Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: My two maidservants, please pardon their rudeness!

Mo Ruoshuang looked at the little princess in shock and asked, “Who is she?”

Her junior brother was a peak expert of the eighth rank, although he was not considered strong among the martial arts world, he was already a prodigy among his peers, and was expected to reach the innate level in the future. However, the woman in front of them looked even younger than her junior brother, with a single gentle punch, she had sent him flying, indicating that she had reached the seventh rank. As for the sixth rank of the innate realm, Mo Ruoshuang didn’t dare to even think about it.

The little princess’s big, bright eyes had a hint of cunning in them. She suddenly leaned against Lin Beifan and lowered her head with some shyness, her voice soft and tender as she said, “I am the young master’s maidservant, responsible for serving tea and water to the young master!”

This sentence was too shocking! Guo Shaoshuai was completely unable to accept it: this beautiful, lovely, younger, and more powerful young girl was just a maid to Lin Beifan! Such a talented and powerful young girl was just a maid serving tea and water! Then what was he?

“Is she really your maid?” Guo Shaoshuai asked incredulously.

Lin Beifan stroked the little princess’s head and humbly said, “Yes! Xiao Yun is a little impulsive and weak in strength, please forgive her!”


Guo Shaoshuai looked over at Li Shishi.

“Then who is this?” Li Shi Shi lowered her head and saw the little princess secretly gesturing to her. With her natural grace and kindness, she smiled slightly, leaned against Lin Beifan and said, “I am also the young master’s maid, but responsible for keeping the bed warm and changing clothes!”

Mo Ruoshuang asked in surprise, “Do you have any martial arts skills?”

Li Shi Shi shook her head, “No!”

“Fortunately!” Mo Ruoshuang and Guo Shaoshuai secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

But little princess said, “But sister Shi Shi is a great scholar! She excels in poetry, painting, calligraphy, and music! If she takes the imperial exams, becoming a Jinshi should not be a problem!”

The two were dumbfounded once again! This beauty was actually a great scholar!

It is important to note that the imperial exams had three levels of achievement: Shengyuan, Juren, and Jinshi. Becoming a Jinshi was already a rare occurrence, and if you did not become an official, you would still be a well-known person of high status.

And the middle-level jinshi were even more impressive. They were the top scholars in the country, highly valued by the court and had a bright future ahead of them!

Many people had spent their whole lives trying to pass the exam for juren (another level of the imperial examinations), and they were already extremely proud of themselves!

This little servant girl was unexpectedly so impressive?

At this moment, Lin Beifan held Li Shi Shi’s hand and humbly smiled, “I’m sorry for Shi Shi ignorance, which has made the two of you laugh!”

Guo Shaoshuai: “Haha!”

Li Shi Shi lowered her head, ashamed, and said, “I am indeed ignorant, and my knowledge is not even one percent of young master’s!”

Guo Shaoshuai: “Haha!”

The little princess covered her mouth and giggled secretly.
So it turns out that Shishi-jie (older sister Shishi) is also a troublemaker. I wonder if she was led astray by someone?

At this point, the two of them looked at Lin Beifan again, and their eyes suddenly changed!

Good heavens!

They’re both talented and skilled!

Both maids, one with literary talent and the other with martial arts, had reached the top level. How can anyone else live?

Moreover, both maids were beautiful and stunning!

They also had an affectionate look in their eyes toward the young man in front of them!

Life is not fair!

Guo Shaoshuai was extremely frustrated. He couldn’t compare to the other party’s appearance.

Even the only thing he could be proud of, his strength, was surpassed by the other party’s maid!

It felt like all his years of hard work had been in vain!

What’s the point of living?

Better off dead!

“Mr. Lin, you really impress me!” Mo Rushuang looked deeply at Lin Beifan and suddenly felt that the person in front of her was mysterious and unfathomable, making it difficult to fathom him.

“Don’t think too much, I’m just an ordinary young man. Let’s drink!” Lin Beifan said.

So they drank a few more glasses of wine and shared a few interesting stories from the martial arts world before saying goodbye to Lin Beifan and continuing on their journey.

However, before leaving, Mo Rushuang asked for Lin Beifan’s address.

On the way, Guo Shaoshuai felt a bit indignant, “Senior sister, you’re not interested in Lin Beifan, are you?”

Mo Rushuang was a little embarrassed, “Why do you say that, junior brother?”

“Senior sister, you were chatting with him so happily just now. I’ve never seen you talk to a man for so long! And before leaving, you even asked for his address. Isn’t that to keep in touch with him in the future?”

“Would you have taken the initiative to do that if you didn’t have any intention?” Guo Shaoshuai felt sour in his heart.

This guy already had two beautiful and talented maids, wasn’t that enough?

If even his most respected senior sister was stolen away by the other party, he really would go crazy!

Mo Rushuang became even more embarrassed and scolded him, “Junior brother, don’t talk nonsense! I just think that he has an extraordinary background and broad knowledge! Moreover, he has an amazing talent, which can be used for the prince. So I paid more attention to him!”

As soon as she mentioned the word “prince,” Guo Shaoshuai became more energized, “Senior sister, is what you said true?”

“Naturally it’s true!’ Mo Rushuang’s expression became serious. “The Prince is wise and valiant, noble in character, and ambitious to overthrow this chaotic world! As followers of the Prince, we naturally should share his burden! And I believe Lin Beifan is a great talent. If he can be used by the Prince, he will undoubtedly be a powerful asset!”

Guo Shaoshuai nodded, “Senior Sister speaks the truth!”

“Enough talk, let’s continue on our journey! Once we reach the capital and find the Night Hero, we can go back as soon as possible!”

“Yes, Senior Sister! Let’s go!”

The winds gather in the capital!”

Shengyuan, juren, and jinshi are three ranks in the Chinese imperial examination system, which was used to select officials for the government bureaucracy in Imperial China.

Shengyuan (生員) was the lowest rank, also known as “students.” These were individuals who had passed the initial county-level examination and were eligible to study for the next level.

Juren (舉人) was the second rank, also known as “recommended men.” These were individuals who had passed the provincial-level examination and were eligible to study for the highest level.

Jinshi (進士) was the highest rank, also known as “advanced scholars.” These were individuals who had passed the palace-level examination and were eligible for appointment to high-level government positions.

Becoming a jinshi was considered the highest achievement in the imperial examination system, and it was a rare honor. Successful candidates were typically appointed to high-ranking government positions and enjoyed great social status and prestige.

2. Han robe (Hanfu)

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