Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – The Melancholy of Uracal 4

Uracal stared at the large, shining silver coin and decided to generously distribute the two extra coins he had gained.

“Here you go, it’s consolation money from that geezer.”

“Thanks, I love you,” whispered Anee-san as she kissed the large coin.

…Ough, you’re not cute at all.

“You can have one too.”

“Boss, is it okay to take such a large sum of money?”

Defeated by the effeminate cross-dressing boy’s sly question, Uracal replied, “It’s fine.”

“Thank you, Boss.”

Ah, damn it, so pretty.

And Anee-san who was jealous, blatantly linked arms with him. Let’s avoid any rifts among the group and move on.

“Now, it’s time for business. Let’s go.”

“You…how many people do you think will die this time?” (Anee-san)

The commander is an idiot, but strong.

Anee-san was worried, so they should probably be prepared for about three deaths. They didn’t want to fight head-on, but that was the job this time.

“Who knows? But starving to death is worse than dying in battle.”

“Understood. I’ll do my best.”

She’s a good girl. Really.

Uracal gave instructions to the bald, big man.

“Baldy, tune in to the headquarters channel of the commander.”

“Leave it to me.”

This man, who was big in size, was actually a wizard. The order was to use a eavesdropping spell.

“Wall Ear.”

He started receiving and muttering to himself. As he concentrated, the conversation he was looking for could be heard.

Stupid commander, tell us.

Where is Aix right now?

“Order from the Viscount: ‘Capture Aix! Expose the Forest Rangers’ secrets!'”

“Captain Lyog! Aix?! Is that the same Aix that the butler requested for marking a month ago?”

“Yes… That Yesman kept the information secret.”

“There is no record of passage now.”

“What nonsense? He said he was going out.”

“Perhaps he went out somewhere within the territory?”

“Did we jump to conclusions too quickly that he went outside the territory? No matter, this is a chance! We will capture him when he returns to the inn. Listen, we will secretly seize the room next door immediately. Those who have a gap in their schedule will follow me!”

Amazingly, Aix had not fallen into the hands of the border army! This was a great chance.

The image of zero casualties among the comrades came to mind, and before he knew it, he was laughing.

“Hehehe, I thank Aix.”

“Hey, let’s take over the room next to door right now.”

Anee-san pulled Uracal’s arm, but he shook his head.

He couldn’t be at the same level as the army’s idiot. He must go further.

“No, we will monitor the front of the inn and the gate. If we seize him before the army, we can avoid a fight. Ren, do you know what the plan is?”

He called out to the beautiful crossdressing boy.

Remember, your true purpose is not to be a honey trap.

“Boss. How about hiring half-day surveillance for one silver coin, and for a total of 10 places for five days, the cost would be one large silver coin?”

“That settles it. The discoverer gets one large silver coin, and anyone who slacks off gets death.”

“Got it, boss!”

The tough-looking woman began to give instructions to her subordinates.

Her subordinates approached destitute wanderers with a business proposal. They gave half a large silver coin to the capable mage who had helped them before, and the remaining half was distributed among the subordinates, while one large silver coin went into Uracal’s pocket.

They watched as a thin, elderly man who had received work from the subordinates bowed deeply in gratitude. Some men whose eyes glittered at the mention of a large silver coin were also present. The trap was set.


Uracal’s face darkened as he looked at the dog that came over wagging its tail.

“Well then, if Aix falls into our trap, it will be a delicious business worth one gold coin, afterall he’s a bit of a trauma case, you know.”

Aix was someone who could be unpredictable.

“For now, I’ll report back to the old geezer tomorrow.”

Having finished his work, Uracal entered his den with his eyes narrowed like a rat’s.

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