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Chapter 66

===066 The First Law of Runes===

In the early stages, Su Hao’s work was to divide the complex patterns of beast patterns into small fragments, which were selected from the numerous fragments that were segmented by Little Light.

The standard for selection was that when blood qi passed through these small fragments, it triggered changes in blood qi, whether it was unexplained blood qi consumption, slight vibration, or triggering perception, Su Hao would solidify the small fragments.

After a long period of accumulation, Su Hao’s rune library already had a large number of small fragments.

Then, with Little Light’s help, through repeated screening and comparison, Su Hao made an exciting discovery.

Among these fragments that had subtle reactions to blood qi, there was a type of rune fragment that could consume a large amount of blood qi. In simple terms, when blood qi passed through this part of the rune fragment in a certain order, the blood qi would mysteriously disappear.

After sorting these types of rune fragments according to their operating paths, Su Hao discovered the same structure among these fragments.

Then, after simplifying these structures and removing the excess parts, he obtained a simple structure that resembled four ribbons forming a flower.

After Su Hao drew out this simple structure and inputted blood qi, sure enough, the blood qi disappeared into thin air!

This flower-like simple structure must play an important role in beast patterns. If it could be deciphered, this simple structure could be solidified into a basic rune.

So where did these disappearing blood qi go?

As long as Su Hao understood this point, the secrets of the runes would be unveiled.

Su Hao was not in a hurry. Since he had found a breakthrough, the revelation of the truth was not far away.

For the next five days, Su Hao continued to hunt down ferocious beasts in the morning and conducted experiments and analysis on this simple structure in the afternoon.

However, even after trying various methods for five days, Su Hao still gained nothing. The blood qi always disappeared into thin air.

“In other words, the energy of the blood qi must have been converted into something that cannot be directly observed!”

While conducting repeated experiments, Su Hao kept thinking.

What could it be?

After two more days of tinkering, a flash of light suddenly appeared in Su Hao’s mind.

“Force!!!” Su Hao couldn’t help but shout.

The question that had puzzled him for a long time seemed to have found an answer. His eyes burst with a blazing aura, and every cell in his body trembled slightly.

Yes, it was “force.” Su Hao was incredibly certain that the blood qi consumed through this simple structure was converted into “force.”

This kind of “force”…”, like electromagnetic waves, magnetic fields, and electric fields, under normal circumstances, cannot be observed or perceived, but they exist in reality.

Similar to concepts such as gravity, magnetic force, and elasticity that are usually encountered, it does not belong to any of these forces but rather belongs to a special force field derived from the transformation of biological energy. This special force field is the core key to the operation of runes. With this “force,” various special effects derived from the transformation of “force” can be achieved.

The structure of this “force” is useless on its own, but when combined with the functions of other structures, it can generate various unimaginable changes.

Su Hao was so excited about his discovery that he couldn’t sleep. He studied continuously for two days and nights before feeling a hint of fatigue creeping up on him.

“Phew~” Su Hao took a long breath. Although his face was tired, his eyes remained bright.

“So, this force shall be named as the ‘fundamental force of life energy.’”

The reason it is named the “fundamental force” is because Su Hao has also discovered another “force,” with a completely different rune structure but similar functionality. It can also consume a portion of blood and qi energy. Su Hao referred to this structure as the “fundamental force 2.”

These two forces are different, but their effects are necessarily interrelated, either restraining or reinforcing each other. Different interactions will produce different effects.

To investigate this, Su Hao needs to conduct a large number of experimental studies to obtain accurate parameters before reaching preliminary conclusions.

With his thoughts wrapped up, Su Hao put down the tools in his hand and cleaned up the cave. Afterward, he lay on the bed and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Su Hao slept until the afternoon of the next day before waking up in a daze. After freshening up, he began arranging his work.

Firstly, he aimed to simplify the “fundamental force of life energy” and the “fundamental force 2” as much as possible, truly reducing these fragments of runes to basic units.

Secondly, he summarized the principle of transforming “blood and qi” into “force,” forming the first theorem of blood and force, named “Rune’s First Law.”

Finally, he needed to return to Lingyun Town to rest and replenish himself. Along the way, he could also visit his father, Wu Yuntian.

Half a month later, Su Hao completed the simplification of the two “fundamental forces” and summarized precise and concise languages for the “Rune’s First Law” and “Rune’s Second Law,” collectively known as the “effects of force and blood and qi.”

He then established a concise panel in the spatial system dedicated to recording the laws of blood and qi runes, currently including the two laws he deduced himself.

After a simple tidying up, Su Hao set off for Lingyun Town.

He planned to abandon this base because he had almost eradicated the fierce beasts in the vicinity, and even the fierce beasts from further away didn’t dare to approach, making it a small restricted area for the fierce beasts.

After this period of rest in Lingyun Town, he planned to purchase enough supplies and venture deeper into the wilderness to collect beast patterns and analyze basic runes.

Upon returning to Lingyun Town, he drew three complete beast patterns he obtained during this time and sold them to the old man. With a large amount of gold coins in hand, he began to purchase various supplies on a large scale.

He also bought many daily necessities for Wu Yuntian and a set of imposing full-body armor, a long knife, and a round shield.

He also bought a large amount of food for the villagers and hired someone to pull a cart back to Chashan Outpost.

For this little stronghold, he is filled with gratitude in his heart. It can be said that when he was weakest and most helpless, it was his father Wu Yuntian and the warriors of this little stronghold who provided him with a safe place to grow, and he learned how to become a powerful warrior from his father’s hands.

Among the many worlds he has experienced, this is the first place that has given him true self-defense capability and made him truly feel a sense of security.

He has experienced being stabbed to death, blown up by shells, washed away by floods, suffocated in water by others, died from infections, tormented by illness, died from falling, died from collisions…

He is extremely confused in his heart, not knowing how he will suffer in his next death. If he had a choice, he would rather choose his own way to end it, rather than weakly and helplessly await the sudden arrival of death.

Here, he is Su Hao, no longer weak. He has choices.

If there is a chance to wake up again in the future, the knowledge he has learned will be the foundation for his self-defense.

At night, Su Hao lies on the roof of his own house, enjoying the tranquility in his heart.

Wu Yuntian sits in the yard, sipping tea.

Su Hao suddenly takes out a bag of gold ingots from his pocket, jumps down, and walks up to Wu Yuntian, saying, “Father, these are ten gold ingots. Take them and find yourself another wife!”


Three days later, after giving some beast skins to Wu Yuntian, Su Hao sets off again, heading straight for the depths of the wilderness.

After trekking for more than ten days, Su Hao discovered a group of fierce beasts called the White-Headed Fox Clan and decided to stay here to hunt.

He decided to wipe out this White-Headed Fox Clan.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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