Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Junior Brother, you’re right, he’s really annoying!

About five minutes later, Zhao Siming sat back in his seat.

Just not sure if he hit a nerve or something, his foot trembled uncontrollably.

“Junior Brother, I rushed here this time without enough preparation! But I have a set of specially customized silver needles at home, very sturdy, they will definitely save you!”

“Thank you, Senior Brother!” The protagonist, Xiao Chen, was extremely grateful.

“We’re brothers, no need to be polite. You just focus on recovering, I’ll come see you tomorrow!” Zhao Siming stood up, lightly patting Xiao Chen’s shoulder.

“Why tomorrow, not tonight?” Xiao Chen didn’t want to wait another day, he wanted to recover immediately.

“Because I need to first check on my leg, don’t know what’s wrong with it!”


Xiao Chen opened his mouth, “Take care, Senior Brother!”

“I’m leaving, see you tomorrow!”

Zhao Siming limped and opened the door, but ran into Lin Beifan. Lin Beifan was surprised, “Dr. Zhao, you’re leaving?”

Zhao Siming smiled, “Mr. Lin, I’m leaving for now, I’ll come see my junior brother tomorrow!”

“You can leave, but there’s something I want to discuss with you!”

“What’s the matter, Mr. Lin, please go ahead!”

“Well, it’s like this. I paid for the medical expenses for your junior brother here in the hospital! Now that you’re here, can you help me settle this bill? It’s a total of 500,000 yuan, thank you!” Lin Beifan smiled.

Zhao Siming: “…”

Junior Brother, you’re right, he’s really annoying!

Finally, Zhao Siming reluctantly took out 500,000 yuan.

After receiving the money, Lin Beifan happily took a car to Song’s Hospital.

Song Yuqing was surprised to see Lin Beifan, “Why are you here?”

“You invited me for a meal, don’t back out!”

“But you came too early, it’s not even time to get off work!” Song Yuqing checked the time.

“You go ahead, I’ll hang around here for a bit, no rush!” Lin Beifan smiled and sat down, playing with his phone.

Song Yuqing changed into a jacket and grabbed her bag. “Let’s go!”

Lin Beifan was surprised. “You’re not working anymore?”

“I’m not working today. You’ve taken care of the most troublesome things for me, so why sit here? It’s okay to be lazy once in a while!” Song Yuqing teased.

“Let’s go then, let’s go!” Lin Beifan put away his phone.

“Where are we eating today?” Song Yuqing smiled.

“Follow me, I’ll take you to a place that’s delicious and affordable!”


Half an hour later, they arrived at a shabby restaurant in the old street.

Song Yuqing looked around at the old surroundings and was quite surprised. “I didn’t expect you, a rich young man, to come to a place like this?”

“What are you thinking? Can’t I come here to eat? This restaurant has been in business for 20 years, and the taste has always been authentic and delicious! Luckily we came early, otherwise there might not have been any seats!” Lin Beifan laughed.

“Look at you, talking with such authority. You must come here often, right? Tell the truth, do you often bring girls here?” Song Yuqing said sternly.

Lin Beifan shook his head. “No, you’re the first one!”

Upon hearing this, Song Yuqing felt a faint touch in her heart.

“If it was any other girl, I would have taken them straight to a hotel!”

Song Yuqing: “…”

Then she glared at him!

“Haha! Just kidding! But, you really are the first woman I brought here to eat!” Lin Beifan said seriously.

In this life, and in the previous life!

Song Yuqing felt uneasy under the other person’s gaze.

Feeling a sweet sensation in her heart, she nervously said, “Smooth talker, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I want to order food!”

Then, the two of them began to order food and eat.

It must be said that the dishes in this fly restaurant were authentic and also inexpensive.

Both of them enjoyed the meal.

But after a while, Song Yuqing put down her chopsticks. “I’m full, you can eat as much as you want!”

Lin Beifan was surprised. “Why did you eat so little? Is it not to your liking?”

Song Yuqing complained, “I want to lose weight!”

Lin Beifan understood after thinking for a moment. Maybe it was because of his words yesterday, it hurt her feelings!

So he comforted, “Actually, I think women being too thin is not good. Like a bamboo pole, they easily fall down with a gust of wind!”

Song Yuqing asked in response, “But don’t men prefer thin women?”

Lin Beifan shook his head. “I don’t know about other men, but I prefer curvy ones! Like your current figure, it’s just right, I really like it! So, don’t lose weight!”

Song Yuqing’s heart suddenly raced.

Was this a confession?

She pretended to be angry and said, “You are not someone important to me! Whether I lose weight or not, what’s it to you?”

Then, she pulled all the dishes closer to her.

Lin Beifan was surprised. “What are you doing?”

Song Yuqing grabbed her chopsticks and said resolutely, “I’m going to eat! Only when I’m full, will I have the energy to lose weight!”

Lin Beifan nodded seriously. “You make a lot of sense. Let me add a chicken leg for you. I hope you take care of yourself!”

“Thanks! If I succeed in losing weight, there’s a share for you!”

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