Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: The handsome man is always lonely!

After two busy days, Lin Beifan finally finished his work of Darro Country. He had two days off.

On this day, the sun was shining and the wind was refreshing. Lin Beifan and Li Shi Shi went out of the city for a spring outing.

They rode in two carriages, one for people and one for food, they leisurely left the city. The little princess also followed.

It seemed that ever since she met Lin Beifan, she had become his little tail. Wherever he went, she followed.

Everyone chose a beautiful place, set up a long table, and put out snacks, wine and tea. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery while eating happily.

Lin Beifan and Li Shi Shi nestled together, laughing and admiring the scenery on the mountain.

A perfect match made in heaven!

The little princess sat opposite, always eating and eating…

Her little mouth just wouldn’t stop!

Lin Beifan couldn’t stand it anymore, “Little Princess, don’t eat anymore! It’s rare to come out, you should take a look at the scenery around you, empty your mind, and don’t just think about eating!”

The little princess, still eating watermelon, said, “There’s nothing good to see. I’ve been looking at it for more than ten years, and I’m tired of it!”

“You’ve been alive for more than ten years, so how come you’re not tired of life?” asked Lin Beifan.

The little princess: “…”

The little princess threw the watermelon peel and glared fiercely at Lin Beifan, “Sister Shi Shi, look at this bastard Lin Beifan. He speaks so rudely! How did you fall for him in the first place?”

Li Shi Shi leaned on Lin Beifan’s arms and covered her mouth, laughing, “Little Princess, you don’t understand. My husband is the best man in the world! Being with him makes me very happy and very at ease!” Lin Beifan raised his head proudly.

“Little Princess, don’t you come to play with my husband often?”

The little princess’s eyes dimmed, “Because I don’t have any friends! My status is high, everyone is afraid of me, and won’t play with me! Those who have the same status are all playboys, and we can’t play together!”

“In old days, Empress Sister played with me! But ever since she ascended the throne, she got busier and more dignified, so I have no friends!”

“Only Lin Beifan isn’t afraid of me. I wouldn’t have any friends if I didn’t play with him!”

At this moment, a warm hand covered the little princess’s head.

The little princess looked up to see Lin Beifan’s warm face.

She heard Lin Beifan’s gentle comfort, “Little Princess, don’t think too much. I understand you very well because I used to be very lonely and had no friends!”

Littel Princess: “What? You never had any friends before? Why?”

“Because, I’ve always been alone!” Lin Beifan sighed sadly. “I bear with the handsome looks you wouldn’t expect from someone my age, so I’m often isolated by other people!”

Little Princess chuckled, “You’re shameless! Who praises themselves like that?”

Lin Beifan sighed again, “Those who haven’t experienced misery can’t really understand the troubles and misunderstandings that come with this beautiful appearance of mine. Only Dali likes me for who I am, encourages me, and never leaves my side no matter what, giving me the courage to persevere and survive!”

Little Princess and Li ShiShi giggled.

While laughing, Little Princess made a fist and hammered on Lin Beifan’s arm, “You have such thick skin! Even the walls of Capital can’t compare to your thick skin! You scoundrel…”

Lin Beifan spread his hands, “See, no matter what, why not just smile?”

“Mhm!” Little Princess nodded forcefully.

After being comforted by Lin Beifan, her mood improved greatly, and she felt warm as well.

This guy…

Whenever she wasn’t happy, he always knew how to make her smile!

He just had a unique way of doing it!

So shameless!


Lin Beifan continued to stroke the small head of Little Princess, “So, Little Princess, if you ever feel lonely, just come find me! Even if you’re bored, you can come find me! I’ll always be there for you!”

Lin Beifan’s face became firm, “Please remember, you’re not alone!”

Little Princess’s eyes were filled with hope, “Is what you’re saying true?”

Lin Beifan nodded firmly, “Yes, because you’re a pig!”

Little Princess: “…”

Little Princess went crazy, “Ah! Lin Beifan, you bastard, you’re calling me a pig again! Do you want to kill me with anger?”

Saying that, she grabbed the food in front of Lin Beifan and fiercely took a bite.

“Little Princess, that’s my favorite pig trotter, don’t!”

“I want to!”

“This is Dongpo Pork, spit it out quickly!”

“I want to eat it!”

“Little Princess, you will regret it!”

“I’ll never regret it!”

Watching Little Princess stubbornly continue, Lin Beifan sighed, “You’re from the same species, why do you eat it?”

Little Princess: “…”

“Ah! Lin Beifan, you bastard!”

At that moment, two people appeared in the distance, a man and a woman riding tall horses.

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