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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – We Are Forest Rangers 5

The two who didn’t get along walked shoulder to shoulder towards Aix’s usual lodging. The brave forest guardian, Isel, complained to the commanding general, Lyog.

“Hey, why are you following me?”

“If you don’t like it, go back a different way. Do you think you’ve already won?”

When it came to recruitment battles, the forest guardians, the heroes of this town, had the advantage. Isel believed he had already won as Lyog pointed out.

The butler had concealed Aix’s departure and so it was Lai-nee, dressed in her maid outfit, the one who came out.

“Goshujin-sama will return in three days.”

The two met each other’s eyes. If Aix was out, then Lyog, who was guarding the gate, would have an overwhelming advantage, and their positions would be reversed.

With a whistle, Lyog disappeared.

“Hahaha, it’s my win! Sorry about that, Isel oldman.”

“What? It’s not over yet. You yongsters are too short-sighted.”

Isel tried to make a comeback and headed towards the slum to make a last-ditch effort.

The hero’s association that he belonged to was a yakuza organization, the face of the underworld. They relied on another violent organization, the Slum Empire.

The Slum Empire.

While listening to the sound of crackling flames, Uracal stretched out his legs and sat on the desk, looking sleepy. Anee-san beside him was getting lovey-dovey, but the firelight was getting in the way.

His subordinate, disguised as a woman, announced their guest.

“Boss, a customer is here.”

“Hmm? Let them in.”

“We’ll continue later. You over there.”

The warmth from Anee-san disappeared from his arm and they parted ways for a while.

Who on earth is this?

He was surprised by the appearance of the brave Isel, who immediately picked a fight.

“Listen here, Nezumi-kun. Be happy, I’ll give you work.”

“Well, sit down, old man. You came here yourself, so you must be pretty desperate. But we don’t have to accept the job if we don’t want to, you know?”

Uracal held back his anger and laughed with ease. Ah, he had the upper hand because of their new weapons. His cute subordinate in a mini-skirt and coat brought out tea.

“I’m thirsty, shall I have a drink? Just kidding, Uracal. There’s someone I want you to abduct right away.”

“What kind of person?”

Tsk, no reaction.

Is he impotence or something?

Isel just glanced at the trap and calmly continued the conversation while drinking tea.

“A skinny kid. Defective mage Aix. Get him back from the leaving his post.”



Uracal didn’t expect that and sprayed his tea.

Darn it, as expected of an old hero, I may have to agree to his terms tonight.

“Well, it seems like you’re not confident, Uracal.”

“Just one thing to confirm. Is this a kidnapping? Not a honey trap, right?”

The old man laughed and reached out to touch his subordinate’s butt!? Then, he stroked it and the subordinate moaned.


“Uracal, did you change careers after you got a beautiful woman? I’ll leave the means up to you. By the way, I can’t find those Brutes anywhere, did you finally get rid of them? Hahaha.”

Looking at his husky voiced subordinate who screamed, the triumphant old man lifted his nose.

What an idiot.

“Hahaha, let me tell you something good, old man. That person is a man.”

“What? I stroked a guy’s butt? Disgusting. How dare you!”

The old man was shocked and rejected his squirming subordinate with an eye full of disgust.

Since he won the negotiation, he demanded an additional silver coin. “Old man. Three silver coins up front and one gold coin later.”

“What if you fail?”

You lost the moment you started arguing.

“The client lost their money. We lost our credibility, but if the information turns out to be wrong, it’s just a laughing matter.”

“You seem to want to be killed.”

Oh, quite the killing intent. Dragon swords are dangerous, but they make me laugh. This slum is my country.

“Old man, look under the table before you say that kind of thing.”

He looks wary and doesn’t move.

Do you think it’s a bluff?

Hurry up. See, there’s a woman’s voice getting impatient under the table.

“Please don’t shoot…”

The old man trembled when he met the terrifying face of the woman holding a crossbow behind the tablecloth. It seems he tried to raise his head, but one of his subordinates was unhappy and had a knife to his neck.

Now, shall we pay for his earlier outburst?

Uracal is angry.

“Old man, you chirped all you want, but how much was the upfront payment? You haven’t forgotten, have you?”

“…It was five big silver coins.”

He successfully extracted two more big silver coins from the pale-faced hero Isel.

“We accepted the payment of five big silver coins. Now, our customer, your way out is over there.”

The hero Isel left with an indescribable expression on his face.

As they saw him off.

“Woof woof woof!”

The female dog pretending to be a guard dog woke up and made him trembled in fear.

Hehehe, tonight is the greatest night.


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“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

"I… Don't Want to Work Anymore" I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won't Do It. I Will NEVER Work Again., "Mou.... Hatarakitakunaindesu" Boukensha Nanka Yamete yaru. Imasara, Taiguu wo Kaerukara to Onegai sarete mo Okotowaridesu. Boku wa Zettai Hatarakimasen., もう‥‥働きたくないんです』冒険者なんか辞めてやる。今更、待遇を変えるからとお願いされてもお断りです。僕はぜーったい働きません
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Aix is a 19-year-old E-Rank adventurer. He is a “prodigy” mage that solely specializes in ‘Effect Duration Extension’. He has spent the last five years working like a s*ave around the clock throughout the week. When he finally collapses from exhaustion and wakes up on his doorstep, he finally comes to terms with himself. “I’m going to quit this job!” After quitting his job as an adventurer, Aix announced that he would no longer work. The people who had been enjoying the benefits of the unusually long duration novice magic cause of Aix, panicked when they realized that there was no one to replace him, but it was too late. He smiled and refused all the threats and attempts to coerce him. “I will NEVER work again!” The new life of a novice mage who has been told he won’t work begins now!


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