Chapter 62

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===062 Right and Wrong===

Jin Datong stepped forward, as the power surged from his feet to his fist, smashing towards Su Hao with all his strength.

However, to his surprise, his stepping foot missed, causing him to lose balance in an instant.

“What?!” Jin Datong was shocked, immediately realizing that he had fallen into a trap, his scalp went numb in an instant.

Su Hao had been running all over the place just now, not just running, but he had found the hard surface of the ground, then infused his blood energy into his feet, quietly leaving countless deep pits on the ground. In the darkness like this, it was impossible to perceive without careful observation. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

These pits weren’t very useful, but it was enough as long as Jin Datong lost his balance for an instant.

In the moment when Jin Datong lost balance, he made his move.

“Slip Steps!”

He circled around to Jin Datong’s side with the severed arm, sweeping horizontally with his blade, intending to decapitate him.

Jin Datong suddenly smirked, and his foot that missed stepped down harder, instantly regaining balance. The originally floppy severed arm was raised and used to block against the blade.


He shouted, adjusting the direction of his right fist, smashing towards Su Hao.

“Bone Shatter!”

In his eyes, this punch meant Su Hao was doomed.

“Swish!” His arm was once again severed and sent flying by a blade.

“Bang!” Su Hao was once again punched in the left chest.

Switching out an arm for a punch.

But this time, Su Hao wasn’t sent flying, his feet firmly planted on the ground, stable as a mountain. The blade that severed his arm turned and returned.


Jin Datong’s head was thrown high.”Barrier!!!”

Jin Datong’s gaze suddenly rose, and the undamaged throat could still emit a strange sharp scream.

Until his head hit the ground heavily, his eyes completely plunged into darkness. He couldn’t understand why the opponent could use the barrier twice.

Prepare two runes in advance? Impossible, who can do that? Even the most powerful runemaster cannot do it, so why?

Unable to understand, Jin Datong silently thought at the last moment: “Damn it…”

After cleaning up the scene, Su Hao specially went to the Jin family, dealt with the scene, and retrieved his own long knife.

After passing the small light scan without any anomalies, he returned to the academy.

Su Hao lay on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

He obtained powerful strength, enough to defeat the second-ranked Jin Datong in the entire academy, making him one of the top combatants in Lingyun Town.

But with strength came slaughter, and the familiar Jin Datong also died by his hand.

He suddenly didn’t know if what he did was right or wrong.

He thought his heart was hard enough to break through any obstacles without hesitation.

He believed that human life wasn’t important because a few decades of life was just a blink of an eye in the vast universe. In the face of time, everything would eventually disappear.

He believed that the world wasn’t important either. Each world was just a possibility in the evolution of the universe, and the magnificent phenomena of various worlds were just manifestations of chance in the universe’s rules, including technology, vitality, runes… Perhaps his existence was just one possibility in the universe.

He believed that he wasn’t important either. He should have died long ago; he was just an ordinary person who happened to have good fortune.

Su Hao’s mind was in chaos at this moment.

He suddenly asked himself a question: “Is it right? Is it wrong?”

After a long time, he reached out and grabbed the night sky.

Then he smiled: “What is right or wrong? It’s just that everyone is pursuing what they want!”

Since desires exist, in the process of pursuing desires, there will always be a price to pay, be it money, emotions, life, or something else.

Isn’t every action in life bound by the circle of costs?

Not doing it is just because one can’t bear the cost. If one bears the cost and does it, it can only be self-destruction. In the universe’s laws, there is no such thing as right or wrong.

And he, always ready to sacrifice everything for his pursuit, just needs to have the determination.

Isn’t every life like this?

For Su Hao, an ordinary life was just too short.

He didn’t know if he could wake up again one day when he closed his eyes.

Just like Schrödinger’s cat, before it happens, it never knows the outcome and cannot bet on that outcome.

So, cherish each day!

When you open your eyes, explore the unknown, explore the secrets of this universe! There are too many unknown things.

All confusion, all puzzles, are just a lack of enough knowledge and not standing at a high enough height.

Su Hao muttered, “What you think is right may not be right, what you think is impossible may not be impossible, what you think is abnormal may not be abnormal…”

Su Hao took a deep breath and got up to the rooftop, lying there, looking up at the night sky.

Countless stars, so far away.

Lingyun Town Guard Headquarters.

The bodies of Jin Datong and Jin Damo were placed in the front hall, Jin Dayan and Jin Xiaohan knelt beside them, their eyes devoid of life, their eyes already swollen, unable to shed tears.

Also present were the prominent figures of Lingyun Town.

The ever elusive Martial Academy Dean, a Grandmaster-level martial artist, Xiao Jixuan.

The Guard Captain, a Grandmaster-level martial artist, Hua Hongyi.

The Town Mayor of Lingyun Town, a Grandmaster-level martial artist, Lü Luyun.

The three great powerhouses gathered.

“Have you found anything?” Lü Luyun, the town mayor of Lingyun Town, was a tall and sturdy middle-aged man, meticulously dressed, with long hair and beard neatly groomed.

Someone immediately reported, “We can only determine the general appearance of the other party through eyewitness accounts, a petite person about 1.5 meters tall. However, we have searched through all the files in Lingyun Town and have not found any martial artists above the level of a grandmaster that could match. We are currently sending people to the main city and Ancheng to investigate, and we expect results in about five days.

“Before that, we had already used the breath-locking technique, but the time between discovering the bodies was too long, rendering it ineffective. No traces were found at the scene, and all the hair and blood found belonged to Jin Datong.”

Lü Luyun turned to Captain Hua Hongyi and Dean Xiao Jixuan, asking, “What do you think?”

Xiao Jixuan shook his head.

Hua Hongyi was a well-proportioned, handsome young man. He could be considered young, but in reality, he was already in his forties. However, he liked to dress up and appeared to be in his early twenties.

Hua Hongyi said, “It couldn’t be our Lingyun Town martial artists. Not to boast, but within Lingyun Town, apart from the three of us, no one else is a match for Jin Datong. Whoever could decapitate him…”

He shook his head and continued, “It must be a top-notch grandmaster martial artist, most likely coming from the direction of the main city and Ancheng.”

Lü Luyun said calmly, “Then let’s wait! The Guard will be on high alert for a month, offering rewards to the major exploration teams for information on the killer beast. As for the matter of the killer, we’ll announce to the public that the killer has already been executed, just like that.”

He then turned to Xiao Jixuan and Hua Hongyi, saying, “I request both of you to stay in the city for the next month.” The two nodded and bowed.

After this incident, Su Hao temporarily put aside his thoughts of using the animal patterns to exchange for money. At this time, it was easy to attract attention while carrying this thing.

There was only 1 gold coin and 68 silver coin left in the bag, and Su Hao exuded the scent of embarrassment for having so little money.

As for making money, as long as he had food to eat, he was too lazy to work.

Three days later, school started, and Su Hao saw Fatty and He Qingqing again.

The two hadn’t changed much, but when they saw him, their eyes lit up like light bulbs.

He Qingqing suddenly said, “Xiangwu, why do you seem different!”

Su Hao looked at himself confusedly, “Different? I haven’t changed, have I? Did I grow taller?”

Fatty nodded, “Qingqing is right. I also feel it, something’s different.”

He Qingqing nodded, “Yes, but it’s hard to describe. It’s like taking a bath? A bit cleaner and clearer?”

Saying that, He Qingqing shook her head, “Can’t explain it clearly.”

Su Hao chuckled, “Maybe! I did take a bath last night! Come on, let’s go report!”

After a while, Su Hao’s voice of disbelief came, “What? There’s still tuition? One gold coin? Damn, damn, I’m not going to study anymore.”

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