Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Dragon King Zhao Tian’s Cold Fury, Take Down the Cleaning Position!

Dragon King Zhao Tian was seething with cold fury. He had sent over a hundred elites, each standing at the pinnacle of their respective fields, but not a single one managed to infiltrate!

For him, it was nothing short of humiliation!

Little did he know that he hadn’t made his enmity with Lin Beifan clear. He was unaware that his enemy lurked in the shadows, while he was out in the open.

And yet, he still ended up being defeated like this.



An immense disgrace!

Dragon King Zhao Tian roared, “Tell them, that cleaning position must be taken down no matter what! If they can’t do it, they need not come back and can fend for themselves outside!”

“Yes, Dragon King!” The black-clad individuals retreated in fear.

At this moment, at the Lin Investment Company, all the Ph.D. and Master’s degree holders currently being interviewed received a message.

“Dragon King’s command: The cleaning position must be taken down! If you can’t do it, don’t bother coming back!”

Everyone’s spirits were lifted, filled with regret and remorse.


We disappointed the Dragon King!


He wouldn’t have spoken so ruthlessly!


The final cleaning position must be secured!

Even if…

Their determination showed in their gazes!

On the elevated platform, Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Now, there’s only one position left—cleaning! Honestly, I only intended to find a cleaning lady, but I didn’t expect so many people to compete for it!”

“It’s almost time now, so I won’t waste words. The cleaning exam starts now!”

“Our cleaning test will focus on strength and physical endurance!”

“Strength and physical endurance?” Everyone was puzzled.

Lin Beifan explained, “For cleaning, you don’t need high intelligence, high moral standards, or too much specialized knowledge! As long as you have enough strength and physical endurance to get the job done!”

“Therefore, our cleaning exam will be based on this criterion!”

Lin Beifan waved his hand, and someone brought over a bucket of water.

“This bucket weighs around 50 catties!”

“Try lifting it with one hand, and if you can hold it up for a minute, you pass!”

“But there’s one condition: the bucket must be at least 50 centimeters above the ground; otherwise, you fail!”

“The water inside the bucket must not spill; otherwise, you fail!”

“After lifting it, you can’t move your legs; otherwise, you fail!”

“This test is somewhat challenging and might strain your body, so I hope you all act within your abilities!” Lin Beifan grinned and said, “If there are no objections, let the test begin! Who wants to go first?”

“I’ll do it!”

Amidst everyone’s gaze, a tall and burly person stepped forward first.

He flexed his muscles slightly and then extended his right hand, exerting all his strength to lift it up with all his might.

Gritting his teeth, with a ferocious expression and a red face.

Under the opponent’s insistence, the bucket of water finally slowly left the ground.

He held on for two seconds, finally meeting the requirement of being 50 centimeters above the ground.

And at this point, the timing had just begun.

However, in less than 10 seconds, he slammed it back down, almost collapsing.

Lin Beifan shook his head, “Too weak, next!”

The next person was even worse, not even reaching the standard before putting it down.

Then the third, the fourth…

None of them succeeded.

The women couldn’t lift it at all.

The men could hold on for at most a dozen seconds, with the longest being no more than 20 seconds, and they all looked weak.

At the headquarters of Dragon Clan Capital.

Dragon King Zhao Tian’s eyes were bloodshot, “What are they testing for cleaning? Speak!”

“Returning to the Dragon King, they’re testing strength and physical endurance, lifting a bucket of water with one hand!” The black-clad person said respectfully, “This bucket contains around 50 catties of water. They need to lift it with one hand, 50 centimeters above the ground, without spilling the water inside the bucket. After lifting it, they can’t move their legs, and they must hold on for a minute to pass!”

“Lifting a bucket of water with one hand, not difficult!” Dragon King Zhao Tian shook his head.

When he used to train, even lifting 100 catties with one hand was nothing; he could hold on for over ten minutes. It was not a difficult task at all.

“How many people have passed?”

“Returning to the Dragon King, 30 people have participated in the test, but none of them passed!”

Zhao Tian was furious, “Isn’t this a simple task? How come none of them could pass?”

The black-clad person sighed, “Returning to the Dragon King, this test is indeed not difficult for martial artists like us. However, the people we sent were all talented scholars, with all their attributes focused on intelligence. They lack physical training in their daily lives, so they couldn’t handle it!”

Zhao Tian also knew that it was tough for those people.

But so far, not a single person managed to infiltrate. How could he maintain his dignity?

“This time, I don’t want to hear any excuses; I only want results!” Zhao Tian’s face flushed with shame and anger, “Go and tell the remaining people that even if they have to risk their lives, they must lift that bucket of water for me!”

“Yes, Dragon King!”

So, those who hadn’t participated in the test yet received another message.

“Dragon King’s command: Even if you have to risk your lives, you must lift that bucket of water for me!”

After reading the message, they all showed a resolute expression as if they were ready to face death.

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