Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Cooperation

As soon as the words fell, Ran Qingmo looked at the handsome and serious face in front of her, and couldn’t tell what she was thinking from her eyes.

Xu Yuan didn’t urge her and quietly waited for her answer.

No one wants to die, and he is no exception.

Although the original owner of the Third Prince’s family had the power throughout Great Yan, distant water could not solve a nearby fire.

In the current situation of isolation and helplessness, the only person Xu Yuan could rely on was Ran Qingmo, who had tied him up.

Everyone else wanted to kill him, but she only abducted him.

After the Flame Spirit Python died, blood gushed out like magma, hot and scorching. In the cold winter rain, it stirred up a mist, blocking everything outside the cave.

During the silence,

“Okay, go ahead.”

Ran Qingmo’s calm voice sounded slowly in the quiet cave.

Xu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that at this moment, the other party would give him another blow.

Carefully choosing his words, Xu Yuan looked at her and said softly:

“Miss Ran, what I want to say is simple. For the sake of my life and your life, we’d better cooperate.”

Ran Qingmo quietly watched him, waiting for his next words.

Seeing this, Xu Yuan continued to speak slowly and softly:

“I know it may be presumptuous for me to say this as a prisoner under the first level of captivity. But as you saw just now, if you hadn’t intervened, I would have died by now.”

Pausing for a moment, a self-deprecating smile appeared on Xu Yuan’s lips.

“I know that because of my father’s connections, many people in this world want me dead. But I don’t think a monster living in the Wanxing Mountains would be affected by him.”

Speaking, Xu Yuan looked into Ran Qingmo’s eyes.

“However, this python wanted to kill me. The Flame Spirit Python, which is inherently afraid of death, still wanted to kill me even when you had pierced through its seven-inch vital point.”

“Miss Ran, don’t you think this is strange?”

The sound of the flowing rain gently entered the cave, and the inside fell silent.

Ran Qingmo’s clear and serene eyes blinked slightly, and she nodded slightly.

Xu Yuanshen took a deep breath and said, “Someone wants me to die on the way you caught me.”

“If I die here, my father will assume that you killed me.”

After a pause, Xu Yuan emphasized each word, “You will also die.”

This woman in black, always with a calm demeanor, was really strong.

But there were other powerful people in this world besides her. Capturing Xu Changtian and causing his death was the beginning of her own death.

In “Blue Spring”, Xu Yuan actually quite liked Ran Qingmo as a character.

She was considered a half female protagonist because she always died before she could develop a romantic relationship with the player, and she never even took off her veil before dying.

Among the twenty-five endings in “Blue Spring”, Ran Qingmo only had one official easter egg where she fled overseas, but the condition for achieving this egg was that the player had to cheat and raise their stats to their limit and forcibly defeat a boss that was impossible to defeat at that time.

Xu Yuan used to think that this easter egg was interesting.

The fate of the character would change based on the choices made by the player, but the effect of this change was limited unless you cheat.

But now, he suddenly realized that the other person and his original body were both in some sense “hidden talent and extraordinary person”, dying twenty-five times in twenty-five different worlds.

Ran Qingmo didn’t speak, and her eyes showed no emotional fluctuations.

She was unmoved by Xu Yuan’s death threat.

Xu Yuan realized that this kind of threat seemed ineffective against a woman like Ran Qingmo, so he took a deep breath and changed the subject.

“Miss Ran, you caught me for the sake of the forty thousand disciples of the Sword Sect, right?”

Ran Qingmo’s eyes flickered, and the warm air in the cave seemed to drop slightly.

Seeing this, Xu Yuan knew what was going on and continued to speak softly.

“You don’t have to look at me like that. I won’t ask about your source of information, and you don’t need to investigate how this useless waste like me found out. Now we’re on the same boat, and delving any further is meaningless.”

For a moment, Ran Qingmo’s eyes softened.

Xu Yuan looked at the giant python corpse outside, and said slowly, “Although I still can’t agree with your judgment that taking me as a hostage would threaten my father, but even if you want to threaten him, you shouldn’t use a corpse, right?”


Ran Qingmo remained silent for two seconds, and her clear voice came from under her black veil, “But you don’t have qi.”

Xu Yuan was surprised at her words, thought for a moment, and understood what she meant.

In this extraordinary world, not having qi is equivalent to being an ordinary person.

And in the eyes of practitioners like Ran Qingmo, ordinary people are almost no different from ants.

If there was a third party who dared to make a move against Xu Yuan in her presence, their strength would naturally not be weak.

When she fights with them, the aftermath alone would be enough to kill Xu Yuan a hundred times.

Now she had to protect Xu Yuan herself, and there was no need for cooperation or not.

Xu Yuan didn’t intend to get involved in the fight, he smiled and asked in a low voice, “Do you have the map of Wanxing Mountain Range?”

Ran Qingmo blinked and turned to the bag in the corner of the cave, rummaging through it, and handing Xu Yuan a roll of sheepskin scroll.

Xu Yuan sat down and opened the sheepskin scroll near the campfire, sweeping the map in the flickering firelight.

At the moment he saw the map, Xu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

Although there were some differences in detail, this map was generally consistent with the map of Wanxing Mountain Range in the game “Blue Spring”.


Xu Yuan waved to Ran Qingmo and indicated for her to sit down too, “As long as you can confirm where we are, I can provide a hiding place.”

Ran Qingmo slowly lifted the hem of her black dress and sat down next to Xu Yuan, but her eyes were slightly wary as she looked at him.

Xu Yuan also noticed the inappropriateness of his words.

Although she was a bit dull, Ran Qingmo should not be stupid.

Looking down at the map and considering for a moment, Xu Yuan said, “I know that there must be people looking for me in this Wanxing Mountain Range, but you don’t have to worry too much.

“I can’t contact them, and in front of practitioners like you, anything I do is transparent. You don’t have to worry about me making marks.

“On the contrary, if you continue to wander around with me in this Wanxing Mountain Range, it is very likely to be discovered.”

As he spoke, Xu Yuan looked into her clear eyes, his voice still a bit hoarse, “You can conceal your breath, but I can’t.”

Like many other extraordinary worlds, practitioners here can use their qi to locate people.

Ran Qingmo pondered for a long time, her ink-black eyes filled with thoughts. Finally, she nodded slightly and said seriously, “I will watch over you.”

Xu Yuan gave a small smile and said, “As you wish.”

After speaking, Xu Yuan’s gaze fell back to the map spread out before him. He spoke in a low voice, “When I was a child, my father brought my two brothers and me to the Wanxing Mountains. He had a cave there with many cultivation resources that could sustain us for a long time.”

This was a lie Xu Yuan made up. His own father had no knowledge of this treasure trove, but he felt no guilt in blaming it on someone else.

Ran Qingmo furrowed her brows upon hearing this and asked in a cold voice, “Did your father know about it?”

Xu Yuan had already prepared a script for this and nonchalantly replied, “My father is currently stationed in the imperial capital and cannot come looking for me in person. His subordinates also do not know about that location. Even if they did, what are the chances they would come looking for me there?”

Ran Qingmo fell silent.

Xu Yuan lightly tapped on the sheepskin scroll and said, “Alright, point out where we are on the map and let’s get going as soon as possible.”

Ran Qingmo nodded slightly and lowered her beautiful eyes. After staring at the map for a long time, she hesitantly pointed to a certain location with a slender finger.

Xu Yuan’s narrow eyes narrowed even further. It was quite close.

Before he had a chance to be pleased though, he saw her slender finger move again and point to another location. Then it was three more locations.

Xu Yuan fell silent and hesitated to speak.

The fire flickered silently as they locked eyes. Ran Qingmo averted her gaze and said softly, “I don’t know.”

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