Chapter 65

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===065 Surprise===

Dealing alone with an exploration team, regardless of whether the other party is trustworthy, there is one question that cannot be avoided, and that is whether the other party can become his long-term stable dumping target. You see, the beast patterns he obtains will not be few.

As for the Xiao Family’s Hongyan Chamber of Commerce, with a strong foundation, they must have accumulated quite a number of beast patterns, which will cause some of the beast patterns in their hands to not sell for a good price.

On the other hand, the Qilin Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have this worry. A large number of small exploration teams mean a large number of high-level elite warriors. The market demand is there, so there is no need to worry about not being able to sell.

The only issue is that they might not be able to sell at a high price.

But it doesn’t matter. Su Hao has always relied on quantity to win. The market price is usually over twenty gold coin, while he can sell his beast patterns for only fifteen gold coin.

Fifteen gold coin is not a small amount of money.

He only needs to sell one, and he can become rich.

However, Su Hao doesn’t plan to keep the beast patterns. Besides ‘perceiving’ and the four beast patterns he obtained from Jin Datong, he intends to sell the remaining five.

What’s the use of keeping this stuff? Its value can only be realized when knowledge circulates.

As for whether he will be targeted by someone, Su Hao’s initial judgment is no, because the entire Lingyun Town market is very large, and countless transactions are made daily. Naturally, there is a set of operating rules, both visible and hidden.

Although the five beast patterns are valuable, when placed in the entire market, they are just a ripple on the lake, blending into the big and small ripples on the entire lake’s surface and not attracting much attention.

Besides, even if someone targets him, would he be afraid?

For him, it’s basically one cut for one.

Having made up his mind, Su Hao no longer hesitates.

He first used his last bit of money to buy five rough blank scrolls, then prepared the drawing liquid and started drawing.

Normally, official beast pattern scrolls need to be drawn using the drawing liquid, which is said to facilitate proofreading for completeness. Su Hao doesn’t really know how to proofread it.

This process doesn’t require the use of energy. It’s very easy to draw and he quickly finishes it.

Early the next morning, after giving himself a mature appearance and adding a height pad, his whole person looks close to 1.6 meters, which is not small.

He quickly arrived at the main selling and purchasing branch of the Qilin Chamber of Commerce.

Immediately, a shop assistant greeted him, “Hey, young man, please come in! How can I assist you?”

Su Hao asked, “Do you purchase items?”

The shop assistant immediately nodded and said, “Of course, as long as it has value, we buy it.”

Su Hao leaned closer and whispered, “Do you buy beast patterns?”

The shop assistant was taken aback and asked in confusion, “Beast patterns?”

Su Hao immediately had a wry smile. This shop assistant is just an ordinary person and probably has never heard of such a thing.

Just as Su Hao was hesitating whether to find someone else to ask, he heard the shop assistant inhale sharply and lowered his voice even more than Su Hao, saying, “Are you talking about the expensive beast patterns? The kind of stuff that even legendary warriors fight over, risking life and limb?” Su Hao nodded.

The guy took a deep breath and said, “I can’t make the decision on this. Wait for me, I will call the boss.”

The guy quickly ran inside. After a while, he came out with an old man and gestured towards Su Hao.

The old man immediately approached and said, “Young friend, please come this way.”

The following events were unexpectedly straightforward for Su Hao, without the troublesome matters he had imagined.

There was not much communication between the two sides. The old man briefly explained the rules of the transaction: the unified purchase price for beast patterns without records was 18 gold coin per piece, while the ones with records would not be purchased.

Then the old man asked Su Hao how many pieces he wanted to sell.

Su Hao directly said, “Five pieces!”

It was apparent that the old man was taken aback, then he stroked his gray beard and expressionlessly said, “We need to verify the integrity of the beast patterns first.”

Curiously, Su Hao asked, “How do we verify?”

The old man smiled and stood up, saying, “Please come this way.”

Then, the old man opened a heavy black metal box that looked like lead. Inside the box was a dark green shiny stone.

He unfolded the beast patterns that Su Hao had drawn and placed them on the dark green stone. Soon, faint green light emanated from the patterns.

The old man removed the beast pattern and said, “Yes, this is a complete beast pattern. Since the Chamber of Commerce hasn’t recorded it, it’s worth eighteen gold coin.”

Su Hao nodded, then asked curiously, “What is this stone?”

The old man shook his head without answering.

Su Hao immediately said, “Give me seventeen gold coin for this pattern.”

The old man smiled and said, “This stone is called Heavenly Stone, specifically used to test the integrity of beast patterns. Whenever a complete beast pattern is placed on the Heavenly Stone, the patterns will emit a luster. However, this stone shouldn’t be exposed to it for long. It needs to be stored in this soft stone box; otherwise, it will soon become sick and die.”

Su Hao’s scalp immediately tingled. He stood up and quickly took a few steps back, silently yelling in his mind, “Damn, isn’t this a radioactive element? Carrying it around every day, aren’t they afraid of dying?”

Thinking that Su Hao was scared, the old man laughed and said, “Don’t worry, short-term exposure is not a big problem. And this Heavenly Stone is very precious, with no more than ten pieces in the entire Lingyun Town.”

Su Hao remained calm and said, “I suddenly remembered something. Let’s continue with the transaction as soon as possible.”

The old man nodded without any objections.

Soon, Su Hao walked out of the store with a bag of gold coin in his hand and immediately fled.

This place was too dangerous to stay for long.

He probably understood the approach to verifying the integrity of beast patterns in this world.The slight special energy produced by radioactive elements is trapped by the liquid in the drawing, and if the totem pattern has a complete circuit, it will produce some effects. If the totem pattern is not complete, there will be no reaction.

“Talented! Tsk tsk!” Su Hao couldn’t help but admire, radioactive elements can be used like this, truly talented.

Holding the money bag in his hand, Su Hao was extremely happy.

Although two totem patterns were duplicated, three were sold at a high price. After deducting one gold coin retained by the old man, he made a profit of fifty-three gold coins!

With the money in hand, the next step is to make purchases.

With a large amount of money, everything looks so adorable.

A set of well-fitting high-intensity armor requires 5 gold coins? Buy!

A set of high-specification cutting tools requires 3 gold coins? Buy! Two sets!

A exquisite short knife for 1 gold coin? Buy! Two sets!

A backpack made of special leather from a terrifying beast for 1 gold coin? Buy!

When Su Hao walked out of Lingyun Town again, he had already changed into a brand-name outfit, armed to the teeth! With the blessings of money, his temperament had greatly improved, dazzling everyone along the way.

The charm of wealth is evident at this moment.

Driving in his radar, Su Hao quickly entered deep into the wilderness, avoiding all exploration teams. It only took him four days to return to that cave.

Unexpectedly, in just half a month, the cave was again occupied by a mantis-like praying mantis beast.

Without any hesitation, he beheaded it, dissected it, cut it open, recorded the totem pattern, and discarded the corpse.

For Su Hao, the body of this insect-like giant beast was worthless. After recording the totem pattern, he would directly discard the corpse.

Because he didn’t like experimenting on the bodies of such ferocious beasts, it would make him smell foul and the sticky greenish-blue liquid that leaked out made him nauseous. If his hands got a bit of it, it wouldn’t be washed off for several days.

Two months later.

Dragging the corpse of a exploding needle lizard into the cave, Su Hao began the skilled dissection.

After successfully obtaining the incomplete totem pattern, he pulled out all the thorns from the exploding needle lizard’s body and started various runic experiments on the bald corpse.

The runes used for experimentation were not a complete totem pattern, but small parts of the structure from a complete totem pattern. These structures were discovered by Su Hao through comparing multiple totem patterns.

He believed that the simplest way to analyze a totem pattern is to start from similar structures.

The continuous experiments during this period of time led him to a new discovery.

This discovery was credited to his core totem pattern, “Sensation”.

He found that as long as he concentrated and fully activated the “Sensation” totem pattern, he could sense the subtle changes in blood and qi. So he was conducting structural experiments, and the whole time he was using “perception” to observe the different reactions of the fragmented structure under different conditions.

After another month of research, Su Hao made an unexpected discovery.

He seemed to have found the direction for studying runes.

“What a pleasant surprise!” Su Hao’s eyes were full of excitement.

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