beast.

There was even a Lower-Stage Grandmaster who managed to dodge the tentacles’ initial attack, but didn’t avoid the subsequent entanglement, being bound around the waist and pulled towards the Bearded Beast.

That Grandmaster screamed in fear, drew out his long knife, poured all his blood qi into it, and swung it down forcefully.


A sound of metal clashing with iron rang out.

Despite the Grandmaster putting all his arm strength into that strike, it only left a shallow scar on the tentacle.

Captain Hua Hong took a step forward, wanting to rescue the person, but was suddenly obstructed by several tentacles, forcing him to retreat helplessly, only able to watch as the Lower-Stage Grandmaster was pulled under the Bearded Beast.

Captain Hua Hong remembered that Grandmaster. He had only recently advanced.

Captain Hua Hong surveyed the surroundings. Amongst the many warriors, only his attacks could effectively harm the Bearded Beast, but the damage was very limited, and the main issue was that he couldn’t break through its thick defense.Even the high-level masters present, their attacks are almost ineffective, only able to hold back the Bearded Beast and prevent it from further destroying the town and attacking civilians.

Hua Hong clenched his teeth and thought to himself, “No matter what, we must hold on, wait for Mayor Lv and Xiao Jixuan to return from the wilderness, and then work together to drive it away.”

Taking advantage of the moment when the Bearded Beast’s tentacles were retracting, Hua Hong once again took the lead in launching an attack. Ice formed on the hammer, leaping twenty meters into the air, meeting the eyes of the Bearded Beast and shouting, “Attack!”

All the warriors did not hesitate and immediately rushed towards the Bearded Beast.

“Armor shattering!”

“Piercing through!”



“High temperature!”


The masters used their various techniques. Perhaps this attack would be a one-way journey, but this is the duty of being a cultivator, a warrior.

The Bearded Beast was hit by Hua Hong’s huge ice hammer, taking a step back, followed by the attacks from other warriors falling on its body like raindrops.


Before a large number of tentacles could retract, even more tentacles shot out.

No one has ever counted how many tentacles the Bearded Beast actually has…

In this attack, many warriors were swallowed by the Bearded Beast’s mouth organ, including elites and masters. No matter how they struggled and howled, it was all in vain.

But no one took a step back. Led by Hua Hong, the Bearded Beast was gradually beaten back step by step.

However, with each step the Bearded Beast took back, it took the lives of dozens of people.

Su Hao silently watched the warriors, one after another, launching their most powerful attacks and fiercely striking the vicious beast. Death was in front of them, yet no one retreated.

“Am I also a warrior?” Su Hao thought to himself, then turned and disappeared into the cluster of buildings in the town.

“That’s right! I’m also a warrior of the human race!”

As the number of elite front-line warriors decreased, personnel were reassigned from the first and second squads to join the frontal attack.

The elite warriors who were unable to cause any harm to the Bearded Beast had a simple role: to use their bodies to attract the tentacles and relieve the burden on the masters and Hua Hong.

No one objected.

Soon, the elite warriors were all gone, and the number of master warriors sharply decreased. The Bearded Beast’s scales were covered with wounds, with a thick layer of ice attached, but it continued to frantically shoot out its tentacles without stopping.

The remaining few warriors faced increased pressure.

The collapsed city wall was still far away at this point.

But the warriors’ shouts remained loud and clear. Su Hao quickly found a weapon shop and, at this time, there was no one in the shop. He changed into a set of armor, took off his helmet, and selected a helmet with a face mask. He put it on, revealing only his two cold eyes.

Then he drew his long knife from his waist and started accelerating towards the Bearded Beast.

He wanted to exert all his strength to attack the Bearded Beast and provide some support.

But he couldn’t let others know who he was.

He knew that he possessed a lot of advanced knowledge, and perhaps this knowledge would bring disaster to those around him.

Another master was sent under the Bearded Beast.

Feng Man’er also got entangled by the tentacles of the Bearded Beast for a moment of weakness in her combat skills.

Old Liu’s eyes were furious and he yelled madly, “Man’er!!!”

Then he rushed towards Feng Man’er without hesitation.

“Swish!” A tentacle attacked Old Liu, but he seemed to not see it at all. He tightly focused on the long knife in his hand and the tentacles that were entangling Feng Man’er.



The tentacle pierced through Old Liu’s body, but Old Liu’s knife also cut through the tentacle that was entangling Feng Man’er.

Feng Man’er was stunned, looking at Old Liu in disbelief!

The tentacle that pierced through Old Liu’s body retracted, dragging Old Liu’s body back. In Old Liu’s eyes, there was only relief.

Just then, a silver light burst and rapidly approached from a distance.

“Barrier!” “Deflect!” “Hard!” “Bright!” “Explosion!” “Shockwave!” “Sharp!” “Piercing!” “Erosion!” “Rotation!””Burning!” “Numb!”…

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