Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: There is rock candy, excellent quality, available in stock!

A single transaction involving less than two thousand does not constitute fraud.

This is the law in this world.

When Ji Yan saw this, a crazy and bold idea emerged in his mind.

Just the thought of it made his blood boil.

That is to sell rock candy as crystal meth to these drug addicts!

It sounds insane.

But Ji Yan thought this method might be worth a try.

The main reason?

The profit would be astronomical.

Selling one gram for three hundred.

How long would he need to run this candy shop to earn that much?

As long as he controls the amount and quantity, he could exploit a loophole in the law.

“What if those drug addicts come after me?”

Ji Yan frowned.

He hesitated for a moment.

But soon, his desire for money suppressed that hesitation.

“Never mind, why bother considering so much!”

“I’ll just do business with those far away, and they won’t be able to touch me from afar…”

Ji Yan muttered to himself.

Once he decided, he took action.

Ji Yan directly started searching for various drug addicts online.

Finding drug addicts was a skill in itself.

Generally, drug users hide themselves very well.

In real life, it’s difficult to tell who is a normal person and who is a drug addict.

Let alone online.

Where should he look for these drug addicts who would buy his rock candy?

Ji Yan frowned and pondered.


Ji Yan’s eyes lit up, and he quickly opened QQ search.

He remembered that in this era when the internet was just popularizing and not very developed yet.

Many online criminal activities took place in QQ groups.

It was a way to deceive others.

They would name their groups as “High School Grade 12 Class 7 Study and Exchange Group” or something like that.

In doing so, they achieve their goal of confusing and misleading others.

“Let me see what your groups are called…”

Ji Yan typed in a few names in the search box.

They were all names of seemingly legitimate study and exchange groups.

Ji Yan was prepared.

If these groups were indeed genuine study groups, he would simply leave them.

But if everyone was talking about weird stuff, then he would advertise his rock candy.

Ji Yan couldn’t help but praise himself for being so clever.

Soon enough, Ji Yan successfully entered several QQ groups.

One of them was called “Magic City Elementary School Moms’ Group.”

People inside were chatting lively.

Notifications of Ji Yan joining the group quickly appeared.

“600 for two points, deal.”

“Just made some braised pork, it’s so good!”

“Just got a new batch of ‘Blue Elves’ and pants, anyone interested in the cool stuff?”

“Anything with meat is good for me, give me some.”

“My child just started university, anyone want to exchange study experience?”

The chat messages in the QQ group were rapidly scrolling.

However, when Ji Yan saw what they were talking about, he was utterly puzzled.

“What the hell are they talking about?”

Ji Yan stared at their chat records, trying to understand.

But he couldn’t make sense of what they were saying at all.

“Something seems off about this group, right?”

“In a normal chat, people wouldn’t talk like this…”

Ji Yan murmured as he looked at the screen.

Because he couldn’t understand the content of their chat, he felt that something was amiss.


All these terms like “Blue Elves” and “university” were actually their drug addicts’ jargon.

But Ji Yan couldn’t be sure.

And just as Ji Yan was staring at their chat…

The group owner of the QQ group suddenly sent a “0”.

The previously lively group chat fell silent in an instant.

No one was speaking.

Ji Yan was quite puzzled.

What he didn’t know was that the “0” from the group owner meant that an outsider had joined the group and they were told not to speak.

Soon after, the group owner mentioned Ji Yan.

“Do you, as a mom, want your child to go to university?”

Ji Yan didn’t understand what he meant.

Quickly, he typed a few words in response.

“I have rock candy here, excellent quality! Available in stock!”

“Anyone interested in buying?”

Ji Yan was almost certain that this was a group of drug addicts.

When he mentioned having “rock candy,” he deliberately imitated their way of speaking from before.

It was the first time he sent such a message, and he felt a bit nervous, but mostly excited.

He could almost envision those drug addicts going crazy and adding him on QQ when they found out he had “rock candy.”

However, the reality turned out to be quite the opposite of what Ji Yan imagined.

After he sent the message in the group, no one replied for a long time.

Several minutes later, Ji Yan received a notification saying, “You have been kicked out of the group chat by the group owner.”

Ji Yan was stunned.

“What the heck! Why did you kick me out?”

“At least have the courtesy to refuse buying my rock candy!”

What Ji Yan didn’t know was that after he was kicked out, the QQ group immediately returned to being lively.

“From now on, don’t casually approve strangers to join the group.”

“Understood, boss.”

“Was that guy a cop?”

“Not sure, could be, be careful.”

“He even claimed to have ‘cool stuff’… probably came to cause trouble for us, right?”


The group was having a heated discussion.

They were indeed a group of drug addicts.

And they were in desperate need of drugs.

However, they never considered engaging with Ji Yan, a new and unfamiliar face in the group. But Ji Yan hadn’t quite grasped this concept yet.

After being kicked out of the first group, Ji Yan went on a frenzy and joined a dozen more QQ groups. Once in those groups, he started advertising his rock candy.

“I have rock candy! Need a supply? High quality and low price!”

“Anyone interested in rock candy?”

“Top-notch rock candy, super pure!”

“High purity, don’t miss out if you pass by!”

Ji Yan spared no effort in posting these advertisements in each group.

Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to him.

Almost immediately after he posted the ads, the group owners kicked him out of the groups.

Ji Yan felt quite helpless.

In reality, he still didn’t understand the rules within this circle.

Online transactions inherently came with risks.

These drug addicts were extremely cautious and alert.

They usually bought such substances from people they knew or sellers they had dealt with before.

Ji Yan, on the other hand, was just a newcomer in these groups, and no one knew him.

Naturally, nobody trusted him either.

In fact, some people even privately speculated that Ji Yan might be a cop trying to set them up.

So, Ji Yan getting kicked out wasn’t surprising.

However, in the third group Ji Yan joined, someone recognized him.

But this person didn’t speak; they silently observed everything.

“Oh well, if I get kicked out, I get kicked out.”

Ji Yan had grown accustomed to it.

After all, the messages were already out there.

He firmly believed that someone would come looking for him!

He remained unruffled.


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