Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – Your Majesty, Are You Interested in Expanding the Territory?

“What method, Sir Lin, please speak!” the empress asked.

“Before I tell you this method, may I ask Your Majesty…” Lin Beifan bowed and smiled, “Are you interested in the Darro Kingdom?”

The empress’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly asked, “Sir Lin, what do you mean?”

“Let me rephrase the question!” Lin Beifan smiled slightly, “Your Majesty, are you interested in expanding your territory and incorporating the Darro Kingdom into your rule?”

The audience was in an uproar!

Everyone looked at Lin Beifan in shock!

And the empress’s heart was already in a frenzy!

Expanding the territory!

Expanding your rule!

As an emperor, who wouldn’t want to expand their territory?

Who wouldn’t want to expand their rule?

Who wouldn’t want to add glorious achievements to their reign?

For an emperor, there is no greater achievement than expanding their territory!

The empress was no exception!

“Sir Lin, what do you mean? Do you have a way to conquer the Darro Kingdom for me?” the empress asked excitedly.

“Of course! This humble servant dares to propose this because I have a way!” Lin Beifan smiled confidently, “If done properly, we can take down the Darro Kingdom without shedding a drop of blood!”

The audience was in an uproar again!

To be able to take down the Darro Kingdom is already impressive enough!

And he was talking about doing it without shedding blood?

“That’s impossible!”

“Although the Darro Kingdom is just a small border country, its people are fierce! To take it down, we would need to send a million troops! It’s impossible to do it without shedding blood!”

“It’s impossible! I’ve never heard of such a ridiculous thing before!”

“Sir Lin, please watch your words!”

“Silence! Listen to what Sir Lin has to say!” the empress ordered.

“Your Majesty, to take down the Darro Kingdom, we only need to focus on three things!” Lin Beifan said.

“What three things?” the empress asked.

“First, conquer them through military force!”

“Conquering a country always starts with strong military force!”

“Having a strong military force is the key to intimidating other countries and preventing them from starting a war! Just like before, the Darro Kingdom was already defeated by us, and that’s why they came to surrender! In the short term, they won’t dare to start a war again, and they won’t be able to start a war!”

“This provides us with very necessary conditions for the next operation!” Empress nodded her head, “Go on! What’s the second point?”

“The second point is controlling the economy!” Lin Beifan confidently said, “Compared to Darro country, our country is vast and prosperous. Production and commerce are highly developed, possessing enormous economic advantages! The people of Darro country, even if they say they are not jealous, it is fake! However, due to long-term warfare, both sides are not closely connected, and commerce is impossible!”

“If we seize the opportunity to propose opening up trade ports, support commercial exchanges between the two countries, and exchange goods, the benefits would be unimaginable!”

“Our country can not only make a lot of money from it, but the lives of the common people in Darro will also greatly improve!”

“Let’s have theme to use our Great Wu’s porcelain, wear our Great Wu’s silk, drink our Great Wu’s tea, eat our Great Wu’s food…everything in life cannot do without our Great Wu?”

“At this time, if we begin war, the common people will definitely not be willing! From being thrifty to being extravagant is easy, but from being extravagant to being thrifty is difficult! They have enjoyed all the good things, how can they easily let go?”

“They are afraid of losing everything they have, so naturally they don’t want to go to war with us! And war will inevitably take away everything they have, which they cannot accept!” Lin Beifan laughed triumphantly.

“The idea is well-reasoned! Continue!” Empress nodded her head.

“Additionally, through commercial exchanges, we can also take the opportunity to control Darro’s commerce and important resources, controlling their food, salt, oil, etc.! Once we start the war, we can immediately cut off their supplies, and they will surely be defeated!”

Empress’s eyes lit up, “This idea is not bad!”

“Finally, from a ideological standpoint, we can tame them!”

Lin Beifan smiled, “Darro has a fierce spirit and lacks education, like a blank piece of paper! We can send many scholars and teachers to tame the people of Darro, to publicize the virtues of the emperor and the beauty of Great Wu! In the long run, the people of Darro will inevitably yearn for our Great Wu and respect our empress, seeing themselves as subjects of our heavenly dynasty!”

“Without fighting, we can conquer the enemy! At this moment, although Darro has not yet been incorporated into Great Wu, it is not far off!”

Lin Beifan had everything under control, “So, conquer with military force, control with economy, and tame from an ideological standpoint! The three-pronged approach, advancing together, Darro will naturally be conquered! Without fighting, without expending any effort!”

“Empress, esteemed ministers, do you agree?”

The room was silent, and you could hear a pin drop!
Everyone looked at Lin Beifan in shock, and in their hearts, four words emerged: what a cunning monster!

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