Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The expert cultivator of showing-off

“There’s no need to be polite, little girl.” Murong Xue smiled at Su Nan.

After that, Li Zhoujun sat back on the Master’s seat, and Su Nan stood respectfully on the side.

At this moment, the mountain masters looked at Li Zhoujun again, without any trace of disdain in their eyes.

After all, this guy was able to defeat Murong Mountain Master, who was a cultivator in the state of unity.

“In the future, you must not provoke the master and disciple of Yunju Mountain, otherwise, don’t blame me for not intervening.” Liu Yan, who was beside Li Zhoujun, transmitted his voice to the newly accepted disciples of Fire Maple Mountain.

“How is this possible…”

Chen Shaohua heard Liu Yan’s voice transmission and felt extremely bitter in his heart.

He originally thought that Yunju Mountain Master was useless and that he could easily control Su Nan.

“Who would have thought that Yunju Mountain Master turned out to be an expert of the Daotian Sect, possessing strength that even the Fire Maple Mountain Master deeply feared!”

With lingering fear, he glanced at Li Zhoujun.At this time, Li Zhoujun was already waiting for the system’s rewards.

[Ding: Congratulations to the host for completing the mission, successfully engaging in a battle with Murong Xue, and refreshing the Mountain Masters’ recognition of the host!]

[Ding: The system is issuing rewards, ‘Seventh-grade flying sword, Proud Snow!’]

[Ding: The system is issuing rewards, ‘Early stage Nascent Soul cultivation!’]

[Ding: The system is issuing rewards, ‘Top-grade Condensing Qi Pill one piece!’]

[Flying Sword Proud Snow]: A destiny flying sword tailored by the system for the host, possessing intelligence and transformation abilities, capable of killing enemies thousands of miles away, already placed in the host’s dantian!

Note: In this world, treasures and pills are divided into grades, from first to ninth grade, corresponding to Qi Refining to Mahayana.

[Early stage Nascent Soul cultivation]: Lifespan can reach thousands of years, speed flight, tearing through space teleportation, superb skills!

[Top-grade Condensing Qi Pill]: Can help those who are about to refine Qi to condense the purest spiritual energy between heaven and earth, which the host can extract at any time!

“System, why don’t you give me a mission and let me have a fight with another sect master?” Li Zhoujun looked at the rewards given by the system, his eyes had already turned into the shape of the system, almost drooling!

[Ding: Does the host want to become a baldy, either in a fight or on the path of fighting?]

[Ding: Here, the system suggests that the host should have some master’s demeanor. ‘Master’s self-cultivation’ has been given to the host for free.]

“Isn’t this just a manual for showing off?” Li Zhoujun looked at the one thousand eight hundred ways to show off that suddenly appeared in his mind, and couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth.

These one thousand eight hundred ways to show off can be said to be ever-changing and infinitely profound, but they are all centered around the word ‘showing off’.

Just as Li Zhoujun was enjoying the self-cultivation of the masters with great relish, the Mountain Masters had also almost finished selecting satisfied disciples.

This meant that the conference of the Daotian Sect recruiting disciples was nearing its end.

On the Ascension Platform, the disciples who were not chosen by the Mountain Masters felt bitter in their hearts.

Some disciples with outstanding looks, even if they only had medium-grade aptitude, were still selected by the Mountain Masters to become inner disciples.

So, no matter where you are, looks are very important!

After all, if you don’t look good, the big shots won’t find you pleasing to the eye, let alone have any affinity with you.

At this moment, the sect patriarch, Mu Taiyu, slowly stood up and said to the group of young boys and girls on the Ascension Platform, “Although you have not been chosen by the Mountain Masters, do not be discouraged. Being able to stand on the Ascension Platform is enough to prove that you are a group of talented individuals in Qingzhou. After entering the Hidden Dragon Valley, continue to cultivate diligently, and you still have a chance to become inner disciples. Do you all understand?”

“We understand!”

The young boys and girls on the Ascension Platform shouted in unison as if they were infused with chicken blood.

The Hidden Dragon Valley is where the outer disciples of the Daotian Sect cultivate.

“Hidden Dragon Valley Master, take them back.” Mu Taiyu looked at an old man and smiled.

“I understand.” The Hidden Dragon Valley Master smiled and then waved his large hand. A mighty gust of wind directly swept away the hundreds of disciples on the Ascension Platform, and he took these disciples and disappeared into the sky.

“Such terrifying means!”

“So powerful!”

A group of newly selected inner disciples saw this scene and couldn’t help but sigh. At the same time, their eyes were filled with hope. Perhaps in the future, they could also become such strong cultivators!

“Patriarch, take care.” At this moment, the mountain masters bid farewell to Mu Taiyu.

Mu Taiyu nodded with a smile in response.

Then, these mountain masters waved their sleeves and took their disciples back to their own sects.

“Patriach, take care.” Li Zhoujun also bid farewell to Mu Taiyu.

Mu Taiyu chuckled, “Yunju Mountain Master, are you going to walk down the mountain this time?”

“Hahaha, of course not,” Li Zhoujun laughed. “After all, I have accepted disciples. I can’t let my disciple walk down the mountain with me again, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Zhoujun had a thought.

Suddenly, his prideful Snow Sword appeared and floated in front of him.

“A seventh-grade lifebound flying sword!”

“Wow, Yunju Mountain Master is indeed a sword immortal in the Unity realm!”

“That’s right. Only a sword immortal in the Unity realm can refine a seventh-grade lifebound flying sword!”

The mountain masters sighed upon seeing this.

Murong Xue’s expression turned bitter when she saw this.

She and Li Zhoujun were both sword cultivators, but Li Zhoujun could easily withstand her strongest attack without using his lifebound flying sword.

Moreover, the most important thing was that she was already two hundred years old, while Li Zhoujun was only in his forties.

When compared like this, the difference was even greater!

Mu Taiyu looked at Li Zhoujun’s prideful Snow Sword and couldn’t help but sigh, “Forty years old, Unity realm cultivation, Yunju Mountain Master’s talent is unparalleled. Even I feel inferior.”

“Patriarch exaggerates.” Li Zhoujun smiled.

Su Nan looked at his master chatting back and forth with Mu Taiyu and couldn’t help but feel proud, puffing out his chest.

Indeed, father’s words were right. The more ordinary a person seems, the stronger they are!

“Given the chance, I would like to have a few drinks with Yunju Mountain Master. Please don’t refuse, Mountain Master.” Mu Taiyu smiled.

“Patriarch, you visiting Yunju Mountain is already a warm welcome. How could I refuse?” Li Zhoujun laughed.

“Good, so it’s settled.” Mu Taiyu confirmed.

At the same time, Liu Yan, who hadn’t left yet, saw Li Zhoujun reveal his seventh-grade lifebound flying sword and his expression changed. He thought to himself, “Will Li Zhoujun, this sixth brother of mine, come to settle the score with me later? After all, I have made quite a few sarcastic remarks about him before.”

Thinking of this, Liu Yan, with his disciples who had just joined Fire Maple Mountain, left the scene without saying a word.

[Ding: The master of Fire Maple Mountain, who was previously sarcastic to the host, has already fled. Following the principle of “those who offend me, from afar shall be punished,” the system now issues a mission. Within three days, the host must go to Fire Maple Mountain to challenge the master of Fire Maple Mountain and complete the mission to receive a cool reward!”]

Hearing the system’s mission announcement, Li Zhoujun glanced deeply in the direction Liu Yan had left.

On the other hand, Mu Taiyu smiled.

Liu Yan, the master of Fire Maple Mountain, had a temper, so it would be great if someone could restrain him. Otherwise, it was highly likely that he would make a big mistake in the future.

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