Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Can’t Play the Sword God? I Can Play the Elder Tianji!

After about 5 minutes, a slightly beer-bellied, bald middle-aged man walked over. He initially had a frown on his face, seeming to be bothered by something, but as soon as he saw Bai Yu Luo, his brows immediately relaxed, and he broke into a smile, saying, “Yu Luo, why did you call me here? And who is this…”

His gaze fell on Lin Beifan, seeming to observe him with interest.

He felt that the reason he came here had a lot to do with this young man.

“Director Guan, let me introduce you!” Bai Yu Luo stood up and said with a smile, “This is Lin Beifan, 20 years old, and he’s very interested in acting!”

Then, she turned to Lin Beifan and continued, “He’s our drama crew’s director, Guan Shanhe. He’s a very capable director in the industry! He’s directed several TV dramas, and they’ve received great reviews and high viewership!”

Lin Beifan replied gracefully, “Hello, Director Guan. I’m new here, please guide me.”

“Hello, young man. You look really spirited!” Director Guan Shanhe looked Lin Beifan up and down, his gaze full of appreciation, and he exclaimed, “Yu Luo, is he a newcomer to your studio? His appearance and temperament are excellent; he’s quite a talent!”

Bai Yu Luo shook her head and smiled, “Director Guan is joking. He’s not my talent; he’s actually my landlord!”

“Ah? The landlord?” The director was taken aback.

He once again looked at Lin Beifan, finding it hard to connect this handsome and imposing young man with the term “landlord,” which sounded a bit derogatory.

Bai Yu Luo explained with a smile, “I’ve rented a villa nearby, and this villa belongs to Lin Beifan, so naturally, he becomes my landlord!”

“I see!” Director Guan Shanhe nodded slightly.

Bai Yu Luo continued, “My landlord here is very interested in acting. After hearing my introduction, he’s taken a liking to the role of White Robe Sword God. So, I hope you can take a look and see if it’s possible!”

“Huh? He wants to play White Robe Sword God?” The director glanced at Lin Beifan skeptically.

Having worked with Bai Yu Luo twice, he understood her character and temperament very well. She was someone who took things seriously and strived for perfection in everything she did, including filming.

If the character doesn’t fit well or affects the quality of the TV drama, she would definitely not agree.

Once, an investor wanted to force a young actor into the cast. However, due to the actor’s poor acting skills and inability to handle the role, it caused delays in the production. Bai Yu Luo erupted in anger and kicked him out, regardless of the investor’s background. After that incident, no one dared to do such a thing.

Lin Beifan, in his eyes, clearly didn’t fit the role of White Robe Sword God.

Considering Bai Yu Luo’s personality, she would surely decline the request.

But she still called him, the director, which meant she was probably feeling hesitant and asked him to be the “bad cop.”

Without changing his expression, Director Guan Shanhe looked at Lin Beifan and cleared his throat before asking, “Young man, do you really want to play White Robe Sword God?”

“Yes, Director Guan!” Lin Beifan nodded firmly.

“To be honest, you’re not suitable for this role,” Director Guan said bluntly.

“But I really want to give it a try. I hope Director Guan can give me this opportunity!” Lin Beifan pleaded.

“Since you’re so eager to act, I’ll give you a chance! Here’s the deal…”

Director Guan spoke loudly, “You’ll perform right in front of me. If you do well, the role is yours!”

“Thank you, Director Guan!” Lin Beifan became excited.

“Don’t celebrate yet; let me be clear upfront!”

Director Guan’s expression turned serious as he continued, “This role requires exceptional acting skills. Even some veteran actors might struggle with it. I’ll give you one chance, and you have two minutes to prepare. If you can’t deliver, you’re out. Don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Thank you, Director Guan,” Lin Beifan expressed his gratitude.

He thought for a moment and added, “And thanks to Miss Bai too!”

“No need to thank me. I believe you can do it!” Bai Yu Luo smiled and said, “If you can’t play this role, there are other roles you can try. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself!”

Lin Beifan thanked her again.

Then he closed his eyes and immersed himself in the character.

Although he had no acting experience, he dared to vie for this role because he had some confidence in himself.

He noticed that this character had some resemblance to the Elder Tianji.

Both were invincible in their respective fields. One excelled in divination, while the other in martial arts.

Both held firm beliefs and pursued their goals relentlessly.

Both were renowned figures, stirring up the world and leaving behind endless legends.

Both were loners, unmatched in their time. How many could truly understand them?

The solitude of a master, indeed.

In the end, both departed with regrets.

They were so alike in so many ways!

Lin Beifan might not be able to play the Sword God, but he could play the Elder Tianji.

No, he was the Elder Tianji himself!

When Lin Beifan opened his eyes, they had a hint of turbidity, exhaustion evident as if he had seen through the world, lacking attachment to worldly things.

Yet, within those eyes, a sharp, indifferent edge was present.

As if nothing and no one in the world could touch his heart!

Looking down on the world, viewing all living beings like pigs and dogs!

He was the ruler of the universe!

He had the power to control everything!

All things in heaven and earth had to obey his commands!

No one could oppose his will!

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