Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Back to the Republic of China, a strong country and strong offspring!

While the two were diligently cultivating, the outside world was in an uproar because of their affairs.

“Did you hear? Bai Yiyi is involved with a man!”

“Who is it, could it be Senior Brother?”

“Not him, but a disciple named Lin Beifan, a miscellaneous disciple!”

“Lin Beifan? Never heard of him! What qualities does he have to win Sister Bai’s favor?”

“I’ve inquired; he’s just an ordinary miscellaneous disciple, average aptitude and strength, but not bad-looking! Perhaps, he captivated Sister Bai with his appearance!”

“Impossible, Sister Bai shouldn’t be so shallow!”

“Then, what’s the reason? Heard they are already living together, haven’t come out the whole night!”

“Could it be… they’ve already…”

“Can’t think about it anymore; I’ll go crazy!”

Equally anxious was Lai Xiaoqiang.

He paced in the room nervously until someone walked in, and he asked, “Did you find out how Lin Beifan knows Sister Bai?”

The subordinate reported, “Brother Qiang, found out, they didn’t know each other before!”

Lai Xiaoqiang angrily said, “Impossible! If they didn’t know each other, how could they be so intimate, living together! Sister Bai has never been so close to any man!”

“I… I don’t know, this is all I found out!”

Lai Xiaoqiang gritted his teeth, “You better continue investigating! Just thinking about them being in the same room, Lin Beifan doing whatever he wants to my daydreamed Sister Bai, it hurts so much I can’t breathe!”

Suddenly, there was a cracking sound.

Turns out, Lai Xiaoqiang had bitten off his own tooth.

The subordinate awkwardly said, “Brother Qiang, I think you might have misunderstood. Given Lin Beifan’s strength, it’s unlikely he would do as he pleases with Sister Bai. It’s probably Sister Bai doing as she pleases with him!”

“Does that make a difference?”

Lai Xiaoqiang gritted his teeth, “Whether it’s him doing as he pleases or her doing as she pleases, I can’t escape this cuckoldry! Damn you, Lin Beifan, I always considered you a brother, but you stole my woman, despicable!”

Another cracking sound!

Lai Xiaoqiang broke another tooth!

Clearly, Lai Xiaoqiang was extremely angry at this moment.

The subordinate thought to himself, it’s like a toad wanting to eat swan meat.

Even without Lin Beifan, this ugly guy wouldn’t be able to get a beautiful woman. There are so many senior brothers ahead of him!

If there’s revenge to be taken, I should be the one doing it first!

At this moment, Lai Xiaoqiang, looking at the hesitant subordinate, impatiently waved his hand, “Alright, what are you still doing here? Hurry up, go out and continue investigating for me!”

“Yes, yes… Brother Qiang, I’ll leave right away!”

Amidst the commotion outside, Lin Beifan remained undisturbed.

Thanks to ample resources, Lin Beifan only took a week to smoothly break through to the Moving Blood and Exchanging Marrow Realm, elevating his strength to a higher level, approaching the extraordinary.

Overjoyed, Lin Beifan exclaimed, “Having resources is truly remarkable! Give me another half a year, breaking through the extraordinary won’t be a difficult task!”

Half a year, for Lin Beifan, could be considered both long and short.

Now, he had to consider how to make rational use of the resources before him. Given his weak foundation, using the same resources wouldn’t yield results comparable to others. With the advancement of his strength, the disadvantage of his foundation would become more apparent, and the resources needed would multiply.

Therefore, he must use the available resources wisely, without waste, to attain higher cultivation and stronger power.

After some thought, Lin Beifan’s eyes lit up, “Got it!”

He closed his eyes, entering a dream.

In the dream, a blue planet appeared.

Skyscrapers, wide roads, cars, and high-speed trains adorned the planet, exuding a modern urban atmosphere.

But then, a powerful, unpredictable force descended upon the world.

As if someone pressed the rewind button, pedestrians, cars, and waves were all moving backward.

Time unconsciously rewound a hundred years to the era of the Republic of China.

It was an age of war and turmoil.

Foreign invaders, the sinking of the land, the impending demise of the nation.

Numerous righteous individuals stood up, hoping to overturn fate and rebuild China.

Among these righteous individuals, there was a unique group of heroes. They practiced martial arts and spread their knowledge, attempting to save the country and its people, strengthening the nation and its people.

This group was called the Masters.

Representative figures included:

Tiger Head Lieutenant Sun Lutang!

Invincible Spear God Li Shuwen!

Wudang Sword Immortal Li Jinglin!

Thousand Jin King Wang Ziping with Divine Power!

Each one was a prominent figure.

And the martial arts they imparted were known as national arts.

Martial arts focused on defeating enemies without showmanship—this was the national art.

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