Chapter 69

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===069 Energy Core ===

Su Hao looked at the huge body of the black-headed white-tailed eagle, his eyes shining, almost drooling.

For the past two years, he deliberately avoided the Grandmaster level fierce beasts and focused on studying the Master and Elite level. Now, the body of a Grandmaster level fierce beast is right in front of him, tempting him as someone obsessed with runes. How could he resist?

Su Hao picked up his package and reached out to the white-tailed eagle with evil intentions.

Drag it away!

Find a secluded place to dissect it and see how it differs from the Grandmaster level.

As for returning to Chashan Outpost… two days of delay wouldn’t matter.

Soon, Su Hao found a suitable place, a deep depression formed on one side of a giant rock.

This was originally the habitat of a sand lizard, but after Su Hao chopped off its head, it became his temporary base.

There’s nothing much to say, skillfully take out the tools and start removing the feathers.

The white-tailed eagle, devoid of feathers after plucking… it looked incredibly ugly. Who could imagine that this bald bird in front of him was the dominant ruler of the sky?

Su Hao carefully dissected it inch by inch, just like observing a rare treasure, not missing any details.

Soon, Su Hao found the beast pattern of the white-tailed eagle.

This beast pattern was called “penetration,” and Su Hao was familiar with it. However, what surprised him was that this beast pattern found on the white-tailed eagle was complete.

This was his first time finding a complete beast pattern on a fierce beast. Previously, the ones he found were all incomplete, requiring the slaughter of many similar fierce beasts for a chance to obtain a complete beast pattern.

What surprised Su Hao the most was that this beast pattern was etched on a huge fleshy ball.

“What is this? Could this fleshy ball be the secret of the Grandmaster level?” Su Hao had dissected many Grandmaster level fierce beasts before, but had never come across a similar fleshy ball.

Curiously, Su Hao used a knife to cut the fleshy ball off and carefully examined it in his hand. He could only sense that there was a huge amount of blood qi contained inside.

No results after a long time.

“Let’s dissect it!” Su Hao quickly found various tools and skillfully dissected the fleshy ball.

Then, he took out a pale yellow bead from inside, about the size of a fingertip. When he pressed it with his hand, it felt soft and elastic, similar to a QQ candy.

In Su Hao’s perception, more than half of the blood qi in the body of this fierce beast came from this bead.

“Could it be an energy storage core? Is this the key to a Master level ascending to the Grandmaster level?” Su Hao frowned as he observed the bead.

After being taken out of the fleshy ball, the blood qi reaction of this yellow bead began to gradually decrease, indicating that the blood qi inside was slowly dispersing. It was estimated that it would take only two days for the blood qi in the bead to completely dissipate.

“Since it will eventually disperse, should I dissect it before that happens?”

Su Hao pondered for a moment, then immediately searched for the smallest tool.It’s just dissection, as long as there is no loss, it’s fine.

When Su Hao chopped the yellow bead into fragments, he didn’t discover anything, but it caused the dissipating of the blood inside to accelerate.

Not long after, Su Hao looked at the lifeless fragments and muttered to himself, “Hmm, not bad!”

After tidying everything up, Su Hao set off again. This time, he learned his lesson and chose a hidden route. Although it might be slower, it was safer.

After the incident with the White-tailed Eagle, Su Hao understood that even with radar, it didn’t necessarily guarantee his safety.

Because it was very possible that when he discovered the other party, he had already been locked on and couldn’t escape.

However, it was thanks to this White-tailed Eagle that Su Hao understood that Tier 1 Grandmasters weren’t as terrifying as he imagined. With the right approach, he could still take them down.

By dissecting the ferocious beast, the White-tailed Eagle, Su Hao had some speculations about the Tier 1 Grandmaster.

From Elite to Grandmaster, it was a breakthrough in “structure,” and from Grandmaster to Tier 1 Grandmaster, it might be a breakthrough in “energy.” So, daringly speculating, the promotion from Tier 1 Grandmaster to Ancestor tier might be a breakthrough in “comprehensive automation.”

As for whether or not it was true, Su Hao needed to ask someone, but he didn’t know if he would get an answer.

Twenty days later, Su Hao returned to Chashan Outpost.

At this time, Wu Yuntian wasn’t home.

He sat in the courtyard, holding Wu Yuntian’s teapot, boiling tea for himself, waiting for Wu Yuntian’s return.

It wasn’t until evening that Wu Yuntian returned, covered in dust.

Wu Yuntian was stunned when he saw Su Hao. After a while, he managed to say, “Xiangwu, you’re back.”

Su Hao nodded, not having seen each other for a long time, he didn’t know what to say.

Both sides remained silent for a long time, until Su Hao finally said, “Father, I made tea, come and have some.”

Wu Yuntian nodded, entered the house, took off his armor, and sat across from Su Hao.

It was only now that Su Hao saw Wu Yuntian up close.

He looked similar to before, but Su Hao clearly noticed two additional lines at the corners of Wu Yuntian’s eyes. There was a hint of worldly-wise aura in his eyes, as if he had already seen through his own fate.

Unconsciously, it had been twelve years since coming to this world.

Su Hao sensed the surge in Wu Yuntian’s strength, imagining that he had already broken through the bottleneck of blood energy intensity and reached its peak. So he asked, “Father, have you found the Blood Energy Strengthening Wave?”

Wu Yuntian nodded and said, “I found it a year ago. Now I can freely control the conversion of blood energy, and my blood energy intensity has reached its peak.”

Su Hao continued asking, “And what about the beast patterns’ inscription?”

Wu Yuntian fell silent; he didn’t feel like talking.

Su Hao immediately understood. After thinking for a moment, he asked again, “Is it because the beast patterns are too complex?”

Wu Yuntian took a sip of tea and slowly said, “Yes, there’s no way to remember them all.”

Clearly, Wu Yuntian had encountered the same problem that most elite warriors face.

Su Hao said, “Father, I have a way to simplify the beast patterns. What kind of characteristics do you want in the patterns?”

After saying that, Su Hao listed all the characteristics of the beast patterns he had on his hands for Wu Yuntian.

Wu Yuntian looked at Su Hao with a strange expression on his face, but wisely did not ask further.

Because over the years, watching Su Hao grow up, he realized a serious problem – things that he thought were impossible, things that couldn’t be done, and anything unimaginable might not necessarily be wrong.

He found that his understanding of the world had gone wrong.

The world he knew might be completely different from what he imagined.

So, as a man approaching forty, if he didn’t understand something, there was no need to ask. Even if he asked, he still wouldn’t understand. Why should he make things difficult for himself?

Wu Yuntian randomly chose a beast pattern that looked pleasing to the eye and said, “Hard, I want it to be hard!”

Su Hao nodded, immediately fetched a blank piece of paper, and drew the rune array for “hard.” After confirming its feasibility, Su Hao handed it to Wu Yuntian and said, “This is the rune array simplified based on the beast pattern. You just need to carve the rune array according to its pattern.”

Then Su Hao pointed to the eight curves around the array and said, “These are eight nodes used to adjust the runes, so that they can fit your body.”

Afterward, Su Hao described in detail the role of the array and briefly explained how to memorize it in sections.

After finishing, Wu Yuntian frowned and said, “Xiangwu, can this array really achieve the effect of the beast pattern?”

Su Hao nodded and said, “Of course!”

Wu Yuntian said, “I don’t know how you did it, but don’t let others know that it was created by you. Otherwise, you’ll definitely be in danger.”

Su Hao said seriously, “Father, I understand! I’ll be careful.”

Wu Yuntian sighed and said, “There is internal conflict within the human race, which I don’t understand. But all the knowledge above the master level has always been controlled by higher-level warriors. If they know that you have turned the beast patterns into arrays, they might kill you after obtaining the array without considering the consequences.”

Su Hao had also considered this problem. He wanted to popularize the simplified runes, which would be beneficial to the entire human race.

But doing so was likely to touch the interests of the rulers and face ruthless persecution as a result.

He didn’t have the confidence to fight against the entire human race alone.

So, what should he do?

Su Hao didn’t know either. He had very little information about the ruling class at the moment.

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