Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger, a Promise Kept!

Under the organization of Lin Beifan, the compensation was renegotiated. The Kingdom of Darro was not required to pay a penny, but they were to open their borders and allow the Great Wu merchants to enter and conduct business, with tariffs and other taxes collected not being overly high, and also allowing Great Wu scholars to enter and establish schools to teach the locals.

After hearing the news, Prince Hamu was overjoyed. He never expected that Lin Beifan would be able to accomplish this and not require any tribute. As for opening the borders and allowing Great Wu merchants and scholars to enter, it did not matter much to them as it did not pose a threat to their rule, as long as the military did not interfere. In fact, they were even pleased by it, as it could promote trade and improve the lives of their people while educating them.

They were very grateful for all of this, and it could not have been done without one person. To express their gratitude, they once again invited Lin Beifan.

“Mr. Lin, I offer you a toast!” Prince Hamu raised his glass, his face flushed with excitement. He could not believe the outstanding achievement that had been accomplished during the negotiations.

Upon returning home, his father would surely praise him greatly, the officials would support him, and the people would look up to him, ensuring his position as the heir.

Thinking of his bright future, he was elated.

“Your Highness, no need for such formality. Please, everyone, have a drink!” Lin Beifan offered a toast in return.

“Mr. Lin, please join us!” The envoys all raised their glasses, pleased with the achievement they had accomplished. They could not deny that they would be handsomely rewarded upon their return, with titles and promotions.

After enjoying a few more drinks, Lin Beifan raised his glass meaningfully and said, “Prince Hamu, I have fulfilled my end of the bargain. Don’t forget our agreement: 3.5 million, not a single coin less! Otherwise, not only can I overturn the previous tribute agreement, but I can also re-establish it!”

“I dare not forget…” Prince Hamu was both happy and distressed, as 3.5 million was no small amount, equivalent to half a year’s treasury income. However, compared to paying over 3 million in tribute to Great Wu every year, this was already a very favorable outcome. He could not afford to offend Lin Beifan now.

“Lin, 3.5 million is a large sum. We only have about 300,000 on us now, but we will give it all to you. I will report to my father and make sure to pay the rest in full. You can trust me, as Prince Hamu, I guarantee that we will not default on this!” Prince Hamu made a solemn promise.

“I trust you, Prince Hamu. Let’s continue drinking!” Lin Beifan smiled, squinting his eyes.

“Agreed! Let’s drink to our heart’s content today!” The group happily continued drinking.

Everyone exchanged cups and had a lively time. The drinking continued until midnight before the party dispersed.

Lin Beifan went back with approximately 300,000 worth of jewelry. By this time, it was already late and Li Shi Shi had fallen asleep. Lin Beifan, reeking of alcohol, didn’t want to disturb her and planned to settle for a different room for the night.

However, before going to sleep, he decided to upgrade himself.

“System, settle my account!”

[Ding! Host has embezzled 700,000 taels of silver and gold jewelry, a significant amount. Reward: fuse with Xiao Li, the imperial court first place scholar (later stage) template!]

A powerful force fused into Lin Beifan’s body. This was Xiao Li’s inner strength, along with his lifelong martial arts experience and literary talent.

After all, he was not just a famous person without merit and had been the top scholar in Imperial Academy. In no time, Lin Beifan had absorbed all of Xiao Li’s abilities.

He had the innate peak strength (if it was an innate skill, he wouldn’t have contracted tuberculosis), and although his inner strength and light work were average, he had a terrifying ultimate skill that no one could ignore: the Xiao Li Flying Dagger!

This was a cheat-level ability that hit the target every time, with a terrifying speed. Anyone who saw the dagger had already died.

With the fusion of Xiao Li’s advanced abilities, Lin Beifan could use anything as a dagger.

“This ability is excellent!” Lin Beifan laughed uncontrollably. Although his cultivation level hadn’t improved, his fighting ability had been significantly elevated.

“When the wealth of Darro country arrives, I can further improve my cultivation level!”

Xiao Li (Little Li), his real name is Li Xun Huan from drama series Legend of Dagger Li.

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