Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: How could they fail? The answers have already come out!

Dragon Fang Capital Headquarters.

Dragon King Zhao Tian leisurely sways an 82-year-old wine and asks, “Which position are we currently interviewing for?”

Black-clothed person: “Reporting to the Dragon King, we are currently interviewing for the office clerk position!”

“Office clerk? Ha!” Zhao Tian chuckles lightly.

In his eyes, being an office clerk doesn’t require much technical expertise, at most a bit higher than a receptionist.

As long as their appearance is not significantly flawed, their intelligence is normal, and they can proficiently operate a computer, they can handle this job.

And the ones he sent are the best of the best, so why worry about not getting this job?

Moreover, in terms of appearance, these people are considered decent.

They might not be as beautiful as the front desk ladies, but isn’t it easy to outshine others?

Zhao Tian shifts positions, swaying the wine glass, and asks, “How many people are needed for this position, how many are competing, and how many of our people are there?”

The black-clothed person reports immediately, “Reporting to the Dragon King, two people are needed for this position! Currently, 45 people have applied, and we have 41 people, accounting for about 91%!”

“Over 90% representation! 41 against 4, and our people are the most outstanding. I refuse to believe we can’t secure one position!” Zhao Tian exudes great confidence.

“You are absolutely right, Dragon King!” The black-clothed person flatters.

“Hmm,” Zhao Tian nods slightly.

At this moment, the black-clothed person takes out a phone and checks the screen.

Zhao Tian knows that it must be the latest news from Lin Beifan.

However, he is not in a hurry at all.

Because he knows he has already won this round.

He leisurely takes a sip of the exquisite wine, savoring its rich flavor, and then smiles and asks, “So, how many of our people got selected? Two or one?”

The black-clothed person stammers, “It’s neither two nor one…”

Zhao Tian is surprised, “Oh? None of them? It seems there’s a new surprise. Did they exceed the quota? I knew my people are so outstanding; he can’t be indifferent! Haha…”

Zhao Tian takes another delighted sip of the wine, “Speak up, I’m listening!”

The black-clothed person hesitates, “This…”

“Louder, I can’t hear you!”

So the black-clothed person raises his voice and says, “Reporting to the Dragon King, they all got eliminated!”

Dragon King Zhao Tian: *Spurt!!*

The black-clothed person is left with a face full of red from being sprayed.

Dragon King Zhao Tian stood up angrily and exclaimed, “How could they get eliminated again? We have so many people, and they are all outstanding individuals, capable of being leaders in any company. How could they get eliminated?”

The black-clothed person trembled and replied, “Dragon King, it’s because Lin Beifan introduced a typing test, and none of them passed, so they got eliminated!”

Zhao Tian continued in frustration, “They’ve been taking exams since they were kids, both in China and abroad. What kind of test could be difficult for them?”



“Yes, Dragon King!” The black-clothed person wiped off some sweat. “Lin Beifan’s test was about typing! He said that as an office clerk, basic computer typing skills are essential! So he asked the candidates to compete in typing. In the same amount of time, the more words they type accurately, the more likely he will hire them!”

“Our people mostly have experience studying abroad! After spending two or three years outside, they’ve become unfamiliar with Chinese characters! On top of that, due to their high-ranking positions, they had fewer opportunities to type, so their speed couldn’t match up! That’s why they all lost!”

“I see!” Dragon King Zhao Tian slumped back into his seat.

Typing may sound simple and easy, but being both fast and accurate is not easy to achieve.

He is excellent in all aspects!

But when it comes to typing, he can’t do it either!

Because he simply doesn’t need that skill!

With so many subordinates under his command, how could he possibly need to type himself?

The same logic applies to those people!

Dragon King Zhao Tian gritted his teeth and said, “Damn it, lost another round! Lin Beifan, you’re really lucky! We must win all the upcoming job positions, understood?”

“Yes, Dragon King!”

However, the reality was brutal.

“Now, which position is being interviewed for?”

“Dragon King, we are currently interviewing for an accountant position!”

“An accountant! This should be easy, how many of our people got selected?”

“Dragon King, none of them!”

Zhao Tian was furious, “Why?”

“That Lin Beifan is despicable. He said accountants should be good at calculations, so he gave them on-the-spot math problems involving four-digit multiplication and division! He didn’t allow them to use calculators, only pen and paper to calculate, and in the end, everyone failed!”

Dragon King Zhao Tian: *Fck!!*

“Now, which position is being interviewed for?”

“Dragon King, we are currently interviewing for an economic analyst position!”

“That’s our strong suit. Our people are top-notch in economic analysis. We should at least secure one or two positions, right?”

“Dragon King, they all failed!”

Zhao Tian was angry, “Why did they all fail again?”

“Dragon King, it’s all because of Lin Beifan. That scoundrel is too wicked! He said everyone is an economic analyst, so he asked them to predict the stock market’s trend for today, whether it goes up or down! If they got it right, they could stay!”

Dragon King Zhao Tian was infuriated, “How could they fail when the answer was already out? The market surged 2% this morning, the situation was great, of course, it was going up!”

“They said the same thing! But by the time the market closed, something unexpected happened, and the market index rapidly dropped, breaking the opening price!”

Dragon King Zhao Tian: *Fck!*

In this way, his people were eliminated wave after wave.

Finally, Dragon King Zhao Tian’s eyes turned red as he asked, “Now, how many chances do we have left?”

The black-clothed person trembled and raised one finger, “One!”

“What opportunity is it?”

“Janitorial staff!”

Dragon King Zhao Tian almost fainted from anger.

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