Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Footsteps of Decline (Viscount Part 3)

In the evening, the magic tool shop that had been summoned appeared at the viscount’s mansion.

“Well, I am honored to be called upon once again. It’s been a long time. Is it about five years since I was last invited to the Lardrich Viscount’s house?” said the merchant.

“That doesn’t matter. Did you bring the water bottle I requested?” replied the butler.

The butler did not remember the merchant’s face.

“Yes, sir. To reclaim our market share, we have brought our company’s flagship product,” said the merchant.

“Oh, this is beautiful,” said the butler as he activated the smooth and beautiful empty water bottle, which was then filled to the brim with water.

“If used normally, it can last for five weeks with just one medium-sized magic stone. Five weeks!” exclaimed the merchant.

“Five weeks, you say?” replied the butler, who was silently disappointed that Aix would last it out for a year (52 weeks) for the price of a rubbish magic stone, but the merchant didn’t notice and kept boasting.

“Well, you’ll be surprised. Our craftsman worked very hard. Ha ha ha. If it is used in the viscount’s house, the craftsmen’s efforts will be rewarded,” said the merchant.

“Um, can this be used continuously to dispense water?” asked the butler, who reluctantly placed a small order.

The craftsman was surprised and breathed heavily at the butler’s request.

“Well, well, the Lardrich Viscount’s family truly has a different sense than the commoners,” said the merchant.

“Is that so? Of course,” replied the viscount.

Their conversation didn’t quite match.

“If it’s left on, it will only last a few hours. Hmmm, it’s a luxury,” said the merchant.

“What did you say?” replied the butler, who was now surprised.

This time, it was the butler’s turn to be surprised.

“So, sir, how many magic stones would you like us to prepare? Please let us know as soon as possible, as there are too many to prepare. This is a huge business, and we’re getting excited,” said the merchant.

“I’ll contact you later with the details. You can leave for today,” replied the butler.

The pale butler rudely drove the merchant away, resentfully glaring at the merchant’s back, who was in a good mood at the prospect of a potential large contract that didn’t exist, and the relieved butler’s face brightened.

“That’s right! Let’s bring Aix’s water bottle from another room and make do,” the butler thought.

However, the relief was short-lived, as the light at the entrance suddenly went out.

“Oh no. Another job has come up. I need to fix the light. Oh, wait… didn’t I also leave that job to Aix before?” thought the butler, whose agony had just begun.

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