Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: The Protagonist of the Tomb-Raiding and Antique Appraisal Genre Appears!

“I believe that in the end, you will be the ultimate winner!” Lin Beifan said with a meaningful smile.

Wu Ge, it’s been a long time!

What on earth were you thinking? Instead of digging graves and raiding tombs, you came to my place!

I will definitely take good care of you!

At this moment, the interviewee, Wu Ge, gazed at Lin Beifan with flickering eyes, hiding a deep hatred.

Lin Beifan, it’s been a long time!

This time, it won’t be me going to jail; it’ll be you!

He is a reincarnator.

Before his reincarnation, he possessed the Yin-Yang Feng Shui secrets handed down by his ancestors, in other words, a tomb-raiding manual that guided him to explore and unearth treasures from various tombs. With his tomb-raiding skills and antique trading business, he was doing quite well for himself.

However, everything changed after he encountered Lin Beifan.

One day, he went to his own antique shop to buy antiques. His buddy, Wang Pangzi, thought he was an easy target and decided to sell him a fake antique to swindle him.

This guy was ruthless. Without a word, he went straight to the police after the incident and had them search his place, resulting in the discovery of many stolen items. As a result, he and his buddy ended up serving three years in prison, and all the wealth they had accumulated over the years was confiscated.

From that point on, they became enemies.

But no matter what means he used, he couldn’t match up to the other side.

The other side was strong in every aspect, almost perfect.

What was most infuriating was that whenever they went tomb-raiding for their livelihood, the other side always managed to accurately track their location and report them to the police, leading to their arrests.

No matter how they tried to hide, they couldn’t escape the pursuit of the other side.

Every time they came out of a tomb, they were immediately caught and thrown into jail.

The filthy things in the tombs couldn’t harm him, but he ended up falling into the hands of this person!

Time and time again, half of his life was spent behind bars!

His whole life was ruined!

Therefore, Wu Ge’s hatred for the person in front of him had reached its peak!

Now, with this second chance at life, he was determined to hold onto this deep-seated grudge and seek revenge!

So when he saw the recruitment notice here, he didn’t hesitate to come, to see if he could get in and lurk by Lin Beifan’s side, waiting for the right moment to strike.

His education level was not high, so he could only apply for the janitor position.

Originally, being amidst a group of academic achievers left him feeling hopeless.

Even for a janitor position, there were so many people competing with him!

Where is the justice in this?

But in the end, a miracle happened, and he emerged victorious!

“Lin Beifan, I’m the legendary protagonist! I can be reborn even after death. Even the heavens are helping me. Let’s see if you can survive or not!” He felt extremely proud in his heart.

Wait, I can’t be too happy yet!

I’ll only be truly happy once I completely bring down Lin Beifan, this big devil!

He silently returned to his original position, waiting for the result.

Then, Lin Beifan tested several other people.

Seeing a sudden arrival like Cheng Yaojin, these people felt a tremendous sense of crisis and desperately tried to show their best performance.

In the end, some were injured and disabled, some were in tears, and they queued up to go to the hospital.

Lin Beifan couldn’t help but feel sorry for them, “All this fuss for a janitor job, is it really worth it?”

Therefore, the final winner was naturally Wu Ge.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Only two people passed the test, but young man, you persevered the longest. So, I’ll assign you to the janitor position!”

“Boss Lin, rest assured, I will work hard!” Wu Ge stood up straight.

He was particularly excited!

Although this is just a small step in my life, it’s a big step towards my path of revenge. I finally have hope for revenge!

Lin Beifan, just wait for me. I will make you suffer…

A hundredfold, a thousandfold return!

“I admire young people like you the most!” Lin Beifan patted the other person’s shoulder with a smile, then waved and a chubby middle-aged woman holding a broom came in from outside.

“Boss Lin, did you call me?” the woman asked curiously.

“Wu Ge, let me introduce someone to you!” Lin Beifan pointed to the middle-aged woman and said, “This is your direct supervisor, her name is Liu Xiu. She’s been in charge of the janitorial work here for three years, always diligent and serious, with a wealth of experience! From now on, she will be your mentor, call her ‘mom’!”

Wu Ge: “Huh???”

“Oops, I misspoke, I’m sorry. Call her ‘Auntie Liu’!” Lin Beifan patted his thumping heart. He almost scared himself just now.

“Boss Lin, what is…” Auntie Liu asked, puzzled.

“Auntie Liu, this is Wu Ge, the janitor I just hired. He’s relatively young and lacks experience, but he’s strong and physically fit! You can assign him any heavy tasks in the future!” Lin Beifan said with a smile.

“I see! Well, hello there, young man!” Auntie Liu greeted loudly.

“Hello, hello!” Wu Ge replied.

“Well, well, well! This young man is quite handsome, he looks a lot like my husband who passed away many years ago!” Auntie Liu couldn’t stop smiling.

Wu Ge: “Huh???”

What did she just say?

Why does that sound a bit strange?

“Young man, are you married? Do you have a girlfriend?” Auntie Liu asked.

Lin Beifan laughed, “Auntie Liu, come on, did you see this young man and immediately want to find a son-in-law for your daughter?”

Auntie Liu was puzzled, “I don’t have a daughter, why would I find a son-in-law?”

“Oh, then you mean…” Lin Beifan suddenly stopped talking.

Wu Ge felt a chill running down his spine.

1. The phrase “sudden arrival like Cheng Yaojin” refers to a situation where an unexpected or uninvited person suddenly appears or intervenes in a particular situation. Cheng Yaojin was a famous general during the Tang Dynasty in China. He was known for his imposing size, strength, and sudden, unexpected appearances on the battlefield, which often turned the tide of battles.

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