Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: This Plan is Brilliant, Expanding the Territory is Just Around the Corner!

At this moment, the court officials and the empress were all pondering about the feasibility of this plan.

Conquer through military force!

Control through economy!

Tame through ideology!

By doing these three things, they can firmly control Darro and merge it into Great Wu without waging war or hurting the people, achieving their goal of expanding their territory.

This idea was too great, and the more they thought about it, the more feasible it became!

To be honest, if they can achieve all three aspects, they don’t believe they can’t take over Darro!

After a long time, the empress finally spoke, “What do my esteemed ministers think about this plan?”

“Your Majesty, we believe this plan is feasible! If we can achieve military, economic and ideological control, we don’t believe we can’t take over the small Darro!”

“But these are all ideal situations! In practical implementation, we will definitely encounter various problems!”

“For example, in terms of economy, how do we subtly control their livelihoods? This is a huge project that needs to be carefully considered! And taming them through ideology is also not easy. Changing a person’s ideology is the most difficult…”

“In addition, during the implementation process, we also need to avoid raising the alarm of the Darro royal family!”

“That’s why we think we should discuss this thoroughly!”

The officials expressed their opinions.

Lin Beifan nodded and smiled, “What you’ve said is very true! That’s why I have written a plan outline overnight, and it’s all in this report! Please examine it, Your Majesty!”

The empress anxiously said, “Quickly present it!”

When the report was presented, the empress eagerly opened it.

Although it was only a few thousand words, the empress read it slowly, not even finishing it in the time it takes to burn incense.

After finishing it, the empress applauded and praised, “Excellent, excellent! This plan is extremely clever and very detailed! If we follow this outline, we will see results within three months! In less than three years, Darro can be merged into Great Wu! Haha…”

The civil and military officials below couldn’t help but feel eager to see what was in the report.

“Your Majesty, what is written in the report?”

“May we have a look?”

The empress shook her head with a smile. She did not trust the officials. Behind these officials lay various interests, and for their own benefit, they had done countless things that harmed the public and benefited themselves. What if they found out about the plan and made a profit from it? What if they even sold out the country?

This involved her great achievement of expanding territory and could not be compromised! Moreover, if this plan was implemented, not only could they incorporate Darro into the greater Wu empire, but it would also greatly enhance their power. This was too important for her, and there could be no sloppiness.

“The previous tribute plan is abolished and replaced with Sir Lin’s plan!” said the empress.

“Your Majesty, can we reconsider?” a minister asked earnestly.

The empress waved her hand, “No need. We cannot think of a better way than this! We can swallow Darri without going to war. I will name this plan…Swallow Python!”

“Your Majesty is wise!” the officials exclaimed.

“And, this plan must not be leaked!” The empress’s eyes glinted coldly. “Otherwise, regardless of your identity or achievements, I will cut off your head and punish your whole family!”

“We dare not, Your Majesty!” the officials trembled in fear.

Some officials turned pale and were sweating profusely. Even such a harsh threat as punishment for family members was said, indicating that the empress was very serious. Some people put away their cautious thoughts.

“In short, be honest with me!” The empress threatened once again.

“Where is Sir Lin?” “I am here!” Lin Beifan stepped forward.

The empress smiled admiringly at Lin Beifan with a full expression of appreciation. This guy had given her another surprise! He was really talented to think of such a clever plan.

“Sir Lin’s Swallow Python plan not only avoids war but also lays the foundation for our great achievement of expanding the territory of the greater Wu! If this succeeds, you have done a great job, Sir Lin! Tell me, how should I reward you?”

Lin Beifan said humbly, “Serving Your Majesty is the duty of the minister, and I dare not expect rewards.”

The empress declared loudly, “When there is merit, there must be reward! Sir Lin, come forward and receive your rewards!”

“I am here!” Lin Beifan bowed.

“Reward with ten thousand silver!”

“A pair of gold, jade, and emerald!”

“Ten pearls!”… Once again, she was extravagant and didn’t mind spending money.

The eyes of the civil and military officials were red with envy!

However, this time, they could not find any reason to oppose it. If this really comes to fruition, they could have the chance to rise three ranks. And even if it was just for some wealth, it was well worth it.

After finishing the rewards, the empress smiled and said, “This is just an initial reward! If this plan is successful, I will give you a higher rank and title!”

“Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan said loudly.

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