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Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Enters the game, counterattack! Let’s chat, why climb on me?

Jing Ni, who had seen Li Mo’s skills before, looked at the room full of bodies and couldn’t help but be shocked.

Eight Linglong were the strongest among their tier of assasins.

Even if she were to face these eight people, she wouldn’t dare to easily confront their sharpness.

At most, she could only find opportunities to take them down one by one.

But Li Mo had charged straight into their midst.

He had killed them without even giving them the courage to retaliate!

“Let’s go.”

Li Mo take away the Hanguang sword on the table and pulled the stunned Jing Ni back.

By the time the two returned home, the sky was already turning light grey.

Li Mo casually threw the Hanguang sword into the corner of the bedroom.

The clatter startled Jing Ni, making her shiver.

Li Mo turned back, puzzled.

A top-tier assassin of the tier of killers, yet so timid?

Jing Ni stood there, at a loss.

She wasn’t scared by the sound just now, but she felt that Li Mo casually throwing the sword was like being angry!

Yeah, he must be angry!

Angry that his wife turned out to be a murderer!

“Now you can talk.”

Li Mo sat on the edge of the bed and patted the spot beside him.

Previously, he had asked Jing Ni not to speak, just to look.

As a result, she didn’t say a word at all.

She was obedient as if she were… what.

Jing Ni glanced at Li Mo’s expression and then at the spot beside him.

After some thought, she slowly moved over.

Carefully sat on the edge.

She sat up straight, like a well-behaved student ready to accept a scolding from the teacher!

“Do you know where you went wrong?”

Jing Ni looked at Li Mo eagerly, nodded, and then shook her head confusedly.

Li Mo chuckled at her, “You’re wrong for keeping things from me.”

Jing Ni bit her lip and asked softly, “Are… are you angry?”

Li Mo nodded.

Jing Ni’s face turned pale instantly, feeling a pang in her heart.

In a panic, she said, “I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I am a killer, my hands are stained with blood.”

“I… I don’t know what will happen if you find out about my identity.”

“In your heart, your wife should be a kind person, a gentle person. But I am a ruthless killer, I have killed many, many people.”

“I… I am afraid!”

Trembling, she looked at Li Mo anxiously.

Li Mo calmly said, “Afraid of what? Afraid that I won’t want you once I know, afraid that I will despise and reject you once I know?”

Jing Ni nodded, looking flustered, “I will listen from now on, I will follow your words, please don’t abandon me, okay?”

Li Mo’s lips twitched, showing a smile she couldn’t understand.

Suddenly, Jing Ni felt a warm feeling spreading from her ice-cold hands.

“Who said I don’t want you!”

“I am angry because you wanted to face the trap by yourself.”

Li Mo held her entwined hands, treasuring them in his palm.

“We are husband and wife, even if there are towering mountains ahead, we should overcome them together.”

Jing Ni was stunned for a moment and said in a daze, “You… you don’t despise me, do you?”

She thought Li Mo was angry because of her identity.

But she didn’t expect that he was actually angry because he was too worried about her!

“Why would I despise? Whether you are a killer or Jing Ni, you only have one identity in my eyes.”

“You are my wife!”

Her own wife is a dollfish!

So what if she has killed people, so what if she has killed many people?

If she doesn’t kill, she will be killed!

Moreover, did she kill fewer people today?

This is a chaotic world, a time where it’s either you die or I live!

“I am your wife…”

Jing Ni froze all over, murmuring.

“Yes, you are my wife, you were before, now, and forever!”

“So even if you are a killer, it doesn’t matter. It’s not your fault, the net has pushed you to this.”

“Well, I also have faults. I should have told you about my martial arts skills earlier, but I thought…”

Before Li Mo could finish his words, Jing Ni pounced on him and covered his mouth!

The words just now instantly dispelled Jing Ni’s worries.

Overwhelmed by surprise and touched, she could only respond to Li Mo’s understanding with a passionate kiss.

Finally, after a long time, both of them stopped kissing as they were almost suffocated.

Jing Ni held Li Mo tightly, her delicate face flushed.

Stroking Li Mo’s face, she affectionately rubbed against his ear.

Panting, she said, “Don’t say anything, don’t say anything, I know, you think I’m just an ordinary person, and you don’t want me to worry.”

Li Mo kissed her red earlobe, “Just like how you think I’m an ordinary person and don’t want me to worry.”

Jing Ni, touched in her weak spot, suddenly moaned and relaxed.

This bad man truly understands her too well!

“So what’s next? What should we do?”

Jing Ni leaned softly against Li Mo’s chest, looking up and asked.

Having killed the Eight Linglong today, the net will know sooner or later.

They will come looking for them eventually!

Teasing her earlobe, Li Mo said, making Jing Ni’s eyes blurry.

“Fear must be confronted in order to overcome it.”

“Although the Network is powerful, so what.”

“Constantly evading and hiding will only heighten their arrogance, only through a decisive action, can we have peace.”

Jing Ni was on the verge of collapse, her jade legs rubbing against Li Mo’s body.

She was almost climbing on top of him!

Open her mouth and breathe out a intoxicating fragrance, saying: “You are… hmm~ what do you want?”

Li Mo pursed his lips: “Enter the game, counterattack.”


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Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is Jing Ni, 大秦:开局发老婆?夫人竟是惊鲵
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Others who reincarnate into the Great Qin (Qin Dynasty Era) either become the Sons of the Ancestral Dragon or noble princes. But Li Mo, who reincarnated here, became a blind man who couldn’t even find a wife, starting with a catastrophe! Fortunately, though, heaven closed one window for him but helped him lift the roof: awakening simplified talents and heavenly eyes in cultivation. Gaining inner strength: breathing! Strengthening the foundation: sleeping! Five Thunder Heart Palms: generating electricity through friction! Viewing the world with the heart, transcending all beings! To increase the population, the court mandates marriages, dragging those who don’t marry into forced labor camps and providing partners for those without. And is this a good thing? Li Mo just went with a bamboo pole! Who cares if the wife is ugly? Anyway, he can’t see, as long as the well water comes out! But unexpectedly, he ended up marrying a dollfish (a woman with a condition of urethral hypersecretion), which gurgled as soon as he dug the well. Seeking the Ancestral Dragon’s military strategy? Let’s understand “The Pulley Language”. Not enough troops for the battle? One sulfur, two saltpeter, three charcoal, add some white sugar, and Big Ivan, let’s understand it. Eight-year-old Xiaomeng wants to become a disciple? Let’s cultivate an understanding! You say I’m blind? Have you ever seen a blind person massaged by the Moon Goddess, having his legs pressed by the Eastern Sovereign, and fed fruit by the Flame Princess?


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