Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – Melancholy of Uracal 6

The information broker quickly gave them the address of the Doll Princess. However, they couldn’t seem to find where Aix was, as he seemed to have outsmarted them.

While they were on the way, Ren noticed something and whispered to the boss.

“Boss, over there are Butts and Elfman from the rumoured fallen Zombies.”

Looking over, they saw the exhausted Zombies shuffling aimlessly while muttering to themselves.

“Bonus time, bonus time.”

As rumored, they were in a sorry state, not even wearing their enchanted swords, and there wasn’t a powerful Dwarf amongst them.

“Let’s take them down.”

The boss purposely bumped into Batts, stole his wallet from his back pocket, and made a clean getaway.

“Tsk, you bastard! I’m gonna kill you…U-Uracal-san!”

Batts’ face turned pale with fear.

They didn’t hesitate to take down their enemy team.

“Baldy. Shut them up.”

“Leave it to me.”

With a slow punch, Batts was hit hard and collapsed onto the ground with a groan.

Normally, this was the point where their allies would have interfered, but since they had became fallen party, they pretended not to see anything and walked away.

“What the hell did you do that to Batts for!? Ugh…”

Elfman, the only one who protested, collapsed in agony.

The boss couldn’t help but wonder what would they do if they turned Elfman into an Elfwoman?

While looking at Ren, who was grinning with delight after delivering a groin attack, but then looked embarrassed and tried to brush it off.

“Are you okay?”

Looking at Ren, who was now delicately tending to Elfman despite having kicked him down earlier, the boss shook their head in disbelief.

Well, he did teach Ren that tactic.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, Boss.”

After a while of walking, Ren nervously handed the wallet over to the boss.

“Here you go, Boss.”

They managed to get Elfman’s wallet.

Upon searching through Batts’ back pocket, they found a wallet and gained a decent amount of temporary income by only taking the coins and returning the cards to the wallet. The rule of the hunter is not to overcatch.

“You did well. Here’s your share,” said the boss as they arrived at Luca’s workshop.

After ringing the bell with no response, the big man cast a spell on the doorknob and unlocked the door.

“Go in. Don’t kill anyone, even if the target is there,” the boss ordered, and Ren nodded before entering with the big man, while Uracal waited outside, guarding the entrance.

After ten minutes, they heard a loud thud inside the room, and then a rumbling sound followed. Suddenly, they heard a scream and some struggling sounds.

“Boss, it’s a trap!” Ren reported before getting caught in the trap himself, and he could not contact him anymore.

“Damn it! Did I forget to mention the teddy bear trap?” Uracal cursed.

He began to think that they had been ambushed, but Uracal warned himself not to let his guard down, and soon, he joined the fight by quietly breaking the window.

He found a big man immediately tied up.

There are rabbit stuffed animals around conspicuously placed.

Are they trying to lure me in or is this just a twisted hobby? Anyway, where is the bear stuffed animal?

The trap stench was strong, so he ignored the big man and went to the next room.

He checked the ceiling too.

The bear wasn’t there.

“There it is! Ren…what are you wearing?”

He had been tied up with thread and turned into a beautiful object. There were many rabbit stuffed animals around, but the bear wasn’t there.

As he observed, the rabbit started moving!

“But I don’t sense any intelligence. This is a bluff. It’s just a test of endurance. Where is the real bear hiding?”

Uracal became impatient, paying attention to where the bear might be hiding, and approached Ren, cutting his muzzle with a knife. He wanted information.

“What happened?”

“Boss, the rabbit!”

“What? Rabbit. Ugh.”

Unfortunately, it was too late when he realized the warning and a rope was tied around Uracal’s neck.

He quickly inserted his fingers to secure his airway, but his arms and torso were wrapped around and he was pushed down.

“Ugh. Where were you hiding!?”

“Are you the last one standing?” (Rabbit)

A woman’s voice rang out.

Uracal was shocked when he saw who it was.

“Th- the rabbit, it’s talking-!”

“State your purpose.”

That informant, I’ll kill her!

“Isn’t it supposed to be a bear!?”

“Oh, are you talking about that traitor? Hurry up and tell me what you know.”

The merciless string digs into his fingers and the back of his neck.

Looking at the end of the string, cute rabbits are pulling it like in a tug of war.

“Stop it! I just came after Aix’s whereabouts.”

“Oh? Our interests align. Take us to Sheep Town in the neighboring city. Leaving me behind is unacceptable.”

Aix was outside the city? How is that even possible?!

“The deal is done.”

“I like obedient children.”

And so, the elite Uracal troops surrendered to the awakened Mother Rabbit.

A surprise checkmate in the pursuit of Aix.

Mother Rabbit considers Crazy Bear a traitor because he was the only one Luca took on the trip to the neighbouring town.

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