Chapter 7

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===007 Nine months===

After being trained by Su Hao with a broom, Luo Chaoxin once again deeply realized that he was the weakest person in this family. The room was filled with monstrous toy monsters that couldn’t help him fight against the “big brother,” such a powerful demon. Even his parents, who usually doted on him, refused to say a word for him in front of his older brother. His older brother was just too powerful. When would he be able to defeat him and become the true master of this house?

Su Hao returned to his room and sat in front of the computer, lost in thought.

He was already fifteen years old this year, and it seemed that the curse of the previous world, where he couldn’t survive past the age of five, had disappeared. Since miraculously surviving the incident at the kindergarten, his life had been smooth sailing without encountering any life-threatening situations. According to this trend, he might be able to live a magnificent life in this world, achieve great success, and become a genius figure who left a strong mark in human history.

And this was the life he wanted. In his previous life, when he had nothing, he hoped that his life would be full of excitement, with endless money to spend, endless girls to pursue, and the ability to do whatever he wanted, to uphold his own sense of justice, and let his fame resonate throughout the world.

So far, everything was perfect.

He had almost endless money, countless girls, aunties, and women lusting after his beauty. He could do whatever he wanted, including beating up that annoying Luo Chaoxin, and no one would stop him, not even his parents. His words were worshipped by countless people, and his sense of justice was shared by countless others. Although his fame hadn’t resounded throughout the world yet, give him some more time and he could copy the famous works and music of the Earth, then his fame would surely resonate throughout the world.

Thinking of this, Su Hao smiled.

Indeed, this was the leisurely and fulfilling life he desired, the life he had yearned for on Earth. Here, all his dreams would come true, one by one.

Of course, one shouldn’t be too much of a slack-off in life. At the same time that this world has achieved him, he also wants to give back to this world, to the best of his abilities.

“I need to leave something behind in this world, I can’t just take advantage of it for nothing.”

What Su Hao meant by leaving something behind doesn’t simply refer to the books or music he brought from Earth, but rather through his own efforts, genuinely promoting the development of human civilization in this world and providing a better life for as many people as possible.

“This matter cannot be rushed. With my current level of knowledge, it is far from sufficient. There is still much to learn, and my knowledge limitations currently hinder the advancement of Universal Light, which still uses vector processing for computations. If I can learn about quantum processors, I will definitely be able to greatly improve Pinball Space’s computing power, and the entire system can be optimized.”

“So, my knowledge is still too limited. The current task is still to learn. Pinball Space, join the Quantum Mechanics Learning Program.”

“Quantum Mechanics Learning Program initiated.”

“Gathering basic quantum mechanics information.”

“Breaking down fundamental knowledge of quantum mechanics.”

“Optimizing the process.”

“Quantum Mechanics Learning Program established successfully!”

“Study for two hours a day, for a duration of three months.”

After a year, Su Hao, now 16 years old and already holding a doctoral degree, has gained great fame in the academic field.

During this year, after numerous optimizations by Su Hao, Pinball Space’s computing power greatly improved. The ball space was once again optimized and no longer resembled a spaceship control room but rather a normal leisure living room that could change its appearance according to his mood. Grasslands, deserts, beaches, snowy mountains, clouds – anything he could think of, he could set it up.

With just a thought, he could access the most recent log. He could even summon a book in his hand, containing the content he wanted to read.

In addition, his new book “Harry Potter” became a bestseller worldwide, and he planned to write a mythical history of Hua Guo called “The Chronicles of Antiquity”. However, time was limited, and he hadn’t started writing yet. His new piano piece “Rain’s Mark” also became a hit worldwide.

He did all these things not for money but as a way to give back to the world and enrich the spiritual lives of its people.

Now, he also had the qualification to say, like Mababa, “I’m not interested in money.”

Until now, everything seemed perfect, going very smoothly. He would soon come of age and openly play games with those beautiful girls.

But one day, while deeply immersed in his studies, Su Hao suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, his head grew dizzy, and he fainted on the desk.

He didn’t know how long had passed when Luo Chaoxin drove his new mini-armored vehicle into Su Hao’s room, making buzzing sounds. Having obtained new equipment today, he challenged his big brother, the Demon King, once again. However, his armored vehicle moved around arrogantly by his brother’s side, but his brother showed no reaction. So, with courage, Luo Chaoxin used the new rocket launcher in his hand to launch a grenade at Su Hao.

The grenade flew out, lightly hitting Su Hao and falling to the ground, but his brother still remained motionless. If it were any other time, he would have been grabbed by his big brother, the Demon King, by the collar and thrown out of the room. Luo Chaoxin felt bewildered, quickly got out of the vehicle, removed his explosive helmet, and pushed Su Hao with force. However, Su Hao didn’t move.

Luo Chaoxin realized something was wrong and quickly jumped back onto his armored vehicle, drove away, and activated the alarm bell on the vehicle.

“Beep, beep…”

He shouted loudly, “Mom, mom, I defeated big brother!”

After calling for a while with no response, he changed his words, “Mom, mom, big brother isn’t moving!”

When Su Hao woke up again, he found himself in a hospital, lying on a bed. His parents, Luo Shengrong and Huang Shujun, looked at him with concern. Huang Shujun’s eyes were red, tears smudging her makeup, but at the moment Su Hao woke up, she gave him a bright smile.

“Xiaohui, you’re awake. Are you hungry? Mom prepared some fruits for you. If you’re hungry, go ahead and eat.”

Little Luo Chaoxin’s chin rested on his hands as he leaned on the side of the bed, staring at Su Hao with his bright eyes. He immediately realized that he must have fallen ill. But how could he have fallen ill when everything was fine?

He first took a bite of the apple handed to him by Huang Shujun, and his consciousness immediately entered the pinball space, flipping through the logs.

“2 years, 7 months, 8 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds,

‘Universe Light 2.1’ update completed, optimized system display interface, optimized resource cross-search function;

Included and analyzed 69% of Mandarin vocabulary;

Studying ‘Semiconductor Materials’, current progress 3%;

Sudden physiological abnormalities, you are in a coma; comparing data… insufficient information, supplementary data required;

Hospital examination result: pancreatic cancer;

Detailed report as follows:

Estimated survival time: nine months.


Su Hao saw the log and immediately looked dumbfounded, his thoughts falling into a vacuum state.

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